(Twinj FF Fake marriage turn into love ) Part 2

So my next update
Fake married turn into love ❤️

Twinkle was waiting for Kunj to return home and he was about to enter hole he was house holder sitting with twinkle and waiting for him.

Kunj : wifey your not ready go to uncle and aunties house remember they have call us for dinner and look what I got for u. A dress ?

Twinkle :aww thank u so much Mr. Husband I will try to open your gift that brought for me.

Twinkle went to her room to change as we know that uncle and aunties are waiting for twinj

Kunj : hello uncle auntie how are your

Anties: we are good and i really like your wife she is so friendly. And you must be proud husband to get beautiful wife.

Kunj : with fake smile yeah auntie I feel very proud that I got her as wife.

Just then twinkle come Wearing the green dress ? that Kunj brought for her.

Kunj was lost looking at her and uncle tap him said

Uncle : Kunj twinkle is looking so beautiful in this dress ? isn’t.

Kunj : lost in her and he she is the most beautiful girl I have ever seen.

Other side twinkle was blushing ? heard Kunj complement. As we know it was his first ever complement to her.

Uncle and aunties : hello Kunj beta where are u lost

Kunj : with no sense in twinkle and her beauties.

Twinkle : Kunj let go and uncle and aunties all go with along.

Aunties and uncle house ? have a seat twinj.

Twinkle and Kunj was like who twinj

Uncle and aunties you know whoever come to our room for dinner as only couple and if we like them will give them a name. Like u and twinkle will be twinj

Oh okay we don’t know that our name will be together like twinj thank u for giving us beautiful name.

Uncle takes Kunj to other side of room and u know how boy talk

Uncle : do u ever kissed your wife or had s*x ????

Here poor Kunj don’t know what to answer to him. Not now uncle as she is not comfortable with that kind of thinks.

Uncle : good and don’t force a twinkle if she is not ready for take a relationship next step okay young man.
Kunj smile and said okay uncle

Other side aunties talk with twinkle.

Aunties: how do u find this young handsome man as your husband.

Twinkle: she doesn’t know what to reply. Just than our savior come to save his wifey on time.

Kunj it a long story but I will Tell u in short cut way.

Okay start your story how u meet you twinkle.
Fake flashback

Kunj. It was dark and it look like going to rain heavy and when my car ? stuck in front of her car and u know I was try to find a person that can help just then I see her standing with her guard. Her back but she is not showing her this beautiful face. And I went out from car ? just then rain ☔️ drop ? ? start.
Just then I said excuse me miss can u plz help me as my car ? stuck due to rain.
She smile and said sure come let me take u my place she said with smile on her face.

We went to tanega mention and I saw beautiful lady their with is her mom waiting for daughter and her mom thought I am the guy that twinkle run always from house.

Lela : welcome beta to my house

Kunj : thank U auntie.

Lela : why your saying me aunties. U can call me maa. As you both love each other then why u will call me aunties call me mom.
Here poor him has no idea why Lela said call her mom

Kunj : hello miss I even don know your name what is this yaar ??

Twinkle : u look like my so call engage One that why mom told u to said her mom.

Kunj : first tell me your name

Twinkle : my name is twinkle and I run away from home to find a right partner and here I find u.

Kunj: no Iam not going to help you in the Stupid game.

Twinkle : pleading him ok plz help me if I don’t married then I will not be able to continue my further study. Plz help me.

Kunj : okay I will help u just then Lela come there and said be ready tomorrow is you married.
Here twinj were shock
End of the flack back

This is how we unknown people meet and now we are husband and wifey.

Just then Kunj hold twinkle hand and uncle and aunties was like aww.

Thank u for inviting for us in a dinner nice meeting u.

Twinkle now we should leave is too late. The four share hug ? and twinj leave the room.

Uncle : they are cute like us isn’t

Auntie : yeah I hope no one will
separate this love ❤️ birds.

That its for today have a great day.

No preacape not decided

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