Twinj FF: You Were Always Mine, Chapter 5 (First Kiss :))

Chapter 5

The dinner was a simple affair with only USHA learning of the upcoming trip which she said was a very good idea. Twinkle on the other hand was scared for the first time after the incident in the room so she decided to sleep with Vikram as to maintain Some distance from Kunj and his fine physique. .She was in a dilemma but had no clue on what to do so when Shakti found her talking to herself he called his elder brother and went away not realising that Kunj was about to have the time of his life…
Twinkle (talking to her own self):What to do? I cannot be in that room today after what happened between us. It is not that Something happened but still could he not wear his clothes and come in front of me. Show off..
Kunj interrupts her from behind: You were saying Something about me?.
Twinkle turns around and gasps on seeing her husband standing right behind her. He was close just like in the room and he was staring at her just like he did in the room..
Beta Twinkle you are going crazy. I mean why Kunj would be here he went to sleep right she told herself but then a frown came on her face seeing the Kunj in front of her laugh…
Kunj: Twinkle it is me standing right here in front of you and not sleeping..
Twinkle: Whoa my imaginative husband talks as well impressive..
Kunj shakes his head and says: I can prove it to you that I’m not a imaginative person you know..
He slowly walks towards her trapping her by his body on the other hand Twinkle notices a glass of water, an idea comes and she grabs it: I’m going to prove it myself that you are only a figment of my over worried imagination..
Splash!! Water was thrown on Kunj who looked like a drowned cat..
Twinkle: you actually are real and not my imagination… Ha ha hahahahahahaha she gets a laughing stroke..
She saw him wipe the water off his face and then he moved towards her again but this time she ran off in the direction of their room with Kunj chasing her… She entered the room first and then he came in and closed the door to block her exit. Twinkle looked at the close door and then at the man guarding it who was clearly not in the mood of laughing as he closed in on her so she started throwing pillows at him but her luck ran out and Kunj grabbed her hand but in the moment they both fell off on the bed together entwined as one with mere inches space between their faces..
One move from either of them and their lips would touch. Twinkle was breathing heavily as was Kunj. Lost in their thoughts both of them stayed still not wanting to break this moment but then it happened
Ring…ring… ring…
Kunj’s cell went off breaking the moment between them. Twinkle tried to move out of his embrace but could not as Kunj refused to move..
Twinkle: Your cell is ringing. You should answer it you know it might be important..
Kunj just stared at her but did not make a move and the cell kept ringing off the hook..
Twinkle: Please answer your phone it could be important you know she said while her hand rubbed his face..
Kunj leaned into her touch but before getting up he pressed his lips to her forehead and then answered his phone in a gruff manner..
Twinkle touched the place where he had kissed her and went to change her clothes even on her return she found him busy on the cell so without disturbing him she went off to sleep on the couch..

Kunj rubbed his forehead the call had been from Vickey informing of another leak from the office. He was running out of patience he just wanted to catch the leak and beat the pulp out of him for ruining an amazing moment he was having with Twinkle… He looked at the sleeping form on the bed. He had moved her to the bed after he was sure she was in deep sleep but he loved the way she called his name out in her sleep asking him to stay making him feel that maybe she might have feelings for him as well.
Kunj looked at the calendar and made a few changes – it looked like they would be heading out for the trip a little earlier as there was a huge business conference taking place in Goa where a huge yearly contract was up for grabs.. Goa was the place where he would not only win the contract but also the love of his life ,with that thought he went to sleep on the couch and added a reminder on his cell to purchase a new one..
Manohar was a happy man – his first wife had agreed to meet him to see the truth as he wanted her too so he was busy cleaning out the penthouse and even brought her favourite flowers when he received a message that Anita was going to be attending the annual charity lunch to support the education of the poor. He just glanced at it and went back to his work. Even Mr. Rawat was happy to know that USHA was giving them a chance to prove US innocent…
USHA knew that the things she would learn today may change everything and nothing..
Usha thought:I may listen and see all the evidence but I will not allow my personal feelings to jeopardise my family with that thought she entered the elevator to Manohar’s penthouse..
Both the teams -Twinkle, Chinki, Shakti, Akshay and Kunj, Yuvi, Vickey, Mihir and Sam were busy planning their moves for the upcoming trips – the resort hosting the conference was the one they had all chosen to stay in for the duration of the stay – special rooms were booked for the group and private cars were also booked so that when the girls wanted to go sight-seeing they could go without any troubles
Now the secondary teams were also in play – Anita and Alisha along with Tota were carving out a plan to trap in Kunj and get rid of Twinkle and to counter them Manohar, USHA and Rawat had come up with a plan of their own.
Guru Raghv who was well aware of the things that were going to take place had one thought-
GR: It’s time to take a break and have Same fun after all the action was going to take place in the land of sun, sand and sea.

