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Chap 8
Anita could feel her head pounding but could not move herself but when she felt a hand roaming on her she shot up to realise that she was in bed with Akash Roy – though it was not a new thing for her as she had been having a fling with him but she did not remember anything about the previous night so she stood up but her dizziness took the best of her.
After allowing time to gather herself together she made her exit from the room before anything could happen but as she opened the door she was blinded by the flashes of cameras going off and the rain of questions pouring on her from different directions- the entire media had been assembled before her and when she thought nothing could get worse Akash Roy decided to make an appearance!!!
Manohar Sarna was dressed up for his entry to the conference and knew his lines very well. He would not speak to the media but rather go straight to the holding room where he would make a deal with that vapid woman and by the end of the night Anita would be gone from their lives forever. He was contemplating when Twinkle came and gave him the yoghurt with sugar and he blessed her which was seen by Kunj who felt happy that Twinkle had carved out a place for herself in his father’s heart but he did not know whether to forgive him or fall on his legs and beg for forgiveness himself. He had come to know about the truth along with the others.The entire community was going crazy with the breaking news going on every channel: Anita Luthra had been caught with her lover in Goa!.
Manohar Sarna to divorce Anita!

Finally Manohar Sarna meets his match in Anita and many other headlines were being flashed with majority of the journalists and camera crew running wild in Goa trying to get snippets. Anita had locked herself in her room she was trying to figure out about last night when Tota and Alisha entered her room all flushed and breathing deeply like they had run a marathon.
Tota: Did you have to do it yesterday Anita? You totally ruined our plan have you any idea how many journos are out there trying to gain access to you.
Anita: I did not do anything last night besides the main question is how did those media people know about that room in the first place?
Alisha: vidya sent out the snippet as you told her and so the media were waiting there. You did tell her of the change in our plans right.
Anita looks confused while Alisha uses it prove her as the reason of everything going on around them
Alisha: OMG you did not tell her. You were busy drilling into me on how to not ruin our plan but you go ahead and do it yourself.
Anita: Alisha.
Alisha: by the way all you could do was Akash. He is a loser with no money in his accounts you do realise that- I mean Tota uncle has more money than that man.
Tota: enough Alisha you need to go back to your room and stay there. I will come to take you because as of now we are not going ahead with anything- I need to get you both out of here.
Anita: NO we are not going anywhere. Alisha will complete the mission.
Alisha: How do you suggest we do that? The entire resort is swimming with cameras and news people. I mean you can see it on your television (points to the TV which was on a news channel)

Breaking News!
Manohar Sarna has been seen entering the Goan Resort – the same place where his second wife was found with akash roy. Stay tuned for more live coverage.
Anita: What is he doing here?
Alisha: He looks angry from the looks of it. You are so gone.
Tota: Well that confirms it Anita- no more mission we need to make our escape.
Both Tota and Alisha leave her alone and headed to meet with Rawatji for further instructions.
Anita was stunned on seeing her so called husband face to face with everything going on around her she was really scared about his actions as she knew from her past misdeeds about his actions..
MS: You have done it again Anita ji. I told you after the entire incident that if I ever get you trying to tarnish my name ever again then you would pay for it dearly.
ANITA: I’m being framed none of this is my fault. You have to believe me.
mS: Believe you after all you have done and may I ask what you are doing in Goa in the first place .ANITA: My niece Alisha is here for a vacation and I just flew in to meet her .
MS: Alisha. Hmmm.
ANITA: You see she called me saying that she wanted Kunj back in her life. I tried to stop her but she just did not listen to me so I came here to warn kunj.
MS: So you met Kunj ?
ANITA: No every time I tried he was either in the conference or out.
MS: So did you talk to Twinkle?
ANITA: No Twinkle is always with either Vikram or surrounded by people besides why would I want to speak to that girl.
MS: Interesting
ANITA: What is interesting?
MS: You seem to know a great deal about Twinkle and also hold a grudge against her after all she did ruin your plan of trapping my son in the same way you trapped me
ANITA: What are you saying?
usha comes out and says: He is saying that your plan to trap our son is foiled. The man you sent to kill Twinkle has confessed to everything in front of the police and also handed incriminating evidence against you
ANITA: What are you doing here and what evidence? I have done nothing wrong
usha: Put on a brave face Anita Baiji after all the entire media wants a piece of you like all those years ago when you got my husband drugged and created a scene of having an extra-marital affair with him for the sake of money.
ANITA: Those are lies.!
US: It’s no use Anita every one of your team member has confessed to their actions and if you turned on the television you would understand everything clearly.
The television is switched on and the Breaking News Headlines comes on.
Tota the very capable and highly respected Head Editor and senior journalist of the global Times has resigned from his team after admitting his role in various scandals throughout the period of his role as the Head Editor.
Tota is said to have played a vital role in the scandal that broke Manohar Sarna and Usha Sarna’s marriage as well
Anita is shocked- No Tota cannot do that. He promised me he would help me.
usha: Looks like someone paid him more than you ever did Anita.
With that Manohar Sarna and usha leave. Anita is staring at the television which was showing Tota’s news story.

