Twinj FF: You Were Always Mine, Chapter 7


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Chapter 7

Twinkle had the medical aid all ready for her husband and Akshay even Chinki had arranged water, towels and other stuff they might need but they were not prepared for the laughter gang. They came in laughing all drenched in the rains and holding hands like they were going to school.
Kunj saw Twinkle who was still in her dress waiting for him and he broke free of his friends and stumbled towards her. She caught him before he could fall and Kunj hugged her tight and said to Akshay
Meet my wife and your Bhabi Twinkle..
Looking at Twinkle: this is Akshay my very amazing friend who is
Akshay added: dashing, good looking hunk and every girl is mad for me and they smiled
Pratap: yes and that as well.
Twinkle knew both of them were drunk so she got them both seated and got towels to rub their heads. Kunjclaimed Twinkle so she did him first and it looked like he was enjoying himself whereas Shakti was taking care of Akshay who seemed to be humming a song. Twinkle smiled at their antics and then went to get the medical box for both of them. She got two pills out and handed to the boys who looked at it as if it was something alien and then looked at the glass of water kept in front of them
Kunj and Akshay together: No pills. They taste funny and
Twinkle: Take the pills now and I don’t want to hear any arguments.
Both of them made sad faces and then Twinkle looked at them and had an idea- she went closer to Kunj and said softly..
T:You are hurt and I don’t like it please take the medicine it will take away your pain.
Kunj looked at her: you take away my pain Twinkle. You stay with me and I won’t need any medicines..
Akshay starts singing: Kuch Na kaho kuch bhi Na kaho kya kehna hai kya suna hai waqt yeh kuch… Kuch…Kunj I forgot the lyrics what to do?
Kunj said: Take the pill and go to sleep Akshay.
Akshay: Okay brother. He took the pill and then went straight to Twinkle’s room and fell fast asleep leaving Kunj and Twinkle all alone.
Twinkle was looking at her husband whose gaze was fixed on her- the way he was looking at her made her feel all tingly and she tried to move but he held her wrist and pulled her back. She collided with his chest and then he turned around so she was lying directly below him on the couch with him on top of her.
Twinkle: Kunj you need to rest ..she mumbled.
Kunjlooked at her eyes that were looking down and her hair was spread over the couch like waves. Her blush was spreading from her cheeks to her chest as well and she was breathing deeply her chest falling and rising and her fingers were curled. She had never looked so beautiful as she did now dressed in his gift and with Mr Chauhan’s words playing in his mind he bent down making her gasp and said
K: I love you Twinkle you are the one I want to spend the rest of my life with- I want to make all of your dreams come true and take you around the world to show you all the amazing places and buy you everything that you want- we can even open an animal rescue shelter if you desire. I want to be the only one in your life who you desire, who can make you blush with just one look. I love you Mrs Twinkle Kunj Sarna and you are the woman I want spend my entire life with and celebrate every occasion every moment of our lives together..
Twinkle looked at him as he declared his love for her and a lone tear fell down. He kissed her tear away and captured her lips in a passionate kiss and this time she responded pouring their love, desires and everything into this kiss – which was a promise of their future together. Kunj broke off the kiss so that they could breathe but did not let go instead he gave her kisses down her neck and then in an impulse he bit her on the neck – as he bit her she held him tightly wanting him to be close to him as she possibly could but then he looked up and pressed his lips to her forehead before sitting up and helping her up as well. Both of them were breathing deeply and Kunj was drunk as well but now he was drunk on the passion he had shared with his wife. So he slowly got up gave her a kiss on her head and went to her room to sleep
Twinkle sat there for some time reliving the entire thing – her husband loved her and wanted to be with her. He returned her feelings she was so happy. She slowly got up and went to his room to sleep as she realised that both Kun and Akshay were sleeping in her room..
That night everyone slept peacefully except for our dear Alisha whose broken nose and a concussion on the head was not allowing her to rest..

