Twinj FF: You Were Always Mine, Chapter 4


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Chapter 4

Twinkle had come up with the plan for her mission. She now knew the stakes that were in play and understood her position as well after all it was not about her or Kunj anymore the entire family was at the verge of either uniting or scattering forever and she would not ever allow her family to break no matter what price she had to pay but this time the price will be paid by those who hurt her family..
Hope you are ready for the storm that is about to enter your life Alisha she thought..
Akshay had given up hope of ever being able to present the truth to Kunj he had hidden Alisha’s indiscretions because he knew Kunj cared for her and she used that to her advantage but after meeting with Twinkle he was confident that this time they will win and those who had wronged them would pay. He might get his friend back as well but he would not get his hopes high rather he would pray that things change for the better..
In the office Kunj was lost in thoughts about what had taken place earlier in his home Shakti was supposed to join him at office but he decided to celebrate his last day as an “unemployed totally spoilt middle son of the family” with Twinkle and so Kunj was stuck in the office with tons of paperwork and a leak. Yuvi, Vickey, Mihir and Sam entered his office without a knock getting comfortable on the couch
Kunj stared at his friends who were all busy with Same sort of preparations but it was Yuvi who was glowing.
Sam: Kindly ask Yuvi the reason for his glow Kunj.
Mihir: Looks like he is high, he must have taken the wrong pill again..
Vickey: Nope I think his stomach is acting again do you want us to take you to the doctor yuvi?
Kunj shook his head and looked at his friend: She said yes right yuvi…
Yuvi looked at his friend and gave a million dollar smile: Yes Chinki accepted my marriage proposal last night..
Vickey,Mihir and Sam had their mouths hanging open but then they all hugged and congratulated their friend..
Yuvi: She is meeting with Twinkle Bhabi today to let her know about it. They are going for lunch I think..
Kunj: well that means the family will know soon enough because she is with Shakti as he wanted to celebrate his last day as a free bird..
Yuvi: Coming to the main agenda for our presence Kunj, we still have got no person as a main suspect but rather we believe that 2 or 3 people are in this together..
Sam: Yes I did Same digging and found out that it is Mr Akash Roy who is involved in all the leaks..
Mihir: Here is the interesting thing Roy was fired from the Malhotra enterprise (Akshay’s company) for fraud and embezzlement and on top of it he is a well-known gambler who has lost majority of his money making the wrong bets..
Vickey: So if roy was fired from Akshay’s company then why would he help them win our contracts?

All of them are lost in deep thoughts when Guru Raghv a highly respected man considered to be one of the elders of the community strode in Kunj’s office. He had taught Kunj everything from self-defence to economics, politics to archery and much more Kunj considered him as a father figure as he found that his Guru filled up the void left by his own father..
GR( Guru Raghav):is being blackmailed from the looks of it and whoever is blackmailing him has insider information for both Sarna and malhotra enterprises and from what I have learnt even Surya enterprises has faced a similar situation
Kunj: That maybe the case Guruji but that still does not explain why Malhotras are winning all the contracts..?
GR: You think Akshay has hand in this Kunj..?
Kunj keeps silent and just looks at the window gazing the scene on the outside.
GR: You have known Akshay closely Kunj and I understand that Samething terrible took place that cost you a friendship but tell me because I know you are an excellent judge of character that would Akshay stoop so low to do such a thing..
Kunj: I do not know Guruji he had his own code of principles he followed but yet he did Same things that in my opinion were not right so I clearly cannot say anything on this matter..
GR: The only thing we can now do is take precautions and set a trap for the leaks and I understand that congratulations are in order Yuvi..
Everyone smiles..

Chinkii loved Yuvi but also knew that if he was involved in their plan then they would not be able to execute it as Yuvi loved Kunj like a brother and all his life he had always supported him without questions raised. She knew what they were about to do might end their relationship but she had to believe that they were strong enough to survive this as it was the only way she could make sure that his friendship did not suffer..
Twinkle was happy to learn about Chinki’s engagement when she met her for lunch with Shakti. She knew Shakti was a bit restless but paid not much attention to it as she knew he always got restless when he was hungry. They had just placed their order when he walked in – walking with an air of confidence clad in casual business attire he looked like a ramp model. He definitely could give all models a run for their money she thought. She found him similar to Kunj on many levels be it the physique, good looks, dressing sense, commanding attention but there was Samething this man lacked. It was the sparkle – his eyes didn’t sparkle when he smiled, Kunj’s did- Kunj’s eyes could convey a thousand meanings just by the way he looked at people or things..
Shakti got up and formally greeted the man following it up with a hug and then they were all introduced
Bhabi allow me to introduce Akshay the owner of Malhotra enterprises..
Akshay this is my Twinkle Bhabi and her friend Chinki.
Akshay: It is truly an honour to meet you beautiful ladies today.
Twinkle: Malhotra enterprises? you are my husband’s competitor aren’t you?
Akshay: I must say you are quite aware of your social surroundings Mrs Sarna but here today I have come to meet you not as Kunj’s rival but as his college friend..
Twinkle and chinki both look at each other and then at Shakti who says please hear him out Bhabi it is very important that you do….