The final day of the conference was being watched by everyone from the participating businessmen to the people sitting at their homes with snacks in the hope of watching the entire Anita Saga unfold in front of them and their wishes were granted by the media crew present at the venue as they giving periodic updates on the most controversial happening in the community with headlines going.
Kunjand Manohar Sarna at loggerheads for the contract! See the father-son relationship from the beginning!
Anita to marry Akash roy!!! Manohar Sarna seen with his first wife Usha Sarna.
Kunjand his wife seen hanging around with his friends.
Kunjand Akshay reconcile. His wife plays a vital role in the reconciliation.
Twinkle was tired of hearing to the news but when a headline attracted her attention and like all the rest of the people sitting at home enjoying the controversy she sat down and started to laugh and as soon as she heard movement in the background she became all sombre and serious.
Kunj : Twinkle are you alright?
He looks at Akshay who shrugs his shoulders: Bhabijaan
Twinkle looks at them and points towards the screen where a pic though a blurry one was been shown with two figures highlighted
Kunj : Is that us? He looks confused
Akshay: Yes bro that is hugging it out after our boxing round in which the referee told us not to harm the face making Twinkle blush
Kunj : What the hell are they saying? He increases the volume and the entire story has Twinkle cracking up
As you all can see we got our hands on some footage from the venue where both Kunj a and Akshay can be seen in a highly inappropriate manner. If the sources are to be believed then these two have been seen together all the time since Akshay’s arrival- with both them being really close to each other
We wonder if the rumours about both of them being in a relationship were true because this pictures speak the truth for themselves and some also believe that the incident with Alisha was just a reminder that they had to keep up appearances for the sake of the society and if that is the case we offer our sympathies to Mrs Twinkle Sarna who is Kunj ‘s wife and cut Twinkle’s pic is shown in which she is seen wearing a saree (peacock colour)
Kunj : I’m going to sue them. He looks at Akshay who is all serious and says: I’ll destroy them. Do they even realise my entire image is being ruined.
Twinkle could not control herself and laughed at the sheer absurdity of the situation and cheekily says
If they were to get their hands on the video then these rumours will be considered true.
Both of them look at her shocked and then Akshay says: I don’t mind Bhabijaan but you would have to share your husband with me. See Kunjyou are so lucky I’m ready to be your new Ardhangini and joins Twinkle in the laughter session.