Travel is the best thing in the world but reaching the airport on time with everyone intact along with the luggage and a crying baby makes it the worst day ever
Vikram refused to let Twinkle go he felt that she was leaving him forever. Shakti was busy trying to find his headphones which he left on the table in the morning Kunj was occupied with well his business papers and stuff. Usha was trying to help Twinkle but Vikram refused to let anyone near her. Twinkle took a deep breath and started singing his favourite song her melodious voice had the desired effect Vikram soothed went off to sleep whereas both Shakti and Kunj stood mesmerised hearing her voice.
Raghu kaka set the luggage in the car along with Shakti while Twinkle and Kunj took leave though Twinkle was feeling bad for leaving Vikram like she did sleeping and clinging on to one of her dupattas but she had no choice but it was USHA’s words that confused her more “don’t worry my child you will meet him soon enough..”
In the car Kunj sat by her in the backseat while Shakti was in front with the driver. Kunj could sense the sadness Twinkle felt and he tried to cheer he up by saying you know you just apologise to him once we come back from the trip together..
Twinkle knew her husband was being sly but she had a plan to get through so with a sigh she said
T:but I’m not going to be returning back with you now after all once everything is said and done we will both go our separate ways and looked outside the window..
Kunj (in his thoughts): That’s what you think. I promise you that you are stuck with me for the rest of our lives and I have no intention of ever leaving you Twinkle besides the only ones going away would be Alisha and your old friend because I’m your Mr Right…

They were going to take a flight to Goa where at the airport their cars will be waiting to take them to the resort. Apparently the resort was on the outskirts of Goa built near the sea and was one of its type luxurious resorts specially meant for high crme of the society and of course the foreigners. Kunj, Manohar, Akshay all had shares in the resort owners company and thus were sort of partners in this particular venture as well
The owner’s parents were religious fellows and named him Tulsidas but he went by the name TD for business purposes. TD was a happy and content fellow who believed that food, love and companionship were the three things required for a satisfied life – he had two of the things and was on the search for a suitable companion but had not found one yet. He was hoping that during the conference he might meet the woman of his dreams who will make his life complete but poor Td did not know that the girl he was about to fall for was already taken and he would be left with only a broken heart.

The chartered plane was vision come true even while occupied by Kunj and his entourage. He always kept his comfort first while travelling which was a thing Twinkle would disagree about – you booked us an entire plane was the first thing she had said to him when they were shown their seats and since then she had been eating his head on how he needed to save money and not splurge it on every little thing
Kunj kept his finger on her lips making her gasp and said: I make money Twinkle so that I can provide the very best to my family besides you are travelling with me for the first time (on a plane) so it was my duty to make sure that you travelled in comfort and luxury..
Twinkle gulped down the lime water given to them as a welcome drink in one go and stared at the window when the announcement for take-off came on making her nervous. She had never flown on a plane before well never had the need and this was her first time and quite frankly she was scared of heights. ..Unknowingly she held on to Kunj’s hand and closed her eyes while saying her prayers and then they started to move making her hold on his hand tighten. Kunj was shocked at first when she held his hand but slowly he understood the reason for it so he held her hand between his and rubbed soothingly on her palm all the while speaking to her about all the tourist attractions that they would get to see in Goa..
Twinkle gladly welcomed the distraction from Kunj but it was not his words she was listening to rather his fingers rubbing hers was creating a sensation she was not so aware about well he did fill her stomach with butterflies but this feeling was so good- soothing and relaxing so she gave in and placed her head on his shoulder and relaxed her body..
Kunj relaxed in his seat so that he would not disturb Twinkle who was sleeping even the others had taken their seats and were occupied – Shakti, Mihir, Vickey were watching movies, Sam decided to watch cartoon, Chinki had fallen asleep as well whereas Yuvi was trying to move her head from his shoulder which was hurting (poor fellow)…
Once the announcement for the landing came Kunj thought to wake Twinkle up but seeing her peaceful face he did not say a word until they had landed. He slowly called out her name
Twinkle blinked her eyes a few times before opening them up she had a pretty good sleep and the first sight that awaited her was Kunj’s smiling face – he was looking at her as if she was everything but she knew that he had only married her because of his mother and even though she would expose Alisha that did not meant that they would continue their relationship because she refused to be in a relationship where there was no love…
They reached Goa in the evening and departed for the resort where Twinkle and Kunj were meeting with Alisha with ulterior motives in their minds both of them wanted to know what her plans were and how prepared was she – well she had no idea that she would be made a fool in Goa but they had appearances to keep..