The entire truth that was told to them was Samething like a mountain being swallowed under an ocean sort of big. Twinkle could not believe that Alisha who claimed to love Kunj would do such a thing but everything that was presented before them showed them a new side of Alisha well the real side. So together they had come up with a plan which would allow Alisha to believe that she was winning whereas in reality they would be exposing her in front of everyone. Twinkle was feeling bad for Kunj and for Akshay as well so she had promised him that he would definitely get his friend back but then Akshay had to go and flirt with her
All they could do now was pray and hope that their plan works..

Kunj had never been this excited to receive a text before while at work. He had been so drowned in paperwork that he needed a reason to escape the confines of his office for Same time and meeting Twinkle was an added advantage. He had always made time to meet her before they were married and after the marriage she had tried her hardest to not to disturb him but today her message to meet him made him smile like a lunatic maybe she brought another stray animal and wishes to keep it he thought while driving to the place they were going to meet but seeing two cars parked on the outside made him a bit apprehensive
He walked in to find Alisha and Twinkle having coffee together which was a surprise because as far as he knew Twinkle did not like coffee. She sensed his presence but allowed Alisha to call him out. Once they were all seated and Kunj was served a cup by Alisha Twinkle began
I called you both today as I have come up with a plan for our mission Kunj looked at her surprised whereas Alisha feigned shock as well (internally she was dancing and laughing at Twinkle) Twinkle continued
T: Our friends Yuvi and Chinki have got engaged and as their closest friends I suggest we organise a small celebration like a mini vacation for all of us. We choose a destination and the plan will take place there
Alisha: You mean I run into Kunj that sort of thing.
Twinkle: Exactly
Kunj: How will you manage to end our relationship on that?
Twinkle: Listen to the plan baba, at the chosen destination you will run into Alisha and I will run into my Mr Right. There we will create Same scenarios that will only cement the fact that we (pointing to Kunj and her) are polar opposites which is quite true and so…
Kunj: Who is Mr Right? He was suddenly feeling very possessive about Twinkle who stared at him and said well he is an old friend who is helping me out and maybe I will date him once everything is over
Kunj stood up suddenly surprising the two females and said I have an important meeting we will discuss this plan Same other time and I will see you tonight Twinkle and with that he strode off
Alisha was having doubts about Kunj but Twinkle played her cards well..
T: Don’t worry about him he is only worried for his mother but our plan is solid and trust me when I will ask for my freedom his mother will give it to me as she loves me like her own flesh and blood
Alisha nodded and left as well leaving behind Twinkle who was happy that the first step of the first phase of their plan went off sort of smoothly but Kunj’s reaction troubled her. Well she would deal with him later now was the time to get rid of that coffee and make her Same nice tea..
Kunj was driving to Same unknown destination thinking about Mr Right the words revolving in his mind “he is an old friend who is helping me out and maybe I will date him once everything is over”..
What if that man is not correct for her and she did not tell him about this friend before. She always shared everything with him from her father’s taunts to her relatives’ remarks about her Kundli, the fun time she had at the orphanage and her animal friends he knew everything but nothing about this old friend. No he will not allow her to choose a wrong guy for herself no matter what, he would have a say in this matter
His inner conscious interrupted and said, why are you so concerned about her now? You wanted to spend your life with Alisha and now you are going to have a golden opportunity to make that dream a reality so why are you being so bothered about an old friend of Twinkle’s? She will be free from this relationship as well just like you so she deserves to move on as well..
Shut up he said and realised he had screamed at his own self. Taking another turn he found that he had been driving in circles the same place where he first took Twinkle out for a date – the park. She loved open places as it allowed her to breathe in the fresh air and enjoy nature at its best she had told him so he had decided to take her to the park and have a picnic. He brought himself out of the memories and started for his home where he intended to have a heart to heart with Twinkle about the plan especially her Mr Right..