Everyone was getting ready for the dinner before the announcement of the winner of the contract but that was not the highlight of the evening- because the night saw many of the prominent businessmen along with their wives and family members gather under the huge canopy that had been set no the real highlight was the huge table set in the front where the entire dynast was seen sitting together along with Akshay.
Everyone’s eyes were on the head Manohar Sarna and his son Kunjwho could be seen conversing with each other- well Manohar Sarna seemed to be conversing with all his sons equally as well as with his first wife Usha Sarna. But if someone was to speak of beauty then it was the daughter-in-law who took away the limelight – dressed in a designer saree Twinkle Sarna looked every bit of the daughter-in-law of the business family but it was her smile, the glow on her face and happiness that shone in her eyes whenever her husband spoke to her that made her all the more beautiful. She did not accessorise with heavy jewels rather she wore a simple diamond pendent s gift from her mother and ear-rings which Kunjgifted her and the only heavy jewellery she wore was the bracelet her father-in-law had given her saying that it was a family heirloom that was given to the daughter-in-laws of the family..
The media went crazy seeing the entire family together but when Akash Roy made an appearance along with Anita Luthra they went cuckoos with every crew trying to get a frame of the Roys and the new entrants together. Shakti knew ANITA and Akash would definitely make an appearance so he had made the perfect parting gift for them- every misdeed they had done till date was burned on a CD which was to be played after the winner was announced- the CD had details of how both of them got the leaks done in various offices to the scandals they created to make money as well and the best part was the bedroom sequence where they confess of trapping Manohar Sarna into the fake marriage and Jagmal’s father’s identity is revealed..
Shakti looked at his family and then at the two people who tried to ruin them and he gave a smile remembering the words his Bhabhi had said to him “Family is not born from blood relationships rather it is formed from relationships that are connected to our hearts and souls”
The time had arrived for the big announcement for the winner and everyone was holding in their breaths except for Manohar Sarna he had won his family back so he did not care if he won the contract or not besides the plan was still on and to ruin the people who had harmed his family he had spoken with the head honcho of the conference and they had agreed to expose Akash for the liar he was. So when Akash’s name was announced everyone looked shocked but not Manohar Sarna and his son Shakti who had disappeared from the table.
The head honcho appeared he was an old man who carried this charisma about him dressed impeccably in a tuxedo he was the definition of class.
Twinkle: It’s Mr Chauhan!!!
MS: Yes Mr Chauhan in the person who will be granting the contract well not exactly a team of his selects the person and he just announces the name.
Mr Chauhan: My highly capable team has decided to give the yearly contract to Mr Akash Roy of ROY enterprises.
The entire audience is shocked even Akash himself but then the lights are dimmed and a video plays in the background showing Akash bribing the team members and he was not alone Anita could be seen with him and then it shifted to the leaks taking place in everyone’s offices.
Anita made a hasty exit before the video was over and Akash froze in his place. Everyone was stunned to see the lows Akash Roy fell into to gain himself the contract but the still held a council headed by the elders who via Video Call declared him to be an outcast who was to be handed over to the police for further investigation as for Anita well her quick exit did not go as well as she planned as she was surrounded by the media and in order to make a run for it tripped on the steps and fell into a puddle nearby. Her muddy face was plastered on the front page of the newspapers as well as on all the news channels.
Mr Chauhan himself selected Kunjand Akshay to lead the contract working together on his yearly assignment which was a first in the history of the Community.

3 months after the Conference
The entire Sarna mansion was decorated as a bride after all Yuvi and chinki’s marriage was taking place in the palatial residence with the entire family, all of their friends and kids of the orphanage in attendance and well one cannot forget the numerous animals that resided there
Kunjalong with Akshay, mihir, vickey and Sam were helping Yuvi get dressed who was having pre-wedding jitters whereas all the girls including Alisha who got engaged to TD were having a gala time. The wedding was a private one with no media coverage except for Patta who now became the Sub-editor for Global Times. The most exciting thing about the function was that both Manohar Sarna and Usha could be seen together conversing and helping their little ones – Vikram. After 2 months both of them got together for the sake of the toddlers- When everyone was dressed for the function and Yuvi had been mercilessly teased by all of his friends for settling down the panditji called for the bride and then the world stood still- Yuvi was staring at Chinki while Kunjwas mesmerised by his wife who looked gorgeous. Throughout the ceremony Kunjkept of sneaking glances at his wife who was surrounded by her younger brother-in-laws. The wedding was a beautiful affair with both the groom and bride looking very happy and were blessed by everyone.
6 Months after the Conference (3months after the wedding)
In Kunj and Twinkle’s Bedroom
Twinkle was feeling uneasy at the way her husband had been acting he was hiding something from her. His all aloof nature with nothing to important happening in the office or any new exciting thing in his life was making her doubt him. He was spending way too much time with Akshay, came very late into the nights leaving way early and he did not even once fought with her over the tiniest of things. She was worried when breaking news brought her out of her thoughts
Anita had pleaded insanity for all the charges levied against her and was to be placed in the mental asylum of the state where she would be treated for her condition under strict rules and regulations. Akash faced a lifetime sentence but he turned a witness giving names of everyone involved in corruption scandal and was still handed lifetime sentence but the prison chosen for him was special- Akash Roy had earlier harmed a few minorities who worked in ROY enterprises so the prison he was been sent to was run by the minorities who were eagerly awaiting his arrival.
Kunjcame behind her looking at the same: Good riddance
Twinkle saw her husband and then narrowed her eyes: What are you hiding from me?
Kunjfeigned innocence but he knew his wife was way too smart to be fooled by him. 2 more days he thought.
Twinkle was not having it: Are you in some trouble? Did you commit a crime?
Kunj : No! Why would you even think of such things
Twinkle: I watch all the saas bahu drama shows you know they are quite good at learning stuff
Kunj : Stuff like?
Twinkle: When the husband acts all aloof that everything is fine but still leaves early for office and comes back very later after the wife is already asleep and convinces her that nothing is going on well that means something is surely going on and has two possible scenarios.
a) The husband committed a crime – like he killed someone in cold blood.
b) He was having an extra-marital affair.

