Twinj FF: You Were Always Mine, Chapter 6


Mr. Rawat met Twinkle and knew that she was the perfect wife for Kunj – she was a calm, sound of mind yet had this innocence about her which allowed people to love her like she was a family member. Mr. Rawat was busy telling Twinkle about Kunj’s childhood and our hero was smiling from the drinks counter and was keeping an eye out on all the businessmen who were ogling his wife – old men have no other work he thought disgustedly but his protective stance came out in full force when Akash Roy, the owner of Roy enterprises came over to introduce himself when Mr. Rawat had gone to accept a call and Twinkle was seating all by herself. He could see her uneasiness yet she was being very polite but the moment Akash stretched his hand Kunj had enough and walked towards them.

Twinkle saw him and gave a brilliant smile while standing up which surprised Aksah but the moment he saw Kunj he pulled his hand back.
Akash: Kunj Sarna, how do you?
Kunj: Mr Akash I’m doing very well. How are you doing?
Twinkle hugged Kunj: I’m sorry but I was not able to introduce myself to your acquaintance here.
Akash looked at the girl and then at Kunj’s possessive stance the way his arm was holding her waist and the manner in which she was snuggled close to him.
Kunj: Mr Singh allow me to introduce you to my wife Mrs Twinkle Kunj Sarna and my love this is Mr Akash of the Roy enterprises..
Twinkle: Roy enterprises… have heard of them before is it the same one whose head was arrested for illegal holdings?
Akash gulped down his drink: Those were all baseless rumours. Now if you will excuse me I need to meet another friend ..
and with that he left.

Kunj turned around to Twinkle who looked more relaxed after Aksah’s departure. She looked at him and said Thank You for coming to my rescue..
Kunj: I will always come to you whether you need rescuing or not Twinkle. I’m not going to leave you alone..
Twinkle took in his words and mentally shook her head. She looked at him with a smile on her face: I wanted to tell you that I’m going out with Chinki and we will be back by the dinner time and we’ll meet at the dinner venue directly. Is there anything you want me to get for you?
Kunj (in his thoughts): There are so many things I want to get for you Twinkle but you being with me and your smile is enough for me..
Twinkle: Kunj?
Kunj: No nothing. Have fun not too much and stay safe
He gave her a peck on her cheek and went back towards the conference room where they would be discussing the new trends and ways of pouring money into the community..

Chinki had her doubts about Twinkle and Kunj’s relationship from the beginning but she also knew that Kunj was the perfect guy for her friend and so when Twinkle told her about the plan and Alisha she wanted to strangle Kunj for hurting her sweet innocent friend. Since the pre-plan stage Chinki kept an eye on Kunj focusing his every move and ways he acted around Twinkle which left her confused because all his actions screamed that he cared about her he wanted her safe and happy like she was his everything but if that was the case then Alisha’s entry was either a coincidence or a trap by Someone but who? Twinkle’s father no that man was evil but he was in rehab as per the latest news maybe Kunj’s enemies might have a hand in it. Today she would speak to Twinkle and try figure her out more because they knew Alisha was there to trap Kunj but chinki needed to find answers on her own..
After roaming around the markets both the girls decided to sit in a small colourful cafe and order themselves hot chocolate. Chinki looks at her friend who lost in thoughts had been stirring her drink for 5minutes.
Chinki: Twinkle did Something happen between you and Kunj?
Twinkle: Chinki it’s complicated
chinki: tell me..

Twinkle: Well after dinner yesterday with that chudail (Bhootni ki niece chudail hui na) we went to the beach and it was so amazing and beautiful and we splashed water on each other then we…
chinki: You had your first kiss last night didn’t you Twinkle. That is a wonderful thing. How was it?
Twinkle: It was everything like fireworks erupted everywhere and I didn’t want him to stop but this is wrong chinki. He married for his mother like an obligation, he does not love me.
chinki: You think he is still in love with Alisha?
Twinkle: That is confusing me even more it’s like he does not want to spend time with her at all which is a good thing seeing that she wants to trap him but his behaviour is mind boggling..
chinki: How come?
Twinkle: His gestures, words, the way he treats (and looks at) me like I’m his everything and more. You know how much I want it to be true but what if everything is just an act for the people chinki. What if he hurts me as well?

chinki takes her hands and rubs them: I have been noticing his behaviour towards you all of his gestures, manners and words scream that he cares for you. It is true that he married you for the sake of his mother but it has been six months and maybe in these six months he fell in love with you like you did
Twinkle: I have been in love with him since the day he saved me from my father and his goons
chinko: Give him a chance to show his feeling Twinkle. Do not deny yourself any more happiness because you have doubts running wild. You know we will all know the depth of his feelings beginning from tonight..
Twinkle: Tonight?
chinki: After all you are meeting your old friend tonight Twinkle.
Twinkle smiled and said a little prayer hoping that her feelings were not one-sided and that he loved her fraction of what she felt for him then she would be the happiest girl in the entire world..