Vikram was being clingy that was the only reason people could come up with for his odd behaviour – he was clinging on to Twinkle like a monkey clings to a branch and was not letting anyone come near her. She knew that her little brother-in-law must be coming down with Samething due to which he was being so clingy besides Usha had gone out of town to attend a conference and a charity show so Vikram was with her. She carried him to his room and made arrangements because from the looks of it she would be sleeping in the toddler’s room for the night. Raghu Kaka had already made dinner and was bringing her water along with baby medicines so that if Vikram spiked a fever in the night they would be able to give him a small dose. She reminded Raghu kaka to feed the animals and then retire for the night after which she laid down by Vikram and slowly rubbed his stomach a gesture he found very comforting
Kunj came home and went straight to his room as he wished to speak to Twinkle but found it empty. She was not there neither was she downstairs when he entered so he went down again and was about to shout her name when Raghu kaka informed him about her whereabouts- he rushed to Vikram’s room to find both his brother and wife sleeping well Vikram was having a fever and was not comfortable and Twinkle was trying to pat and rub him to make him comfortable as much as she could but the toddler woke up crying and screaming which in turn woke her as well..
Kunj came forward and gently picked up his brother and started walking trying to calm him that worked as the loud cries turned to sobs and sniffles. Vikram was clutching Kunj’s shirt with his fingers and placed his head in the crook of his neck trying to get as comfy as he possibly could – Twinkle in the meanwhile had gone and got his sippy cup and a glass of water for Kunj as well and on her return she stood transfixed as Kunj was standing shirtless holding Vikram who seemed to be enjoying the skin to skin contact. It was not the first time his body had left her speechless and tongue-tied she knew he was physically well-built and a fit person but seeing him standing shirtless with a kid in his arms did Samething to her insides like butterflies were flying everywhere…
Kunj knew his effect on her and Sametimes he did it on purpose to see her reaction but not today he had remembered a trick he had learned while watching the Discovery channel that Sametimes skin to skin contact helped children – most of the time it was done with babies but he thought maybe he could try with Vikram and it worked. He told her all of it and her response reminded him why he found spending time with her pleasurable
“So you basically did what Alex did with that baby”
Kunj: Who is Alex?
Twinkle: Alex Karev- Evil Spawn of Grey’s Anatomy. Don’t you watch television…well in one of the episodes there was a very sick new born and was not able to generate enough heat or Samething so Bailey told Alex to take his shirt off and hold the baby close to him – it was called a Kangaroo hug Samething like that and it totally worked…
Kunj kept on staring at her as if she was an alien and thought why did I even bother? She handed him the glass of water and then the sippy cup for Vikram who refused to have anything but a promise of ice-pop made him finish the water and then he drifted off to sleep..
Twinkle made the bed for the two brothers and was leaving when Kunj said, I would like if you stayed with us I mean we could talk and if I needed anything then you would be nearby as well
Twinkle nodded her head making herself comfortable on the comfortable couch in Vikram’s room.
What do you wish to talk about? She asked

T:The plan I feel is not good I mean many things could go wrong and hurt Samebody’s honour and…
Twinkle: Don’t worry everything is being taken care off. We all will go and enjoy a break and celebrate Chinki and Yuvi’s engagement and under the guise we will carry out everything besides it is going to be us you know like the entire gang and no elders so nothing will go wrong..
Kunj: what if Samething does go wrong then?
Twinkle: You are being so pessimistic today…Focus on the positive side you get to be with your Alisha
Kunj looked at her sternly and she added:
T: Are you having doubts about it? I mean you love her and wanted to spend the rest of your life with her right so you are going to get an opportunity to do that and I get to have fun in the meanwhile
Kunj: Fine I get to be with Alisha but what about you Twinkle?
Twinkle: Me ohhh don’t worry about me I told you my old friend is going to be there and who knows it might just hit it off with him you know…Besides it is getting late and you need to go to office tomorrow so we should get Same sleep saying this she laid down on the couch and closed her eyes..

Next morning Vikram was feeling better but was still clingy so Kunj decided to stay at home and help out. Shakti had been out partying came in late but also stayed back on learning about his younger brother. Twinkle was still fast asleep on the couch when Kunj checked in on her so he picked her up and took her to his room where she could sleep comfortably on the bed. He sat down by her holding her hand all the while looking at her- she looked so relaxed, peaceful, calm and happy. He was having these weird feelings he could not decipher all he knew was that he wanted to make her smile all the time and the interesting part was that her never felt this way with Alisha. Alisha was Sameone who knew what to do and how to act in his world whereas with Twinkle he was surprised all the time not knowing what she would end up doing and then he would end up laughing on her antics
Are you up Bhai? Shakti called out for him and when Kunj looked up he found both Vikram and Shakti standing at the door waiting to enter, Kunj nodded his head for them to enter and Vikram made a dash for Twinkle and snuggled close to her whereas Shakti told his brother that all his friends would be there in an hour and so would Chinki.
Kunj and Shakti left the two sleeping folks alone and went to the gym for their regular fitness regime. Twinkle woke up after a few minutes finding Vikram snuggled up to her in Kunj’s room she made him comfortable and surrounded him with pillows so he didn’t fall of the bed because her youngest brother-in-law had a habit of falling down and rolling in all directions especially on the bed. She freshened up and woke Vikram for breakfast where she was informed about the arrival of their friends and she thought it is time for the second part of phase I …