Tota was looking at the younger version of ANITA who lay in bed with a bandaged nose- she had finally succumbed to her dreams and was resting peacefully when ANITA entered
ANITA: This girl is ruining everything we worked for..
Tota: That’s all you have to say Ani..
ANITA: What do you want me to say? She is ruining all of my efforts to get her a wealthy man so that she could
Tota: So that she could lead a life full of deceit, lies and carry a huge burden on her small shoulders of ruining a chance at a happy life and at love like you…
ANITA stared at the man and looked away as she knew he was telling the truth. She was living a lie forget love there was no respect in her marriage but she had money and was leading a luxurious life
ANITA: she does not need love ,she needs a man with money who can give her all the riches and a luxurious life and for that she needs to do everything as I order her..
Tota: You know what anita you are right she needs the money to lead a happy life – all she needs to do is ruin a happy marriage and ruin a perfectly happy man just so that she could get his money. How much money does Manohar Sarna give you? Last I heard he does not even want to see your face ..
Besides all Alisha has to do is go after his son who is exactly like him and is happily married to a girl chosen by his mother but he did spend time with her and don’t tell me you have not heard about his reaction towards Akash after all you do spend your nights with that man Anita.
ANITA: Enough.!
Tota: That’s what I’m saying ..enough is enough stop using this young girl to fulfil your desires. She still has a chance at her happiness don’t take that away by turning her into another you..
Saying this he left the room..

The morning sun peeped into the room through the small gap between the curtains falling on the two bodies that lay entwined together on the massive comfortable bed – legs across each other and hands on the other’s waist pulling the other closer and one cannot forget the peaceful look on the both of their faces and the bare upper body rising up and down with their breaths..
Suddenly a click sound was heard and flash went off disturbing the sleeping people but then they just made themselves more comfortable before another flash and a click was heard followed by more and was that laughter..
Shakti was trying to control his laughter but his entire frame was shaking looking at the scene in front of him. He took out his camera making a small video followed by pictures. When the sleeping peeps started to wake up Shakti switched back on the video and sat comfortably to record the scene..
Kunj could feel hands roaming on his back making him tickle he thought his wife was having fun with him while slept so he did not say a word but decided to tease her back. He moved his hand above her waist but suddenly realised something – his wife who was all soft and curvy felt hard but he did not stop when her hand which too was a bit calloused rubbed his face. Kunjmoved his hand over her head and touched her hair -wait a minute short hair but Twinkle had long silky hair.
He suddenly got up and the exact time his partner in bed got up and both of them looked at each other shocked and Shakti who witnessed everything fell down on the floor laughing..
Akshay and Kunj stared at the young man rolling on the ground in laughter and then looked at each other. Hearing the thump sound Twinkle entered the room and tried to control her laughter but failed miserably. Akshay on the other hand pulled the sheets all over his chest and looked at Kunjand said: I knew you loved me Kunj so tell me when are we getting married?
Twinkle could not control laughter and joined her brother-in-law in the laughter session. Kunj got up to get dressed when Akshay called out – at least give me your shirt or shall I come out undressed in front of your wife making Twinkle blush and Kunj threw a discarded shirt on the floor on Akshay’s face.
Twinkle said: Get dressed. I have ordered breakfast for all of us and went outside..
Everyone was gathered in the living room area of the suite waiting for the breakfast to arrive. All the while Shakti was showing Twinkle all amazing picture he clicked of his brother and Akshay sleeping together. Akshay gave in inputs for many of them saying – this one goes into our bedroom and I will frame this one and keep it in my office making Twinkle smile…
Kunj on the other hand was amused at his brother and Akshay’s antics but they made Twinkle smile so it was all good until Shakti said: Bhabi let them go to the conference today and I’ll show you the entire video of them..
Kunj& Akshay exclaimed together: Video!!!