Akshay was already in Goa but had not disclosed his position to anyone because he was undertaking a mission but was caught by Shakti who insisted on helping him. Together they both found out that Manohar, USHA, ANITA and Tota were also present in Goa though Manohar, USHA were staying in a different place whereas ANITA and Tota were in the same resort as the others. Akshay had been waiting for this night for a long time he would come face to face with his friend no his brother after so many years that he could not control his feelings but knew he had a part to play- one which was his favourite and came to him naturally..
Shakti on the other hand wanted to trail ANITA and Tota to learn their motives for being there but got his answers fairly quick – he saw them both talking with Alisha who was making gestures at Tota who looked he wanted to strangle her but the strange part was that even Akash was present there with them. He went straight to Akshay to inform him of this new update and also thought of telling Mr. Rawat so that he could warn his parents as well..
Kunj had already seen ANITA with Alisha so he had an idea about their presence but he was not worried about them rather he was focusing on Twinkle’s so called old friend whom they would be meeting tonight at the dinner – a masquerade theme had been organised for the delegates so he had already got the masks for both him and Twinkle they were similar in design with the exception of colour his was black with grey designs whereas Twinkle’s was white with red ribbons. He had even got a dress for her – a black strapless knew length gown with matching ballet flats. He kept the dress with a hand written note and left it alongside her accessories and left to get ready for the dinner
Twinkle entered her room to the sight of the dress and accessories with a handwritten note which read
“Tonight wear this dress so that I may have the opportunity of having the world’s most beautiful woman in my arms as we dance the night away. I bought this way back but could not find an occasion to give it to you. I will be waiting for you
Your husband
Twinkle held the note to her and kept it safely in her wooden jewellery box then went to get dressed for her husband. She curled her hair and had minimal make-up on once she looked at herself in the mirror she could not recognise herself the blush on her cheeks was giving her away. She looked grown like
Kunj: Like a woman in love..
She turned around to realise she had been dreaming about him making her smile.
Alisha was ready as well wearing a red dress similar to the yellow one but it was her make up smoky eyes, red lipstick with black accessories. Her entire styling was done none other than her aunt ANITA who wanted her to be the most eye-catching person in the party after all Alisha had to trap Kunj and if he didn’t fall for her she needed to have a backup like ANITA had done earlier.

The party venue was the gardens were an entire stage was setup for dancing. The entrance was a huge staircase which was decorated with flowers on both sides and canopies were setup for the dinner. Shakti had already re-arranged the seating cards so Twinkle was now seated between her husband and Akshay whereas Alisha sat across them with Shakti on one side, Vickey on the other, Subho, Yuvi, Mihir and Sam were all surrounding them.
Kunj had taken a look at the seating arrangements and had placed the card which read A near Alisha all the while thinking that my name is Kunj Singh and you just messed with the wrong person dude.
Akshay had seen Kunj change the seating arrangements and smiled to himself- you really do love Twinkle but I’m not a saint to sit near that Alisha so he removed Alisha’s card from their table and placed it on one behind them from where she would only be able to see and not hear a single thing. The table where Alisha was to be seated was filled with Tota, Akash and two other old businessmen and their wives.
The night was going to be entertaining one indeed. Slowly everyone started to come one by one to the venue and the gardens came to life with twinkling lights everywhere and candles burning on the tables and soothing music playing. When Alisha entered as she wanted everyone turned to stare at her except Kunj who turned the other way around and hid himself behind the counter looking like he was getting himself a drink.
Alisha was already surrounded by her admirers which she gladly welcomed and thought of making Kunj jealous who was staring at the figure standing on the stairs – Twinkle had arrived wearing his gift- he recognised her not from the dress and the mask but from her eyes – he stared at those deep gorgeous eyes and he kept his drink on the counter to receive her but he was late Somebody else had already taken her hand and was guiding her down the staircase and she looked at ease with this person. Was he the one he old friend well then it was time the friend met the husband.
Twinkle was bit scared while standing at the staircase she felt a bit exposed in the strapless dress when her eyes fell on Kunj’s and she saw him smile. She made a move forward when a hand stretched towards her and she found herself looking Akshay who was looking dapper in his casual business look as well. Both her husband and Akshay had similar dress sense and tastes she realised and she gave her hand to him unaware of the glare Kunj was giving Akshay..
Alisha was also burning with jealousy once again that Twinkle had managed to steal her thunder as everyone was looking at Twinkle with stars in their eyes but tonight she will lose Alisha thought and she called in a waiter handed him a 500Rs note while instructing him to only serve alcohol to the lady who had just entered. Tonight you will make a fool of yourself Twinkle she smirked