Twinkle was getting a headache well to be honest Kunj was bent on giving her one the way he was acting. As per her plan she had gone to declare that they will all go for a small holiday break to celebrate Chinki and Yuvi’s engagement and also it would give them all a chance to relax and have fun but no Kunj had to act all broody but thank God for her brother-in-laws who handled everything and now they were all sitting trying to come up with destinations for the holiday..
Sam: How about a hill station?
Vikram: NO.
Mihir: Maybe a nearby resort.
Vikram: NO.
Shakti: How about leaving you at the hospital?
Vikram: NO and starts to shed tears.
Everyone stares at the toddler who is looking all serious while saying No to all the proposed destinations. Twinkle then lovingly pats his head and says we will decide this our way and gives Vikram a smile.
A map is put up on the wall and a dart is handed out to Vikram who does not let anyone else have it.
Kunj: what are we doing?
Twinkle: Deciding the destination for our vacation. Come Vikram its time to play darts. Vikram will throw the dart on the map and where ever it gets stuck is the place we will go to.
Twinkle then looks at Vikram and says
T: Vikram it is huge responsibility you are going to be choosing the destination for your Bhabi and her friend’s vacation. Make me proud choose the best place there is. You have my blessings.
Everyone stares at the scene in front of them and Kunj adds this is just a game Ajab. Vikram is not going to the border but quietens up on receiving the glare..
Vikram picks up the dart with everyone around him telling to throw but he runs away with it straight to the map and sticks it to a place near the sea in the south and turns smiling at everyone..
Raghu kaka declares the name of the place: GOA!!!!!
Twinkle is super excited as she always wanted to go to Goa but never could before so both Chinki and Twinki are seen all happy whereas Kunj fakes a smile and leaves for office not realising that Yuvi had seen the unspoken truth in his eyes and he went after him to speak about it..

Kunj just entered his car finding all his friends already sitting in it, he starts up and they leave for the office. On route Yuvi begins the interrogation
Yuvi: What is going on Kunj.?
Kunj: Hmmm nothing is going on, just thinking about the meeting for the next contract you know
Sam: We have been friends for a long time now and we do realise when you are trying to escape from a topic so don’t even try it and just blurt it out. We are there for you Kunj, allow us to help..
Kunj looks at all of his friends and says.
K: Alisha is back and Twinkle is going to leave me so that I can be with Alisha..
Vickey, Mihir and Sam all together: WHAT!!!!
Yuvi on the other hand stays calm: Tell us everything from the beginning ..and Kunj tells his friends everything from Twinkle finding him out with Alisha at the hotel, her declaration, her plan and her old friend/Mr Right…
Yuvi: So the reason you were all broody about the trip was because of this matter – tell me what is troubling you more the fact that Twinkle leaving you OR her meeting this old friend of hers
Kunj looks at him but remains calm Yuvi continues: Kunj we all know you were involved with Alisha back during college but even you know very well that your dating was nothing serious till that incident which I have to say is Samething I find fishy..
Kunj: There was nothing fishy about it- Akshay got her drunk and tried to have his way with her..
Sam: Do you really believe that Kunj? I mean the Akshay we knew was a womaniser for sure but he did everything with consent and not the other way around..
Mihir: Yes Kunj maybe he never did anything wrong maybe he was tricked and used as a scapegoat by Sameone..
Kunj remains silent and broody but Yuvi has the final word
yuvi: what do you intend on doing about it? After all you are in love with your wife and that is why you wanted to delay the trip right Kunj..
Kunj: I don’t Love twinkle….yes I do care for love…no…
Yuvi,Mihir,Vickey and sam(Together): Really..
Yuvi: Oh come on Kunj…U love her…And everyone can see that,….just think about it dude..
Sam: Hmmm I know what we are going do to..
Mihir: yes, this trip is going to be a memorable one for sure..
Kunj: What are we going to do?
Yuvi: You are going to prove the depth of your feelings to Twinkle for beginners and then we will deal with the Mr Right..
All friends smile with confidence and Kunj just nods his head but says what about Alisha?
Vickey: Kunj there are things that you do not know about her and I kept quiet as we were under the notion that you knew about her reality but after what you have told us, it is time you learnt the truth about Alisha
He continues Alisha was involved with a lot of people during college though the relationship she had with you was just for show as she wanted to make her mark in the social circles you were constantly surrounded with – her pleas to go out with you to parties and all social gatherings was her way of getting contacts and then using them for her advantage. A trick she learnt from her aunt a lady we all know too well – Anita.
Everyone is shocked and Vickey continues she used you and Akshay and created this rivalry between you two as she knew Akshay would learn of her deeds because even he met those contacts of hers (business deals and stuff)..
Twinkle along with Chinki, Shakti and Vikram make the necessary arrangements for the trip. Shakti passes on the info to Akshay whereas Twinkle sends a message to Alisha with the travel details. The plan was all set with all players ready unaware that both Twinkle and Kunj knew of her reality Alisha continued to make her plan to gain access to the wealth of the Sarna Empire after all once Twinkle was out of the picture she would be Mrs Kunj Sarna…