Kunj : What?
Twinkle: Well I do know you cannot commit a crime so tell me honestly are you having an affair and with whom?
Kunj : Twinkle I’m not having an affair
Twinkle: There is no new woman in your office except you are spending way too much time with Akshay. Oh my god those rumours are so true- you and Akshay… Does Jiya know about this after all she is engaged to Akshay… I need to warn her and …

Kunj pulls Twinkle into his arms and hold her tight making her look at him. The eyes meet leading to an intense eye-lock but Twinkle lowers her eyes and tries to move away but ends up tripping and they both fall on the bed with Kunj on top of her. Both of them had kissed but were not physically intimate yet. It was not because they didn’t want to rather they never got the opportunity to and that was why Kunj had planned a special trip for the two of them away from the family to celebrate their first wedding anniversary. He slowly moved Twinkle’s hair from her face and said I assure you that I’m not having an affair and Akshay is smitten with Jiya so you have nothing to worry about and yes I did not commit a murder in cold blood. You do know you watch a lot of daily soaps- not everything they show is true and with that he kisses her forehead followed by eyes then her cheeks and nose and finally he looks at her lips and bends himself when
Bhabha!!!! Bhabha!!! vikram’s voice rings out breaking their moment and Twinkle blushes red as a tomato and leaves to attend to her youngest brother-in-law who just wanted to have some cookies.

A Day before the Anniversary
Kunjhad everything ready- all he needed to do was drug his wife so that she slept throughout the entire journey and woke up in the midnight at their destination. He had booked a villa on an island where they would be staying for 10 days with both of them being alone for the first 4 days and then they would be joined by their family and friends. It was a vacation he had been planning for some time and he desperately needed to be close to his wife who was driving him crazy.
He remembered the romantic night he had planned for the both of them as per Akshay’s suggestion:

Following everything that happens in a horror movie – from car breaking down with a haunted place nearby to making sure that a sound recorder was already set to provide the eerie feeling, Akshay told him that all girls are spooked by haunted places and horror stuff well Akshay did not know his wife at all
Twinkle instead of being spooked or scared was excited at the prospect of being in a haunted place on an eerie night
Twinkle: Kunj do you think we will get to see the ghost?
Kunj looked at his crazy lovable but highly crazy wife.
Twinkle: You know these haunted places are full of ghosts I’m sure we will definitely meet one today.
Kunj : And you think the ghost is going to like you?
Twinkle: I’m very likeable besides not all ghosts are scary look Bhootnath was not scary.
Kunj : Bhootnath was a movie Twinkle.
Twinkle: Are you scared of ghosts Kunj don’t be I’m here with you. If you feel scared then hold my hand I promise the ghost won’t hurt you
And so the horror movie idea failed epically which earned Akshay a round in the boxing ring leading to bruises all over his body.

Kunj had informed everyone that he needed to make a trip for some urgent business work and Twinkle was to accompany him as per his mother’s orders. Twinkle was already dressed but was confused by her husband’s manner of checking up on her every 5minutes. Then he entered again with a glass of water in his hand which was now stretched towards her
Kunj : Drink this now
Twinkle: I’m not thirsty
Kunj : I’m in no mood for arguments drink this water now
Twinkle: But I’m really not thirsty (Looks at his angry face and gulps down the drink in one go) happy now
Kunj nods his head and looks at his watch. She stares at him but then she feels funny- everything around her swirls with black spots rising she raises her hand to hold her husband who catches her as soon as she faints.