Shakti looked up and gave a cheeky grin: you both look so deep in love with your bodies entwined and …
Kunj stood up and walked towards his brother: Bhai how long has it been since we had a sparring contest?
Shakti gulped noisily and backed off but even Akshay was with his brother smiling at the young Sarna. Twinkle looked worried and got up but Shakti used her as a shield – Bhabhi save me from your husband after all I’m your favourite brother-in-law..
Akshay: Favourite brother-in-law would be me right Bhabijaan. You are a gone case Shakti..
Shakti ran off in the opposite direction with Akshay following him but in their Tom & Jerry chase Twinkle tripped but before she could fall Kunj caught her and stabled her up making them both share an eye-lock
Twinkle was wearing a dress again but this time she had a scarf around her neck as an accessory – to hide the love bite her husband gave her last night..
kunj: You look beautiful.
Twinkle: Thank you (bowing her head down).
Kunj: Twinkle.
She looked up into his intense gaze forgetting everything around her and then he captured her lips in a kiss – a small one as the bell rang and Shakti came out from the other room screaming- Save me Bhabhi and pressed her closer into Pratap’s embrace..
Shakti opened the door to find TD’s angels who had brought all the breakfast with TD following behind them. Twinkle now moved away from Kunj saw TD and gave him a smile.
TD: You look absolutely gorgeous Twinkle. I got the chef to create the best continental breakfast for you today.
Twinkle: Thank you so much TD. You truly are my angel
Piku: We are TD’s angels nice to meet you. I’m Piku behind me is Bhago and one on the cart yawning is Sotu
Akshay: Looks like Sotu wants to sleep.
Sotu hears the word sleep and goes off into the dreamland. Twinkle looks worried but TD tells her that Sotu falls asleep whenever he hears the word sleep so he would be sleeping for the next 4-5hrs.
Akshay: Looks like your wife has another admirer brother looking at a blushing TD who was continuously looking at Twinkle
Kunj knew he had no competition with TD but his possessive side still came out in full force after all Twinkle was the one involved so with a confidant smile he went up to the conversing couple and held Twinkle by her waist making her look at him and smile.
Twinkle: Kunj this is Tulsidas aka TD he has been helping me figure out the best places to visit and even helped me find the venue for the dinner.
Kunj looked at TD and held his hand out: Thank you so much for helping her out. I have been busy in the conference so I was worried about her but I’m glad she has a friend like you.
TD: No worries I think of Twinkle as a friend as well. I’m sorry I did not catch your name.
Pratap: I’m Kunj Sarna.. Twinkle’s husband..
Hearing his introduction TD fainted and both Piku and Bhago looked at each other before dissolving into laughter..
Rawat was walking towards Pratap’s room as he wanted to share the latest happenings with him and he had two surprises for Twinkle as well. After Tota’s confession he was sure that ANITA must have planned something big to trap Kunjthough he was feeling bad for Alisha who was being used as a tool by ANITA but Usha ji had told him that only Twinkle could decide Alisha’s fate after all she was trying to jeopardise her marriage and lied to her. Rawatji prayed to babji to protect his family and loved ones from all harm..
Twinkle and the rest of the gang had settled down for breakfast after Piku and Bhago took TD back to his quarters. Kunj and Akshay spoke about the leaks taking place in majority of the offices he (kunj) was surprised to hear that Akshay did not know who the person was but a man in his company had been very forthcoming with details recently so he was keeping an eye on him- apparently that man was in Goa as he had decided to submit the tender on the last day of submission. Akshay intended on using his employee as bait to find out about the real instigator..
Shakti who was hearing both his elder brothers said could it be Alisha or someone she knows? Akshay shook his head and said it can’t be her because let’s face it Alisha is not that a bright person her entire world revolves around her clothes, jewels, shoes and latest trends as for someone with her then there is only one person Anita but why would she do that and how does she get the info from everyone’s offices?