Back at the office Kunj and his gang of friends were busy coming up with ideas so that he could impress Twinkle except for Vickey who was busy on his phone after 5 minutes he goes out and returns with a visitor whose arrival surprises everyone..
Vickey: Meet Patta he is a junior reporter who used to work under Popatlal aka Tota..
Kunj: Tota that reporter who gate crashed the party?
Vickey: Yes and I have brought him today because he has evidence that will help you make the right decision..
Patta: Hello Sir, Tota is now the Head of the Reporting department for the newspaper The Global Times and I work directly under him so Sametimes I attend meetings with him as well. When Miss Alisha returned she came to meet Tota and Look I know this sounds shady but Tota is not a reporter he goes with stories that pay him well so I decided to listen on that conversation and recorded it so that I could expose Tota for being the fraud that he is and…
Sam: We get it. Just share the recording with us…
Patta hands them over a CD and says I hope it helps your cause and leaves..
Vickey: The ball is in our court now Kunj..
They all watch the recording and are left speechless by the revelation..
Sam: How could she do that to herself?
Mihir: Damn I thought that she was different the way she presented herself even though we all had moments of doubts..
Vickey: The real question is what are we going to do now?
Kunj: as of now we all are going to go to Goa and enjoy our break…
Yuvi: What?
Kunj: Yes, Twinkle does not know of Alisha’s reality and I’m sure Alisha has planned Samething bad for her as she intends on taking Twinkle’s place after all..
Vickey: you intend on going ahead with Twinki’s plan..
Sam: So that means we will have our own plan to counter every move by Alisha to hurt Twinkle.
Mihir: We will hunt the hunter and turn her into the prey.
Yuvi: Poor Alisha would not even know what hit her but am worried about one thing Kunj What if that Anita turns up there?
Vickey: Don’t worry about her she has her hands filled with Patta..
All the guys share a knowing smile and then start their planning Kunj walks towards the huge window looking at the sun spreading its rays out of the clouds surrounding him and look hopeful for the future..

Usha never thought that her trip for a conference and charity dinner would turn out like this – with her stranded alongside her ex-husband who had refused to go ahead without her. Her car had broken down in middle of nowhere she sent the driver to look for help and there was no network connection she was all purposes stuck when her ex-husband who was driving by appeared and was now waiting by her side
It was like the old days both of them stuck together mostly due to her husband’s crazy antics and then laugh it over while waiting to get help but now a silence descended upon them unable to break it. His actions had torn her heart apart and she did not know is he would ever be able to forgive him for all he had done but fate had other plans for them as US meant to provoke her so that he could get a chance to tell her everything
Manohar: Why did you not invite me for Kunj’s wedding? I know whatever happened between us ended our relationship but that does not mean I’m not his father.
USHA looks at him with anger blazing in her eyes:
Usha: Father? You talk about being a father where were you after ur brother’s death,when during Shakti’s competitions and school functions or even the Father Day celebrations? Besides what good would have come out of it unnecessary drama and probably a new gossip for the tabloids…
Manohar: You never concerned yourself with those before so why now?
USHA: When you are used as a fodder for all these things with people looking at you with pity and fake sympathy then things do change..
Manohar: You never gave me a chance to explain. Neither did you respond to my letters or calls you just left with our sons…
USHA: What letters are you talking about? The only piece of paper I received from you was the Divorce notice and nothing else. As for the calls my cell was stolen so I have no idea what happened to it. I needed to take my sons away from all the drama that was being brewed over by the newspapers especially by The Global Times..
Manohar was shocked to learn that his wife never received his letters or calls which meant she did not know the truth about Shakti’s father or about Anita’s plan this meant he had a chance at making everything right with his first wife and he would do that no matter the cost..