Kunj had made his way towards his wife who was laughing at Something the old friend was telling her on the other hand the entire gang were making comparisons between the two- both of them were a well-built with a good physiques and common dress sense as well but Kunj was more refined and did not need words to portray his actions – his eyes did it for him whereas for the other dude his body posture screamed his actions. The main difference between the two was that Kunj seemed genuine and responsible whereas the other one looked like a Casanova
Kunj: Twinkle
Twinkle beamed at him: Ohh you are here..
Akshay nudged her and then Twinkle introduced them: Meet my old friend I was telling you about
Kunj: I’m Kunj Twinkle’s husband and you are..
Akshay: call me Aki and it is a pleasure to make your acquaintance.
Kunj (in thoughts): Not going to say the same. Get away from my wife.
He smiles at the both of them when Twinkle dusts off Something from his shoulder.
Twinkle: You look so handSame – just like a dashing prince.
Kunj: You look stunning Twinkle. I’m glad you wore my gift.
Twinkle blushes and Akshay intervenes
Akshay: I must say you are a very lucky fellow to have got a compliment from twinki. She has been talking about you since I met her you know.
Kunj (in thoughts): twinki… Back off only I can call her that.
Kunj: I consider myself the luckiest man in the world since the day I married her anyways I haven’t heard much about you so cannot say much there.
Akshay had seen Alisha talking with the waiter and decided to check it and so left the young couple alone.
Akshay: I’ll see you at the dinner table I need to meet up with a few acquaintances.
Kunj nods and Twinkle smiles at the departing figure..
Twinkle: Thank you for the dress.
Kunj: I’m glad you like it so that was your friend Aki seemed like a nice guy but sad he could not stay with us.
Twinkle: Aki will be joining in the conference from tomorrow his representative was here for the day but you know am so happy he is here- he is really a funny guy.
A waiter (remember Alisha’s waiter) comes over with the drinks and offers them – he pushes the alcoholic drink towards Twinkle who hesitates and looks at Kunj as she was feeling a bit unnerved the way waiter was offering her the drink. Kunj took two glasses and smiled at the waiter who left.
Kunj: You were worried?
Twinkle: No it’s just…you know I don’t drink alcohol and here I cannot even see a non-alcoholic drink. Even water is nowhere to be found
Kunj smiled at her: Don’t worry I’m there with you. Look whenever you feel thirsty or need a drink I will get it for you.
Twinkle: So you will be my personal butler then.
Kunj: I am ready to be everything for you Twinkle if you give me the chance
Twinkle gasped at his words and blushed hard and took his arm as they proceeded towards the canopy for dinner.

