TwiNj FF: You Were Always Mine (Intro & Chapter 1)


the story revolves around the two characters that are bound to each other because of one lady whom they both love and respect but when an ugly truth makes it appearance everything is keen to shatter but one decision changes everything. Will the decision also change the way the two feel or are they destined to drift apart forever

Chapter 1
The silence in the car was suffocating but neither of the two made any efforts to end it after all with the recent discoveries it was not hard to be silent those revelations were enough to silence anyone even the most talkative person so for two of them to remain silent should not be considered a bid deal
Kunj’s mind was wandering into different directions as to why would she do that after all he had done. She was an enigma to him the way she carried herself, handled his entire family including his father’s second wife who made it pretty clear that she was not invited or a part of their family and here she was ready to make the ultimate sacrifice for him and now she was all silent she never stayed silent!!! If there was silence then she would fill it up with idle chatter or make some pretty lame jokes that would not make even a mouse laugh but right now she was looking outside the window.
He starts the radio to fill up the silence and the song Samjhawan unplugged version fills the car ending the silence but in reality it was just a reminder to her that fairy tales did not exist in real life
She was staring at the scenery passing by but in reality she was staring at the darkness that was present both outside and inside. She had made a promise to her mother who was always so worried for her and after what she had declared today she was sure that her mother would not survive this, she would definitely lose the one person who actually gave a penny’s worth of consideration about her but she could not say no to something that would make him happy because the reality was that she was in love with him and if by her going away makes him happy then she would leave forever and never return besides her going away was bound to make a lot of people very happy
The journey was a long one and the question was will they be able to find themselves apart after the journey ended or will they be together?

Kunj had been driving for quite a long time now and made a stop at the next petrol station to get the gas tank re-filled and also take a break probably a coffee and some snacks would do him good. He entered the station got the gas tank filled and went to get some snacks and coffee for both him as well as his partner. She had not even glanced at him since they had begun their journey he knew she was hurting but had no idea on how to comfort her because no matter what he said it was not going to change anything was it- everything was a mess and they were all stuck in it all the credit for it went to Anita his father’s second wife who had to mingle her way into everything. He took a deep breath and went to the MacDonald’s that was open to get some much needed food. That was how he was going to get her to talk – food she loved to eat. She could eat an entire village if given the chance he remembered all the times they had to go out for his business trips or even to the grocery store she made him stop at her favourite roadside stalls and have all the street food she could unconsciously a smile came up on his face as he recalled her eating all the street food with enthusiasm. She always made him laugh with her crazy antics she took away all his worries by saying quotes or stuff which she would make up by mixing movie dialogues or song lyrics
And now she was all silent and he did not like that at all so he took the take-away and kept in her lap making her look at the food and then him, he had clearly disturbed her inner musings for sure but he was so lost in her eyes that looked so confused, broken yet determined
Kunj: Eat. I got your favourite McAloo Tikki Happy Meal with the veg puff and for drinks you get a coke without ice and if you are a good girl then I’ll also get you an ice-cream and listen do not finish the entire pack of fries by yourself leave some for me as well
She was looking at him as if he had grown another head. He was behaving normally yet so strange because every time they had gone out she had to make him repeat her order at least 3 times so that he did not forget anything but today he got everything by himself though he got the drink wrong for today she would have loved to gulp down something hard but coke would suffice after all a non-alcoholic like her could get high from caffeine in the coke itself. Without saying a word she opened her happy meal and looked at the toy it was a minion!!! She loved Despicable Me series – she wanted to adopt all of the minions and stay with them at a big farm with loads of animals and home grown veggies.
After all I have done she smiles looking at the toy he thought but at least she smiled that was enough for now. He stretched out his hand inside the pack to take fries when she finally spoke
Thank You

Kunj just nodded his head in return and went back to eating his food. They ate in relative silence which unlike earlier was not suffocating but was rather calm. The calm before the storm she would say he thought and looked at her – she was not eating but rather staring at the toy in her hands as if it was a diamond
Eat your food before it gets cold he reminded her and she picked her burger and ate it followed by her veg puff and then started to sip her coke.
Kunj: which ice-cream do you want the McFlurry or the chocolate sundae?
I don’t want any ice-cream as I’m quiet full now. Thank you for asking though she responded
Kunj: Look I know what happened today was quite a revelation and tiring event for you. It was never my intention to hurt you but I know my actions have hurt you so for that I’m really sorry. If Anita had not mingled in my affairs then we would not be sitting here today
It’s alright she replied I’m not hurt (he looks at her incredulously) really I’m not hurt with the revelations that came before me but rather the fact you did not tell me yourself hurt more. I always knew that our relationship was just a dream that one day someone would come, wake me up and tell me it’s all over so no I’m not hurt by the fact that you do not love me rather there is someone else you love. All I can say is that I’m sorry I did not know about it before but fret not I stand by what I said I will make sure that you and your beloved get together with the blessings of your entire family especially your mother Usha. After all Twinkle never makes promises she cannot keep


Heyaa…well i hope some of you know me….actually i have another ff which is pending..(guys i’ll try to update it soon..actually i am having some problem with the storyline)
So this story will not be a long one,nor it will be too short…just a cute lovestory,…you might be confused that what is happening but trust me u will love it..
suggestions are always welcomed… 🙂

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