Anita’s was a shred manipulator was known by everyone she knew what she wanted, when she wanted and how to get it but one thing that were lesser known was her birth and childhood days. She was born in a modest family of five where her birth was seen a burden by the father but her mother was appreciative of her beauty. Her mother told her that if she wanted to get Samething then she should work for it and if that does not work out then she should make others work for it. Using only the latter part of her mother’s advice Anitar made connections in the social circles; her best one was with Popatlal aka Tota who at the time was a budding reporter and along with him she duped many of the rich men of the community. Earlier she used to share her earnings with Tota who had feelings for her but slowly he learned that Anita would not settle with him after all the one thing she wanted was a wealthy luxurious lifestyle and he had a long way to make one for himself so he contented him by being her closest friend and ally. Things changed when Anita set her eyes on Manohar owner of Surya enterprises (Manohar’s company)but everyone who knew him also knew his love for Usha Sarna – their wedding was a lavish affair with the most prominent figures attending it but then Samething changed as Sanjana entered the picture. Anita used that one small fissure and turned it into a crack between the two. She trapped him into marrying her using Tota’s help and later on did not allow any sort of communication between Manohar and USHA… Tota had worked his wonders once again when he stole USHA’s cell and changed the letters sent by US making them both drift apart from each other forever
And now Alisha her darling niece would do the same with Kunj. Kunj was an eligible bachelor and Anita had tried to fix his marriage with Alisha earlier as well but his harsh words still resounded in her ears
“You are not my mother so do not even try to act like one. For me you are just the woman who married the man who used to be my father as far as I know I have no relations with you or him. So kindly do not attempt or even think about me as your own”
She would have the last word Anita always had and always will…..

Kunj was happy to see his mother back from her trip but she was not her usual self Samething was disturbing her. She usually hugged them once but today she was patting their heads at every turn Vikram got kisses and hugs more so when she found that he had been sick in her presence but she looked so happy to learn that Twinkle and Kunj took care of everything and everyone..
Kunj decided to speak to his mother to find out what was bothering her and so he went to the patio where he sat in front his mother on the ground and placed a bowl filled with oil..
Kunj: Maa please massage my head like you used to when we were kids I missed it
USHA looks at her son and before she could begin Shakti dropped by and said let’s decide this the old way. Now Twinkle had brought Vikram out as well and everyone was looking at the two sons of USHA who were all ready for a competition..
Twinkle: what is going on Maa?
USHA: The epic game of rock paper and scissors Twinkle to decide who gets a massage from me first. So let’s begin what say.
She looks at her sons: Best of two. So now Rock paper scissors!!
Kunj and Shakti were occupied in the game that they did not realise that Vikram had taken the place and said I win!!!
Everyone looked at the toddler and smiled at his antics. Kunj was looking at his wife who looked so pretty smiling and Shakti noticed so he went and sat by Twinkle and said Bhabisa will you please massage my head after all I’m your favourite brother-in-law giving he a cheeky smile… Twinkle nodded with a smile and began his massage. USHA was so happy to see her family all together and happy but one thought was eating her up insides..
Everyone retired to their rooms for the evening before dinner to freshen themselves up. Kunj went to take a shower whereas Twinkle decided to use his laptop to look at popular tourist attractions of Goa. Suddenly she felt the temperature of the room rise as Kunj came in wearing only his comfy lower with the towel hanging around his neck and water droplets on his bare torso. Twinkle gulped noisily and hid herself behind the laptop screen..
Kunj: what are you doing with my laptop?
Twinkle: I was ummm ..
she was speechless on seeing him so close to her.
Kunj: You were?
Twinkle: I was? He pointed at the screen and she sort of got her senses back (only a little) Yes I was looking at attractive pieces no I meant attractions tourist attractions in Goa. Yeah Goa for the trip she stuttered…
Kunj knew the effect he had on her and deliberately did it to get those reactions out of her. She looked so adorable stuttering and all red like a tomato. She was his tomato only his…
Kunj: So you were looking at attractions he slowly stepped forward towards her…
She got up and moved backwards but was late Kunj had her trapped between him and the wall. The laptop lay forgotten on the table with beaches and street markets on the screen. Twinkle was in a trance the way Kunj was looking at her with those dark eyes of his and the way she was trapped between his arms. She could smell his body gel and all of her nerves were in tatters. Kunj was feeling the same watching Twinkle so close to him and yet she was very far. All he wanted was to hold her tight and never let her go but he knew he had to tell her about everything..
Kunj: Twinkle..
Twinkle: Hmmm..
Suddenly a knock on their door breaks the moment and they realise their positions. Twinkle moves away while Kunj takes a deep breath. He wears his shirt and answers the door to find Raghu kaka standing there..
Raghu Kaka: Baba dinner is ready…
Kunj nods his head and tells him they are coming. He looks back at Twinkle who has calmed herself down enough to sit through dinner. Kunj walks towards her making her look at him but he does not say a word instead he takes a lock of her hair that had come undone and puts its back behind her ear and walks off leaving behind a hyperventilating and red Twinkle…