There was Something magical about Goa – Something so fresh, lively yet calm and soothing about its air Twinkle thought as she stepped out on the balcony of her room. She could see the beach and hear the waves of the sea and admire the beautiful sunset – it was all so romantic yet she was there for a mission. She so wished that she could have been here for Same other reason but then made a decision – no matter what happens I will enjoy my stay here while making sure that Alisha is exposed to the world
Kunj had the plane ride on his mind – he kept Twinkle’s peaceful face and the manner in which she saw him on his mind in a loop. He knew they were here for a pretty big mission which included making Twinkle his forever in every way possible..
Alisha had already checked into the resort and was getting ready. She had her best dress out with her favourite jewellery after all she was in Goa she had to look the part as well besides in order to impress Kunj she had to dress up like that because that Twinkle never dressed up in western dresses – well she could not carry one even if she did. Alisha was going to look the best in that restaurant she wanted every head to turn for her and this will make that Twinkle realise how out of place she actually is..
Twinkle on the other hand got dressed in a halter neck blue dress with floral print which came till her knees along with ballet flats and a bracelet. She liked dressing up as simple as possible as she wanted to relax and enjoy herself and never could understand why women preferred wearing heels on all occasions- don’t their feet hurt?
Kunj had dressed comfortably as well in jeans and a shirt with a jacket he looked quite dashing he thought to himself but when he turned around he was stunned – Twinkle had come out of the bedroom and was drinking a glass of water – her hair fell in waves on her shoulders, the bracelet reflecting light and her dress was a perfect fit on her highlighting her curves- she looked gorgeous..
Twinkle had to drink water because when she saw Kunj her mouth went all dry the reactions he made her have were boggling her to no end – her nerves would go into overdrive. Her heart would thump faster, she could actually feel her heartbeat increasing – he is going to be the death of me was all she had come up with..
Both of them gave each other appreciative smiles and went off to meet the flower girl with one thought in mind..
It was going to be a long dinner..

Alisha was happy on seeing the reactions she was getting from everyone around her – they were all staring at her like she was the most amazing thing to walk in that restaurant but when the doors opened again everyone’s stare left her, they were staring at the couple that had just entered the restaurant looking like the most perfect and made for each other pair whose clothes were also colour co-ordinated everyone blessed them with love and happiness though Some of the male patrons were still looking at Alisha but when their gaze landed on Twinkle they had to move away from their places because Twinkle who was not paying attention to them but was speaking to an elderly couple with a smile on her face Kunj her husband had the ferocious look with blazing fire in his eyes look and those who dared to look at Twinkle with any ill-intention quickly averted their eyes or they left the restaurant..
Alisha was shocked seeing Twinkle in a western outfit which highlighted her curves and had gaineed all the attention away from her but she plastered a fake smile on her face as they took in their places Kunj was a gentleman he pulled Twinkle’s chair for her and assisted her and gave a nod to Alisha..
Alisha: You look beautiful Twinkle.
Twinkle: Thank you and you look absolutely stunning Alisha..
Alisha: Thank you. It was a gift from Kunj when we were in college he liked the colour yellow on me so I thought of wearing it tonight..
Kunj kept mum and Alisha was like in her thoughts Team Alisha Point Team Twinkle nil
Twinkle: That is so lovely. I’m a bit partial to bright colours as they can quite hurting to the eyes well that is what the doctor said you know so I try to stay away from bright colours and stick to more subtle ones..
Team Twinkle scores!!!
Alisha: How about we order our drinks?
Kunj and Twinkle both nod their heads and the waiter comes over with the menus for both drinks and food. Alisha had already decided what she wanted to have as she wanted to prove to Twinkle that she was way more suited to Kunj’s world but Twinkle was having fun as the others had no idea that she had been trained for this stuff by her old friend so when the waiter came for the order and Alisha gave hers followed by Kunj they looked at Twinkle but before Alisha could even speak a word Twinkle gave her order
May I have a glass of lime water -sparkling and as for the food for starters I would like to have the garlic bread with cheese followed by the mushroom ravioli in white sauce and for dessert I will have the tiramisu with an extra cherry on it. Thank you..
The waiter smiled but when she turned around she found Alisha looking at her like she had lost all her senses whereas Kunj was smiling with pride all over his face. Twinkle gave him a smile in return..
The dinner was a fabulous affair for Twinkle but not so much for Alisha who had ordered wine and was tipsy after her third glass. She could not even walk properly making Twinkle worry for her so she requested that they dropped Alisha at her room
Kunj and Twinkle dropped Alisha in her room which was in the opposite direction of their room and then walked back..
Twinkle: Come let’s take the route from the beach to our room..
Kunj nods his head but Twinkle is so excited that she holds his hand and runs for the sandy beach. She removes her flats and holds them in her hands as she ran along the beach towards the waves like a child in a toy store..
Twinkle: Wow the water is sure cold. Don’t you want to join in Kunj? It is fun you know
Kunj: Twinkle the water is cold come you will fall sick and we have to get up early as well..
Twinkle: But I’m having fun and with that she went back on splashing the water not realising that Kunj had walked towards her and was about to call her when she turned around and splash – she had once again thrown water on Kunj but this time it was unintentional…
She laughed seeing him like that but Kunj was in his element as well and splash – now he was the one laughing. Both of them kept on throwing water on each other and had loads of fun. Twinkle tapped on his shoulder and said catch me if you can and made a run for it – she was no match for Kunj who exercised regularly and had trained in martial arts, in no time he caught her and both of them tumbled down on the beach when the waves came and drowned them both – wet and entwined the couple looked at each other but this time there were no ringing cell phones, no Raghu Kaka and most of all there was this time a yearning in both of them to just let go and feel. They were drunk from the air of Goa..
Kunj bent his head down and captured Twinkle’s lips in a passionate kiss her hands found purchase on his neck as she brought herself closer to him. His hands were holding her tight from the back but had moved down to her waist when the second wave came and splash both them got drenched again. As they broke apart Kunj helped her get up placing his jacket on her to protect her from the chill..
The kiss was engraved in both of their minds as they walked back to the hotel it was Something Twinkle was not prepared for- in her six months of marriage today she had her first kiss with her husband who was making her fall for him harder and deeper she realised but the way he kissed her his manner of holding her tight in his embrace screamed passion and care and love but that could not be it she thought how could he be in love with her or was he in love with her..
They entered their room a suite and went to their respective bedrooms..
Kunj: Twinkle you looked beautiful tonight well you still do. Goodnight and sweet dreams..
Twinkle nodded her head and went off into her room closing the door she stood against it with her fingers touching her swollen lips. Tonight she would definitely be having sweet dreams she thought with a smile..