Twinkle had started serving breakfast she called out to everyone when the bell rang – she went to answer it and found a masked man standing before anyone could react the man took a gun pointing in her direction. Pratap, Akshay, Shakti, Yuvi, vickey, Sam and Mihir all were looking at the man while slowly moving towards Twinkle who stood frozen. One moment is all it takes for everything to get over- one moment can change a person drastically it could make or break a person. Twinkle stared at those cold eyes that held no emotion as they pointed the gun to her but one moment can also be life-giving and a game changer..
A ball came from nowhere hitting the gunman’s hand as Kunj ran to his wife and pulled her back while Shakti and Akshay grabbed on to the man who had tried to harm Twinkle..
Twinkle was in a daze she had no idea what was going around her except that there was a ball so when Kunj called for her she only said ball..
Pratap: twinki…Twinkle you are alright see that man is gone now. Can you say something to me?
Twinkle: Ball..
Pratap: huh?
Twinkle: There was a ball that hit him. Where is the ball?
Rawatji: the ball and his owner are here Twinkle…
They all looked towards the door where holding a ball stood Vikram with a huge smile on his face and then he left Rawat’s hand running straight for Twinkle. The toddler hugged her tight and babbled in his language the only words they could make out were ball, me, you, play and yummy.
The man was tied up to a chair in the room while Twinkle along with Vikram and Chinki decided to go out as Kunj and the others had to interrogate the man for answers. Kunj kept hovering over Twinkle to make sure she was fine and he also sent Yuvi and Sam to keep an eye on the girls and his brother…

ANITA was pacing in her room when she got a message: It’s done. Reading the message brought out a smile on her face after all the biggest obstacle in her plan was out of the picture – poor Twinkle was now dead leaving behind a distraught husband who would need someone to help him emotionally and now that stupid girl should do as she was told and marry Kunjas all if their futures depended on it. Once Alisha was married Anita would leave the country forever making a new house for herself in the States sounded well…
The gunman was easy to break one slap from Shakti and the man broke down confessing to everything – he was paid to carry out a hit on Twinkle who he was told was Kunj’s mistress whom he was meeting for a rendezvous (making all the men angry except for Akshay). Akshay’s mind was racing as he thought about who would have paid him to kill Twinkle Bhabijaan but before he could ask the man himself blurted a very pretty woman with a man gave me the money and promised that after the job was done they would pay me more..
Akshay took his cell out and displayed images on him – Show me who paid you the money now his threatening demeanour and kunj’s angry glare were enough to send the man to his grave earlier than expected but he selected and showed them the people who paid him..
The man’s chosen did not raise any red flags they all knew ANITA was behind it but to find Akash involved as well was a new thing. Akshay called Sam instructing them to bring everyone back making sure that no one saw Twinkle while Rawat called manohar and usha who were going to come in as well. It was time the entire team sat down to make a permanent solution to the problem called ANITA…
The plan was set in motion – Akshay received a message about his employee being in Goa and was about to meet with someone so kunj, Akshay and Rawat went to the meeting place in disguise and waited for the leak to show himself but the leak was not a he rather a she..
Gauhar dressed in tight fitting dress looked like she was ready to party when she entered the venue and it was Rawat who recognised her as she was a well-known con-woman who had worked in all of their offices except in Pratap’s. Gauhar took a seat on the deck overlooking the sea her table had a capacity of 3 more people which meant that there was a group at work and soon enough Gauhar was joined by her team members that included Mr.Das an old employee of the Surya enterprises, Baadshah ,ex employ of the malhotras and then came in Vidya- Anita’s ally and the woman who worked a fundraiser organiser for Kunj’s company..
Looking at all the team members the three heads decided to confront them right at the spot but arrival of Anita changed everything. She was handed over documents which she exchanged between the four and they all left one by one leaving behind ANITA and Vidya..
ANITA: Everything is planned as per my instructions..