Phew….such a long update..isn’t it…
was it boring?
Do u liked it.?
what about TwiNj’s last scene.??

Plz comment … 🙂

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  1. Priya_

    marvellous , incredible..
    very very very very beautifully written…
    now i ‘m craving for more and more episodes that too super long ones..
    eagerly and anxiously waiting for the next episode…..
    plz plz plz post soon

    1. _Vaishali_

      thank u,shukriya,dhanyawaad 😀 😀

      alright i will give long long updates…but not as long as this one 😛

      1. Priya_

        When will u update the next part.. Seriously can’t wait to read it..

      2. Priya_

        What’s the age of shakti and vikram

  2. I loved it so so so much!!!! Best ff ever!!! Please keep updating frequently. Thank you!!!

    1. _Vaishali_

      Thank u soooooo much 🙂

  3. Omg!!!!!! I’m luving it 2 core?????
    Awsm epi amazyn scenes…..fabulous script
    U both r working wonders….awsm combo!!! I jzz luv LNG epis and dis one was soooo goooood….I can’t even tell uu he marvelous ur writing iz…..
    The words u both use 2 convey the emotions of d characters r mind blowing….
    Esp d last scene…..???????
    CNT soon waiting eagerly..,…

    1. _Vaishali_

      Thanks u 🙂
      abhi to story bs shuru hui hai…and i am sure u will love the upcoming track 🙂

  4. Chiku

    It’s amazing ???????????????????????????
    But one confusion how is vikram kunjs brother he is so small
    I have dis confussion plz sort it out??

    1. _Vaishali_

      c…Shakti and Vikram are Kunj k chacha k bete..Uday Sarna (Manohar’s brother) has died a mysterious death..and sanjana somehow hot to know the actual reason of his death and told it to manohar,..but our chudeil anita trapped manohar and alleged him to be sanjana’s secret lover …which resulted in Takraar and daraar between usha and manohar..

      even anita killed sanju and blamed manohar for all that…
      Sanju was killed when her second son vikram was merely 1-2 years old…and after their(Shakti’s and vikram’s) parent’s death,Usha took their responsibility….

      So i hope ur confusion is cleared now..

      and thanks a lott for commenting 🙂


      1. Chiku

        So now wats the ace of vikram

  5. Whoooaaa! Thank you sooooooo muchhhhhh for this longggggg update. Just loved it. Next part jaldi upload karna. Love. <3

  6. Sameera

    Once again amazing n awesome post yaar
    U too vaishu n garu u r rocking guys
    Love u both

  7. Twinj foreever always

    I am a silent reader but today s epi was just awesome … pls continue son . I loved it ti the core

    1. _Vaishali_

      Thank u sooo much…its always good to see silent readers commenting 🙂
      glad u r liking our work… 🙂

  8. dreamer..arundhati

    Vaishu and garu loved the epi…twinj scenes were fab….osum…plz ctd soon

  9. ohhhhh a very good part
    I loved it so so so much
    so now both of them know everything about that b*t*h Alisha still they don’t know that other one also know but m eagerly waiting for Kunj’s part on Mr. right as it will be my favorite part if I’ll get one

    1. _Vaishali_

      aree ye to bs starting hai…we have planned a level 3 torture for alisha 😀 😉

      i am sure u will love it..

      thanks for commenting 🙂

  10. SIDMIN-Daamini

    It was written so beautifully vaishali n garima
    Amazing n that twinj hot hot scene uffffff
    Guys amazing
    Great job