The next morning was filled with activity as it was time for plans to be set in action -Kunj was ready for the first day of his conference where all the big shots of business would be coming in also his trap to capture the leak which he had begun already would form. The conference was being covered by the media so Patta would be in attendance as well as Tota who came in as media personnel but had different reasons to be there.
Manoha rSarna, usha along with Vikram were flying in later that day mr.Rawat was already present there representing the Surya enterprise.
As per Twinkle’s plan Alisha was supposed to run into Kunj during lunch where she would be introduced to Twinkle who in turn would introduce her friend during dinner. Kunj recalled their kiss as he saw Twinkle dressed in floral dress a mix of yellow and green with white patterns on it and flats she was driving him crazy but there was a certain hesitation in her eyes he could read so he decided to play cool and did not push her into anything..
Twinkle saw a morsel on his jacket so she went towards him and brushed it off his shoulders. She looked up to find him staring at her and then she moved back but got a yoghurt filled spoon with a bit sugar and fed it to him and said it was for good luck at the conference
Kunj nodded his head and left. Twinkle called in her team – Chinki and Shakti and they went down planning on introducing her friend to everyone especially Kunj and the others. Her main goal was to make sure that by the end of this trip the family was back together that meant Kunj and Akshay resolved all their differences because he was family…
Alisha got up with a terrible headache but took two pills and a glass of orange juice to help her recover. She recalled all the events of last night – her plan to impress Kunj failed that Twinkle in a halter dress and her dinner order and the way Twinkle had to help her reach her room whereas Alisha became the drunken girl but not anymore.
A: I underestimated you Twinkle but now we will even the playing field. Her room bell rang and on the other side stood Anita with Tota – Alisha’s diabolical team was here and now Goa would witness the epic humiliation of Mrs Twinkle Kunj Sarna and after that it would be Mrs Alisha Kunj Sarna.
TD was a hopeless romantic and so was his selected team of workers who assisted him in all sorts of errands – his team was filled with mixed sort of fellows – Bhago the runner was a day-dreamer, SM aka Sumit Malhotra fell asleep as soon as he heard the word – sleep and his favourite Piku the drunkard – Piku could drink like there was no tomorrow. His team had created so many fiascos but at the end of the day everyone could not help but love them as they were all very innocent beings who were tangled up in their habits. TD called them his angels – TD’s angles who could work and provide services to the best of them. When TD’s angels heard about the conference and guests that would be arriving for it they all dressed up in their best uniforms and got ready because they knew Someone would be definitely asking for their services. Well that was true they were going to help and in a big way as well because their crazy antics were going to be the downfall of one team’s plan..
Twinkle decided to take a stroll on the beach to clear her head before lunch as last night’s kiss was still very much in her head playing on a loop. She was ecstatic on having her first kiss with her husband but confused because his actions were telling a different story than the one in her head – the way he looked at her and held her in his embrace all screamed actions of a man in love but was in actually in love with her or was it the wine he had consumed at dinner working its magic?
TD was taking a walk as well on the same path as Twinkle – he had a feeling that today he would meet the love of his life whom he would marry and have babies with – another thing about TD was that he believed in Zodiac signs and loved the 90s era songs so when in the newspaper his sign showed that a possible romantic liaison was in the work today he was the happiest guy in the resort so happy he did not even realise when he had collided with the lost in her thoughts Twinkle
Twinkle: I’m so sorry I was so lost in my thoughts that I did not see you
TD looked at Twinkle dressed in her floral dress her hair flying due to the breeze and her eyes those were drowning him in their depths and he was sure he could hear Tujhe ko dekha toh yeh jaana sanam pyaar hota hai deewaana sanama ab yahan se kahan jaye hum teri bahaaon mein mar jaayen hum..
Twinkle: Excuse me are you alright?
TD: Yes I’m fine. Thank you for worrying about me he blushed a little..
Twinkle gave him a smile and introduced herself: I’m Twinkle and you are
Twinkle: TD?
TD: Well it stands for Tulsidas but for business purposes and also for a cool factor I call myself TD.
Twinkle: Well I think Tulsidas is an amazing name after all you are named after one of the most amazing poets of our country so for me you are Tulsidas ji..
TD: Please call me TD otherwise no one would ever know who you are talking about here in the resort he laughs..
Twinkle: Well if you say so. I should be going as its lunch time and my friends are waiting for me
She departs leaving behind TD who was humming his song…