Twinkle could feel movement but did not have the strength to open her eyes as they were so heavy so she went back to her dreamland filled with colours while she could feel someone rubbing her head softly

Next time when Twinkle opened her eyes the first thing she saw was darkness and the sound of waves filled the entire place. She slowly got out of bed and opened the curtains to the most beautiful scenery she had seen – vast expanse of the ocean stretched out with waves coming in to the white sand shore and the sky was painted pinkish orange with the sunset. She smiled like a lunatic while exploring the huge villa she found herself sleeping in- the villa had a Mediterranean style and the backside opened out to the beach. She reached the living room which was covered in flowers her favourite ones to be exact- lilies and roses of all colours but white and red were dominant. A card was placed on the table with her name written on the top. It carried instructions for her from her dress to accessories and name of the venue with a time. She had two hours to get dressed and reach the venue. Twinkle was a bit confused but went to get ready and it took her nearly 2 hours to get dressed but the look on her husband’s face when she came down was so worth it
Kunj was dressed impeccably waiting for his wife- in a few hours (3hours to be exact) it would be there first wedding anniversary and he intended on renewing all his vows with Twinkle. As soon as he heard the bedroom door close he knew it was time but as she descended the stairs time stood still for him as he was left mesmerised by her beauty. Dressed in an evening gown white in colour with floral print (red pink) all over and a satin ribbon red in colour on the waist with her hair cascading down over her shoulders in curls and minimal make-up and with the family heirloom bracelet and her diamond pendant she looked like a dream come true. She came and stood before him.
Twinkle (softly): I’m ready
Kunj stares at her without speaking a word as he was busy memorising her features- her dark eyes, blush kissed cheeks and soft lips. He looked at her intensely making her feel more conscience of herself but when he took her hand in his pulling her close to him and gave her a kiss on her forehead she felt blissfully happy. Both of them went out back where a romantic dinner had been planned on the deck it was an Italian feast (Twinkle loved Italian was a recent discovery by Kunj ) but when the dessert- molten chocolate cake with ice-cream was served Kunjlost all his senses seeing Twinkle enjoying it so sensually. After dinner he stood up offered his hand to her for a dance.
Twinkle slowly stood up and removed her heels as they were bothering her and gave her hands to him and together under the starry night both of them swayed together holding each other tightly.
The clock struck midnight the hour Kunjhad been waiting for he bent his head down and captured his wife’s lips in a kiss- he could still taste the chocolate on her lips but having her so close to him and on this occasion still with him was a heady combination and he deepened the kiss. Twinkle clung to him as her husband was taking her to places so unknown yet so pleasurable that all she could do was hold on to him and hope he would catch her if she fell. They broke the kiss to breathe but Kunjkept her close and nuzzled her neck.
Kunj : I want you Twinkle and places kisses on her neck.
Twinkle (blushes a deep red) she hides herself in his embrace. He lifts her bridal style and deposits it on a bed that had been placed for them (a four poster bed with drapes all over and rose petals spread over it). As she was deposited on it all Twinkle could see was her husband who was looking at her like he had won a lottery but as he came close the same tingly feeling came back in full force but this time it was not nerves this time she wanted him close to her. And the under the starry sky with moon shining bright a union of hearts, bodies and souls which made the two halves become one happened.
The morning saw the two entwined with each other both lying on the bed contended to be close to each other. Kunj stared at his sleeping wife who looked so peaceful and happy. Her face had a glow well the even her bare shoulders seemed to be glowing as far as he was concerned but when he tried to move she snuggled closer to him so stayed still allowing her to rest after all he did tire her out last night- they had gone to sleep in the early hours of the morning. Very carefully he moved out of the bed and carried his wife back into the villa’s bedroom where he made breakfast for her. He wanted to surprise her with a breakfast in bed and surprised she was that he got a kiss as a thank you..
The anniversary celebrations were amazing as it was like a honeymoon they never had but more surprising was the fact that his miser wife actually wanted him to buy the villa as a gift
Kunj : Let me get this straight you don’t even allow me to look at cars, yachts and give me hell for having a chartered plane but you want me to buy this villa?
Twinkle: Villa is real estate and a good investment besides we could come here for family vacations and
Kunj : You want to come back here again
Twinkle (blushes) and nods her head in approval then Kunj says: Your wish is my command..