V: Yes, the media will be leaked a snippet tomorrow early morning making sure that Kunj and Alisha are trapped in the same room. Let’s just hope Alisha actually does what she has been told to do this time
ANITA: She will do it..
V: Are you sure because from the looks of it she is clearly not interested anymore and if she fails I assure you that I will hand over all the incriminating evidence I have over to Kunj or maybe to Manohar Sarna
ANITA (glares at her): You will do no such thing
V: Sorry Anita ji but my life and its safety comes on the top my priority list and she leaves.
ANITA was unaware that her so called team had been tracked and picked up one by one. Vidya was caught red-handed by Akshay as she was leaving the cafe, Gauhar was taken care by Tota, Patta and Shakti handled Das and Baadshah respectively. The only interrogation that took place was of Vidya and that too by usha who was made her confess to the entire plan and they also came to know about Alisha’s hesitation in going forward with the plan- so Kunj and Akshay went together to speak to Alisha as to use her against Anita as now they had proof that it was Anita who got the man she loved killed..
Anitaa was worried but knew she had to keep it together for the sake of her plan and once it was successful she would leave this forsaken country forever richer than before and start a new life somewhere else. As she walked towards her room the scene in the garden shocked her – standing there wearing a white dress with a multi-colour scarf was Twinkle! She was smiling and having a good time with a toddler who seemed to be throwing ball at her. Suddenly Twinkle’s gaze met her widened ones and she smiled at her as if telling her “this is the end for you and there is nothing you can do to stop it”
Anita broke the gaze and walked off faster but as she reached her room she went straight to the balcony as she felt all she had seen was nothing more than a figment of her imagination and no finding the garden empty she took a breath of relief unaware that Vikram had kicked the ball inside so Twinkle along with Vikram went inside to fetch it.

Alisha looked like a mess was Akshay’s first thought on seeing the ever dressed and ready girl only in her panda pjs with hair tied in a messy bun with red eyes and a totally destroyed room making him feel a tiny bit sympathetic for her but only a tiny bit on the other hand Kunjremained neutral but Alisha was astonished to see them on her doorstep..
Alisha: How can I help you?
Akshay: We need to talk as we have a proposition for you that will help you get away for your aunt Anita
Alisha: No one can get away from her I thought I had when I left but look where did that get me? Am still stuck under her shadow all alone by myself.
Akshay: Yes we all know of your pathetic little story Alisha but don’t forget you yourself are responsible for all of it. Everything that has happened since college till now had you playing a pivotal role in it so don’t say you did not deserve it.
kunj: I don’t care what happens to you but my wife does as she feels you have been wronged and that you are a victim as well so let me get straight to the point – agree to work with us- confess to everything including your plan to trap Akshay and we will make sure that you are allowed to go anywhere you want without any problems.
Alisha: If I don’t
kunj: then be ready to face the worst storm of your life because I will rain down not only blood but every little plan of yours will be exposed to the media and I will make sure that wherever you go it will go with you making your life a miserable hell. Don’t expect me to feel sorry for you Alisha there was a time when I did harbour feeling for you but I thank my stars that I got Twinkle in my life as my wife.
Alisha nods her head and says: What do you want to know?
Tota had been missing for some time and the last person to meet him was anita when they had their argument over Alisha. ANITA was worried as he was not answering his calls or replying to any of her messages. She knew he had feelings for her which she rejected time and time again but he always came to help her so she decided to give it some time before she contacted him again
Tota had an awakening of his conscience he wanted to protect Alisha from anitar’s clutches so he hatched a plan to make Alisha disappear but then he saw both Akshay and Kunjleaving her room making him anxious for the girl. He followed both the guys who went straight to the bar and sat down for drinks before he could escape his assistant Patta came from behind and said do join us for a drink sir as all that walking must have made you thirsty.
Akshay and Kunjlooked at him with smirks on their faces and gestured for him to sit. They were seated at a corner table with places for 6 people out whom four were occupied and the last two occupants had him sweating bullets as Manohar Sarna and Rawat took their places Tota realised that this time there was nothing and no one who could help anita.