Kunj was bored out of his mind sitting in the conference room surrounded by his so called competitors who were busy drinking coffee or tea and ogling the women waitresses and foreigners who were relaxing by the pool. His only respite was Rawat who in every sense was his mentor as well as an elder of the family. He greeted him and both got talking when Kunj found out about the leaks in Surya Enterprises as well which he found fishy as the nature of the leaks was similar to his but he was relaxed after speaking to him and requested him to join him for lunch which Rawat accepted but on a condition that even Twinkle would join them as he wanted to speak to his daughter-in-law..
Kunj was happy that Mr. Rawat wanted Twinkle there as well because he had no patience in dealing with Alisha on his own besides Alisha needed a reminder as well about the things and he would use Mr. Rawat as the reminder..
Alisha was dressed in shorts and a tank going for casual chic instead of dresses as she did not want a reminder of last night besides her legs were her favourite features. She went towards the lunch area but poor Alisha even fates were against her this time only if she could understand the signs and leave but no she was Alisha and won’t leave understand until she made a fool of herself now..
Piku ,TD’s favourite was cleaning a room recently vacated for new guests helping him were SM and Bhago. Now the room was in the same corridor as Alisha’s room when she departed her room Bhago saw her and was lost in his dreams featuring our very own Alisha with a flower in her hand whereas SM was yawning and poor Piku was doing all the work but as Alisha came near that room all of a sudden a huge gust of wind blew and she stood stunned apparently Piku had tried to dust the dusty floor mats and had not seen Alisha though he was supposed to use the vacuum cleaner but it was broke so now all the dust from the mat was on Alisha’s face which had turned a beautiful brown colour from her usual fair white and even her white tank was ruined..
Alisha: Are you blind? Look you ruined my dress..!!
Bhago (lost in thoughts): Beautiful so beautiful you are so beautiful.
SM: Someone say sleep na…look I want to sleep..
Piku: I’m sorry madam but you see the machine broke and new guests arriving and I did not see you coming but no worries we’ll clean you up..
He picks up a wet rag and moves towards her face
Alisha: What is this?
Piku: Very best rag dipped in the best scrub soap water like face wash – cleans all dirt and dust particles from everywhere. Now come and let me clean it for you or you can do it yourself..
Alisha takes the rag and cleans her face to clean it but poor Alisha’s face was now all black as she had taken the dirty rag from Piku’s hands instead of the clean one and did not allow him to speak to her..
Bhago on looking at her blackened face could not stop his laughter and on her glare pointed the mirror placed on the counter. Alisha looked at herself and screamed NOoo and then she stomped off back to her room..


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