The dance floor was lighted up and a couple of people were already on it dancing one of them happened to be an elderly couple who were also celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. Twinkle looked at couple who looked madly in love with each other even after all these years – the guy was cradling his wife who had a contended smile on her face. Even Kunj was smiling at them.
Twinkle: It must be nice to spend your entire life with someone who loves you so much like you are the centre of his universe.
Kunj looked at Twinkle and read the longing in her eyes. He understood what she was feeling and took her hand guiding her towards the dance floor.
Twinkle (freaking out): Kunj I cannot dance.
Kunj: Don’t worry it is all in the leading. Just follow my movements.
Twinkle looked a bit hesitant but nodded her head – They were joined by their friends as well on the dance floor but our couple was lost in their own world. Kunj held Twinkle in his embrace who smiled all the while following his movements.
Kunj: Look Twinkle you are dancing.
Twinkle smiled at him and held him close to her when the first dance ended. She was then introduced to the elderly couple the Chauhans. Mrs Chauhan requested her husband to get her a glass of water and he went with Kunj to fetch drinks for their respective wives.
Mrs Chauhan: You look absolutely stunning my dear.
Twinkle: Thank you and congratulations for your 50th wedding anniversary.
Mrs Chauhan: thank you. You know even I cannot believe it has been 50 years now because it feels like yesterday we got married.
Twinkle: It must have been a beautiful wedding.
Mrs Chauhan: Yes as beautiful as an elopement could be she laughs.
Twinkle: You eloped?
Mrs Chauhan: Back in the day it was not permitted to fall in love you know. Our families were strict in this particular regards but when the heart falls for someone it knows only what it wants and nothing else matters. We were both being engaged to other people but he ran off from his house crashed mine on the day of my engagement and took me in front of my entire family and claimed that I was only his and nobody else was allowed to even come near me. And then we ran – I was in my engagement dress- a heavily embroidered lehenga which became my bridal attire as we got married that day itself but we had an official one later on when we found out we were having a baby well babies- had twins she chuckled. Our twins were quiet effective in bringing everyone close as I was literally on the verge of dying during their birth but all the ladies came together from our families and looked after me and our babies and look here I am alive and kicking
Twinkle: You truly are blessed with love Mrs Chauhan.
Mrs Chauhan: So are you my child. I see the hesitation in your eyes but that husband of yours loves you deeply and madly I can tell because he has the same look for everyone else looking at you which my husband had when he crashed my engagement.
Twinkle: Look?
Mrs Chauhan: Yes my dear child. The look – one that states clearly that you belong to him and nobody else.
What are you telling her love Mr Chauhan called out to his wife while handing her the glass of water.
Mrs Chauhan smiled at her husband and said nothing much just telling her a story of how a young dashing prince had come and eloped with the princess. Both of them looked at each other and smiled adoringly while the young couple looked on.
Mr Chauhan: Now Kunj take care of her alright and don’t stand here go and dance you are young kids have fun now.
Kunj nodded his head and they both went back to the dance floor.
Kunj: You seem happy.
Twinkle: I am. I truly am happy to be here you know because I got to meet the Chauhans and Mrs Chauhan is a gem. She told me about their elopement- sounds so amazing that for one’s love one is ready to fight the entire world even one’s own family.
Kunj nodded his head. He was recalling his conversation with Mr Rajya.

Mr Chauhan: Son one thing we must always remember is to tell the people close to us how much we love them especially your better half. Trust me I won’t be half the man I am today if it weren’t for my wife. Did you know we eloped (laughs) – back in those days you married for alliances and money and our families did not see eye to eye but one look and I was gone – saw her during the mela she buying bangles for herself looking beautiful in her simple dress and I lost my heart to her forever. When our families were busy trying to find matches for the both of us I ran and crashed her engagement party and took her with me in front of everyone and then we married. Never looked back since that day though the birth of our children was a difficult time as I came so close to losing her forever but God was kind and now all of our families are quite cordial with each other. So son tell your pretty wife of yours how much you love her and what she means to you because she loves you
Kunj: How did you know?
Mr Chauhan: Experience so and besides her eyes follow you everywhere so that she knows that you are near her
Kunj smiled and nodded his head when he saw Twinkle looking for him

Both of them were dancing when Aki interrupted and said: May I have the next dance with you Twinkle. She smiled and went to dance with Aki. Kunj was standing observing the two when a waiter passed on a note to him:
Be careful of the waiter with red ribbon on his pocket. He has been paid money to get Twinkle drunk. I have evidence that can prove it. Also be aware of your surroundings because flowers have thorns in them and they can be quite painful when they prick

Kunj read the note and nodded his head towards Aki who was looking at him. He sent a message to his friends and brother who he saw get into their alert mode – they were all staring at Alisha who was at the bar drowning drink after drink surrounded by her admirers but one waiter kept hovering – red ribbon he had a red ribbon on his front pocket he was the one who served him and Twinkle their drinks in fact he was the one serving them their drinks regularly
Kunj turned back to find Twinkle twirling in Aki’s arms when Mr Chauhan’s words came to him:” tell your pretty wife of yours how much you love her and what she means to you”
Kunj drowned his drink in the glass and went to his wife who had been dancing with her old friend.
K:Excuse me but I would love to dance with my wife now he interrupted the pair. Aki nodded and backed off thinking you are so jealous Kunj I just wonder what you would do when you find out the man behind the mask is me..