The tension in the room was running high as Twinkle looked at her husband the her brother in law and finally at her father in law – three of the men of the same family sitting together at the dinner table in their room after such a long time and they were not speaking at all making her worry.
She glanced at her mother in law who was herself looking tensed but leave it Akshay to break it up for them
So what’s for dinner and are we all observing a Maunvrat or what?
Kunjlooked at his friend but did not say a word but then Rawat came and told them of the latest progress – as per the plan Tota had contacted anita and told her that he needed some time alone to process everything. He had told her about the failed assassination and the fact that Alisha would be working under his directives so that if the plan fails then Anaita’s name is left out of the controversy
Akshay: I don’t understand why is Tota even bothered about that woman? She has done nothing but ruin his life
Twinkle: Because he loves her- for him she is not Anita but the girl he has known his entire life and he accepts her for everything including her fatal flaws.
Shakti: Of course he is in love with her. Both of them make a fantastic pair- liars, deceitful people leading fake lives and ruining others. Thank heavens they did not get married and had children otherwise we would be facing more than these two.
But his words about marriage hit a nerve with Kunj who blamed his father for not working hard enough to protect his own and said- I wish they had at least Tota loves her enough to fight for her unlike some people I know.
Manohar Sarna was getting angry at his son who had no idea about the things he had faced but ushaput an end to it
usha: Enough. Finish your dinner..
Her command had its effect but it did make Shakti, Akshay and Twinkle snicker though they tried to hold their laughter in well Twinkle was more successful than her brother in laws. Vikram the youngest did not understand but seeing his mother angry looked at Kunjand his father and in all his innocence said, “Maa angry. Ohhh bhai and Daata gone then” making everyone laugh out loud and even had Kunj and Manohar Sarna cracking up.
After dinner Alisha sent a message to Akshay informing them of the change of plan – earlier it was Alisha who had to make her way into kunj’s room but now it was the other way around so they were supposed to meet at the bar where she would hand him a drink laced with sleeping pill and then take him to her room. Akshay informed them of the change and everyone got into action- the plan was Kunjand Akshay both of them would go to the bar for a drink where they will run into Alisha and ask her to join in- the same time Shakti and Som will mix up the drinks so that the sleeping pills one ended with Akash Roy and one would be delivered to Tota who would give it to anita.
The bar was full of people especially the businessmen who took the opportunity to make an escape from their nagging wives. Akash Roy our favourite leech was flirting with the a lady (our Chinki) at the bar counter when Yuvi disguised as a waiter handed him the drink laced with the pill. Akash in order to impress Chinki gulped it down in one go and took a break for the washroom but poor dude could not even make it to the washroom and was taken mid-way by Yuvi and mihir to the special room on the other hand anita had seen Alisha hand out the drink to Kunj(Akshay was hidden from her view) and she left to celebrate her victory at her own room where she drank her drink and was deposited to the special room as well.
Both Akash and Anita were laid together on the bed and Shakti though brought up to respect woman could not find it in his heart to respect the woman who was responsible for everything bad so he volunteered with Akshay to make sure everything went accordingly to their plan. vickey had already leaked the snippet to the media via Vidya who in return for her freedom agreed to help Manohar Sarna as Gauhar, Das and Baadshah were all arrested and awaiting their trial.
Once Kunjgot the message he took his leave after meeting a few of his associates and went to bed as they needed to be up early as Aniya would be facing the biggest media circus ever of her life….

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    mein toh haste haste niche hi gir gyi hehhe
    bt srsly di osm n d romance of twinj oh god osm di
    luvd i 2 d core
    n d dilogue wen akshay says i no luvd me wen u were getting mariied oh god di abhi bhi mein has rhi hun voh soch soch kar haye babaji
    osm di luvd it 2 d core
    luv u di both m dis
    u r fab

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