  11. SidMin

    Vaishali di (I am 16) Loved your ff (the joint effort of you and your friend I have not commented on your ff before coz to be true I read them all today And I loved it To be frank the way you write and the way you make everything sound all real Love it to the core I have not seen this storyline before and Loved it but just a bit curious to know that do you read my ff (Just joking but if you wish you can I write “TASHAN E REVENGE TO SADDA LOVE “and “MY REVENGE MADE ME MEET MY TRUE LOVE “)
    Since I have not commented on all your earlier episodes I want to say You write very well
    Love you 🙂
    and My name is Shruti (Mili) 🙂

    1. _Vaishali_

      hey Milli…i hv read ur “MY REVENGE MADE ME MEET MY TRUE LOVE”…its aamaazziinngg…
      though i never commented….actually i came home for holiday….and there in my hostel,i dont have my lappy with me…and the network seriously sucks there -_- ..
      BABA ADAM k zamane ka room hai :'(

      so usually i dont comment…i am also a silent reader…i read each and every post here…EACH AND EVERY post..

      and yes i will read ur other story as well and surelly will do comment on it.. 🙂

      thank u 🙂

      1. SidMin

        Thank you 🙂

  12. Amazing n u r great to write such a long super
    I loved it

  13. Shreya098

    Wow vaishali ur ff is just beyond words..
    I don’t know how I missed it…but today as I opened TU, I saw ur update, and I read it….and I liked it… And then I went through ur previous episodes….. And I just looved it…

    U and ur frnd are amazing duo…
    Ur story is just wooow…

    And thanks for the long update…

    Eagerly eagerly eagerly waiting for the next

    1. _Vaishali_

      thank u soo much dear…
      i want to add the links of my previous epis but i dont know how to do it…can u tell me please…

      1. Shreya098

        Sorry… even i don’t know about it…

        And i wanted to ask u one thing… Is this ur first story on twinj…??
        If not then pls tell me the name of ur other stories

  14. Kruti

    U guys just rocked d epi…..awesome epi
    Loved it

  15. Romaisha

    Ohhhhh godd!!!!
    I was so freaking engrossed!! Like literally yaar!!! I am in love with u two!! ?? your story is soo unique and the writing is killing me aur haa your imagination too yr!
    Btw im glad Kunj finally knows the truth about alisha but does Twinkle know he knows? Just curious … How cute yaar he realises his love 🙂 god n their scenes were hot !!! Damnnnn ????????????????
    Please upload your next episode soon can’t wait to cont reading.. 🙂
    Love you guys :*

  16. omggg! what an episode. I am a silent reader and I used to read all most all the ff but ur ff compled me to comment. I just love the way u both express each and every thing. Kept it up. Eagerly waiting for next epi.

  17. Sayeeda

    First of all thank you…. Thank you so much for soooo long episode nd secondly sorry for the late comment..
    Episode was a blast… Boom boom badak…. ???….. U guys plz yrr don’t do this to me…u want me to spend my entire day at library to search words to praise u both leaving behind my studies nd office???….

    How much I try but still I fail to compliment u both….
    Finally I can only say..
    ” Main tum logon ki jabra fan hogagyi…
    Tumhare ff ko padhke main dhin tinak hogayai… “….

    Love ur ff to upshot…. Awesome..amazing….
    Love u both ??

  18. Superb ,marvelous and fantastic epi.. loved it to the core.. do cont soon ?

  19. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous marvelous cute epi…..loved it…..

  20. Baby

    oh my god vaishali di n garima di amazing
    oh my my
    i mean wowwwwwwwwwwww
    di fabulous marvalleous
    n speechless
    nt at all bored infct i was enjoying it n didnt wnted it to hv an end
    di soooooo basically cn i clear my cnfusins
    so now kunj knows alishas truth n twinkle dosnt know dat kunj nos it
    n kunj hv realised his feelings his love for twinkle
    n still dey r going to goa n twinj hv different plans
    n about manohar n usha now usha nes d truth of manhar
    please fr sure tell diiii
    n di u both r fab
    luvd d episode to d core
    n post nxt asap di
    luv u both

    1. _Vaishali_

      yes..kunj and twinkle knows alisha’s truth but kunj thinks twinkle doesnt know alisha’s truth and twinkle thinks the same for kunj…
      they are going to goa to expose alisha…team kunj and team twinkle have same motiv ..
      usha doesnt know manohar’s truth…that is why she is miffed with him…and manohar knows that anita is the one who who doesnt want usha and him to unite and is constantly trying to create more distances between them….and what happened between usha and manohar will be revealed later…

      so i hope ur confusions are cleared… 🙂

      1. Baby

        yes thanks so mch di fr clearing all my cnfsns actually nt cnfsns bt u no jst…. n do kunj nos dat he loves twinkle ?

  21. Angita


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