Twinkle looked at her husband Mrs Chauhan’s words ringing in her mind the look – one that states clearly that you belong to him and nobody else. She took his hand and went willingly into his arms while he held her close to him and in the background the instrumental version of Tum Hi Ho began. Closing her eyes she laid her head on his chest while rhythmically moving their bodies to the romantic tune that filled up the area. Kunj was enjoying having her so close to him but knew he had to be alert as well and he wanted to inform her about the waiter as well.
Kunj: Twinkle.
Twinkle: Hmmm.

Kunj: Listen to me carefully do not take drinks from any waiters alright especially from the one that has a red ribbon in his front pocket.
Twinkle looked at him worry shining in her eyes before she could say a word he added: Don’t worry about a thing I’m there I won’t let anything happen to you alright and also stay away from Alisha. Do not meet her alone if she calls you then take someone with you alright..
She nodded her head and said Kunj I’m hungry can we go and have dinner now please.
The song finished and everyone took their place at the table but before they sat down everyone took of their masks. Kunj helped Twinkle out of hers by opening the ties and kept them together on the table. She was looking around for Aki when he came and said Oh it’s time to take of the masks…cool
Kunj and everyone else were shocked on seeing the guy standing before them and Kunj called him by his name Akshay.
Akshay: It is nice to make you acquaintance again Mr Kunj. You can call me Akshay or even Aki which ever you prefer. Twinki you look more stunning without that mask on making Twinkle blush but she said sit down for dinner Aki making everyone take their places
Dinner was interesting to say the least as Alisha was outraged at not having a seat at Kunj’s table which was the centre of attention for everyone as old friends turned arch rivals were seated together with only Twinkle in between that too in a public place.
Twinkle knew her husband would have questions for her but the way both of them were staring and drinking she knew there would be trouble that night but she did her best to make a conversation going which turned into a competition of sorts with both her husband and Akshay trying to outdo each other
Akshay: So Twinkle do you still visit the orphanage.

Twinkle: Yes regularly you know even Kunj joins me sometimes when he gets the time from his busy schedule.
Akshay: If I was your husband I would make out time at any cost to accompany you beautiful.
Kunj: Truly said but I don’t like to hover unnecessarily you know.
Twinkle: I know he is busy with work so I visit him at his office Aki you should see it sometime.
Kunj: I’m sure Aki is busy with other stuff to be able to make that sort of an outing hinting at his busy nightlife.

chinki was enjoying the conversation and so was Shakti seeing Kunj all ruffled up because of Akshay’s presence was something but chinki prayed that Twinkle kept both of them calm.
Dessert was being served but Twinkle knew she would not be able to finish one by her own so she looked at her husband and slowly whispered will you share the dessert with me I cannot eat an entire one by my own he smiled back and then fed her the ice-cream with chocolate lava cake by his hands
Akshay decided to up one when he said Twinkle why don’t you try the red velvet and fed her the dessert from his plate making Kunj angrier by the minute but then Twinkle ate from his and refused Akshay saying she was full and wanted to go back to bed.
So she and chinki got up and left to freshen up before heading back to their rooms leaving two alpha males behind staring each other.