3 years after the Anniversary Celebrations

The toddler was crawling on the sandy shore playing trying to look for sea-shells while his father looked on making sure he did not went to close to the waves. The weather forecast predicted a beautiful sunny morning after the rains that had been blessing them for the past 2 days. At the moment sun was playing peek-a-boo with the clouds so after his son had gathered enough shells he took him back to the villa
The villa had seen a few changes over the past 3 years now it had a children’s room filled with toys and latest gadgets well even his den now boasted of the latest gadgets (though he had to hide from his wife in the beginning) a huge family portrait painted by his younger brother was hanging up in the living room and the walls were covered in picture frames full of pictures made by his brothers. His office boasted of a frame made by Shakti that carried a picture of Akshay and him from the bedroom they shared at the Goan resort – his wife had a good laugh at that one but her favourite was the beautiful silver framed picture of theirs which Mr and Mrs Chauhan had gifted them for their first wedding anniversary. He carried a copy of it in his wallet as well- the picture was taken while they were both dancing and they were looking into each other’s eyes- love was a clear emotion that could be seen in the picture itself.
As soon as they entered smell of food wafted through the air and his son happily exclaimed yummy!!!
He took him to the kitchen and placed him on his special chair as his wife called it and hugged her from behind while nuzzling her neck.
Twinkle: You are back. I was about to call you for breakfast- I made your favourites today.
Kunj : Hmmm…your son got a lot of shells for you.
Twinkle: Really well that’s good and she went and kissed her son’s head while talking to him and seeing all the shells she added How about we give them to your uncles and you can make all fun things with them once they join us here.
The toddler happily smiled and she removed all the shells and made plates for them but her husband was missing. Where did he go now? Suddenly she felt him behind her, he brought up a new pendant he had got for her slowly he moved her hair to one side and placed the pendant on her neck giving a kiss on the back of her neck once he was done and said Happy Anniversary love..


Their son was sleeping in his cri while she sat on the couch as the fireplace was lighted up due to the evening chill and she remembered her life in the past three years- one year after their first anniversary they were blessed with a healthy baby boy -their son Amar. Amar Kunj Sarna was an exact carbon copy of his father from the mood to his dark intense eyes and the all charming smile as well. Like his father he was possessive about her and did not allow any stranger to come near her when his father was not with them creating tantrums and crying like he was dying. His father always approved of it though she had some issues. The only thing her some got from her was the love for animals – Amar loved animals and had more pets than anyone in their family ever had from dogs to horses, he even got a huge pond made and released different fishes in it.
Twinkle remembered the day he was born- a scary day as per her husband as she experienced pre-eclampsia that lead to an emergency C-section and her husband was not even allowed inside. The baby had turned and the umbilical cord had wrapped itself around his neck Twinkle was scared for her child and clearly told the doctors to save her baby while Kunj wanted her to be saved. The baby was out in a few minutes and taken to NICU for a proper check-up while she suffered an arrest from the blood loss. Kunj refused to leave even for a minute so their parents (US and MS) went to see their first grandchild and by the evening she was shifted into a private room. She slept for 12hours straight and as she opened her eyes she saw her husband all tired, exhausted and so dishevelled. She tried to move her hands but the drugs given to her were strong but he had seen her and just held her hand in his all the while looking at her. Both of them together saw their baby for the first time who bellowed out a cry as he was been taken to the NICU for overnight stay.
Twinkle: He is a strong boy you know.
Kunj : I know.
Twinkle: I chose his name from the short-listed ones you know
Kunj : Yeah, so what is our boy’s name?
Twinkle: Amar. Amar Kunj Sarna.

Coming out of her thoughts she heard a humming on the baby monitor. She went to the room to see her husband humming a lullaby to their son who was holding his father tightly by his chubby hands. Both of them looked so happy and then Amar gave a little yawn while his head lolled on the side. Kunjplaced him carefully back in his crib and joined his wife near the door. Both of them looked at their symbol of love they made and now nurtured.
Twinkle turned to her husband gave him a small white envelope and said: Happy Anniversary love. The envelope carried an ultrasound picture of their second child she had found out about 2 weeks ago.
They now looked forward for more anniversaries with both of their kids and family members in the future.

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