Alisha had seen the girls leave the table so she decided to follow them to the washroom. There she found chinki waiting for Twinkle so Alisha dropped a vase outside creating a distraction so chinki would go away leaving them alone which happened then she locked the main door waiting for Twinkle. She would teach her a lesson today- Alisha was clearly drunk and not in her senses but all she wanted was to hurt Twinkle not realising that she would be the one to get hurt instead so when Twinkle came out and found only Alisha she took a deep breath to calm herself remembering Kunj’s warning and then smiled at her
Alisha why were you not at our table for dinner? You know the plan won’t succeed if you don’t crash in Kunj regularly. My friend Aki is here now so we need to begin with Phase II properly I cannot do this all by myself you know.
Alisha’s drunken brain could not comprehend Twinkle’s words so she said you did not move my name card to the other table?
Twinkle: Why would I do that? I came here with the sole reason of bringing you closer to Kunj you know and now you go on blaming me for your short comings.
Alisha could not stand it and said I don’t care about your pathetic plan. Listen to me well Kunj will be mine do you understand and I promise you I will get rid of you if I have to in order to get Kunj
Now Alisha was standing near the door and she did not know chinki had gone and called for help TD and his angels were on the other side and they were about to break the door.
Piku: Boss let me do the honours.
TD: Make me proud Piku you have my blessings.
Piku then ran and knocked on the door
Bhago: Why are you knocking?
Piku: To make sure no one is standing on the other side
But Alisha was a fool and did not listen to the knocks even though Twinkle tried to tell her to move away but no so when Piku along with Bhago slammed the door open it went and hot Alisha directly on the face which led to a broken nose and a stunned Alisha.
Twinkle could not control her laughter but calmed herself down enough to pay her gratitude to TD (who was busy staring at his dream girl) and his angels. She told them her room number and left with chinki laughing on the entire incident but sam came running to her and said: Come quick ,Kunj and Akshay are having a hand to hand combat fight.
They all run to the gardens where both the alpha males had their jackets off and were about to punch each other when Twinkle shouted STOP!!!
She was angry and stormed towards them and said: I don’t care if you want to fight and beat each other to a pulp but you will not touch each-other’s faces do I make myself clear. Use the rest of the body as a punching bag but not a scratch on the face and then she added I’m tired and exhausted so I will see you both in my room after you are done with you show of machoism.
She went towards the astonished men and said let them fight it out and bring them both to my room after wards for treatment and left with chinki.

This had been coming for a long time now well since the incident with Alisha to be exact. Now that Kunj knew the truth about that day he had been battling himself on how to reach out to Akshay and today fates had brought them together but he had to go and turn out his wife’s old friend and the way he was flirting with her dancing and feeding her the cake was too much for Kunj to handle so when he made a comment on Twinkle’s favourite flowers Kunj did not hold back and landed a punch directly on his chest
Akshay: Let’s do this Kunj but first let me take this jacket off and you should take off yours as well or we won’t have anything to wear tomorrow morning
Kunj: Did you not bring a set of extra clothes with you Akshay.
Akshay: Not really. Thought I’ll buy some here but all I found were floral shirts and shorts and besides I don’t wear dresses but must say your choice of gift for Twinkle was quite a good one.
Kunj: Twinkle Bhabhi for u… she is my wife.
Akshay: Really I thought she was here to break up with you.

Kunj: Not happening and stop talking start fighting.
Both of them had taken their stance when Twinkle came in and told them not to hurt each-other’s faces so now they were going to focus on other body parts. Akshay began the attack taking Kunj by tackling him and Kunj in return turned the tables on him by bringing himself up and threw a punch on his shoulder. Akshay not one to back down hit him back
Both of them kept hitting each other when the rains fell hiding their tears
Kunj: Why did you not come to me the next day you fool?
Akshay: TO say what? That I screwed up or that I did not recall a thing about that night.
Kunj: Anything you should have said anything and I would have trusted you but no you stood there like the guilty person. Damn you…
Their hits lost the strength and then one roll on the ground and they were hugging each other – the drinks, the fight, all the memories came rushing back and they started to laugh like nothing ever happened

Shakti laughed seeing both of them together and along with the others went to help them up so that they could be taken to the room when Akshay said
Damn my clothes are all ruined but thank the lord my jacket is safe sending everyone into another round of laughter..


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    And yah i was smirking because of alisha ???
    Twinj scenes were epic as usual … Please post soon and haa a longer one pleaseeeee
    Love you guys 😉 ?

    1. _Vaishali_

      thank u soo much dear for the comment..
      we have changed the plan…we will start a new story from 11th oct…

  12. 1 month is long yaar…bt do post if possible…epi was fantastic…kunj jealousy in d top…alishas condn worth it…aki well played…twinj moments n words of elderly couple was mindblowing…love it 2 d core

    1. _Vaishali_

      thank u soo much dear

  13. Shreya098

    I seriously don’t have words to describe how awesome it was…. U made me speechless….. I feel like I am reading a novel while I read ur story…
    Vaishu u and garu are doing great job(I hope I can call u that…)…

    I don’t know how I am gonna do without ur ff for soo long…

  14. Baby

    oh my godness di luv u both vaishali di n garima di u both r amazing
    i mean wow kya likhte ho
    luvd it 2 d core osm
    d freindship bond n mrs n mr chauhnas talks amzing
    luvd it di
    osm u r n ll b w8ing fr u

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