Twinj FF: You Were Always Mine, Chapter 3


Chapter 3
Alisha was very happy after all her plan was working very well never had she thought that without the paparazzi would she be able to catch the great Kunj in her clutches but
she wrong his so called wife was doing the job better than those pests who she was paying to get pictures of her and Kunj.
She was so angry the way Kunj had dumped her and married a nobody like Twinkle he did not even blink at the prospect of a blo*dy commoner being his wife – he was

Kunj Sarna the sole heir of the Sarna empire as well as a big shareholder of his father Manohar Sarna’s enterprises. When she had met him in college she
knew he was her ticket to everything in life from money to social circles and so she had started to date him and she even went on to create rivalry between him
and his best friend Akshay who had learned of all her plans on using Kunj but poor Akshay had paid a heavy price for trying to bring her reality out. For once she was
worried but then she remembered her Godmother who like her had used her charms to get what she desired and so Alisha did exactly what was asked of her..
Her cell rings…
How is the plan coming along? A feminine voice asks
It is coming along very well I must say, never thought that Twinkle herself would hand over her husband to me but playing the Kunj is my first love part did work its wonders. Anyways I have got the new details of Kunj’s next tender will send them to you by evening today Anita.
Good and do not forget to pay those waitresses for their hard work Anita said

Kunj was stunned at Twinkle’s behaviour she was totally ignoring his presence and was lost in her thoughts. She had been gone the entire day and now she was present but not there.
K: Twinkle what are you going to make for dinner?
No response. Let’s try that again he thought to himself
K; Twinkle I was wondering if you would like to go for a drive with me tomorrow..
No response..
K; Twinkle I’m not a mind reader but your silence is sort of worrying me so will you please share what are you thinking about so deeply?
Twinkle looked at him and said
T:do you think I’m fat? In a very serious tone,..
Kunj kept staring at her while she was looking at her own image in the mirror
K: Why do you ask?
He wanted to know the reason.
T: Well now that our marriage would be ending pretty soon I need to work on myself as you never know I might meet my Mr Right anytime you know besides if I look good and maybe a tad bit attractive I might get myself a prince you know.
Kunj had no words for her response yes it was true they were going to ned their relationship but Mr Right or a prince charming Twinkle was an innocent and nave girl he had ever met and he had known from the start that people would definitely try to take advantage of her like they had earlier by using her so called defected Kundli and throwing it at her face on every opportunity. But she did deserve a prince charming that would love her, respect her and cherish her forever because she was a priceless treasure
He said, I think you absolutely amazing the way you are and have no need to change yourself for anyone. Your true essence lies in the fact that you see the best in everything
and everyone despite what the world believes in, you give everyone a chance when no one does and moreover you love everyone unconditionally and your Mr Right/Prince Charming would love you for all of that if he does not then he is not the one besides if I remember correctly it was you who said, One should never make compromises in love because love is all accepting and appreciating. If you change your self for the sake of love then you do not love that person but rather making a deal and love is not a business deal.
Twinkle stared at her soon to be ex-husband (her first love) he remembered her words making her blush at the memory- she had told him all of that at their unconventional date
when she had helped a couple run away from their orthodox parents who wanted to separate them on religious accounts. He had been with her throughout and also acted as a witness, beat up the thugs who had raised their hands on her and then got the angry parents understand the meaning of love
She looked at him praying to her Babaji to give her the strength to execute her plan that would ultimately leave her with nothing but memories..

Manohar Sarna spent the majority of his time at his penthouse away from his home because he had no energy left to go and spend time with his second wife who would only drag him to social gatherings and other events. His penthouse was his escape from everything and everyone – it was filled with pictures of his first wife the love of his life, his
children Kunj, Shakti, Vikram and even had a picture of his daughter-in-law Twinkle. Manohar Sarna knew he was in trouble when Anita blackmailed him in marrying her but
he was upset that Usha had not responded to any of his calls or replied to his letters which he sent them regularly asking for updates on all of his children. He had to disguise
as a waiter to attend his own son’s wedding and reception but he knew that Twinkle was the perfect wife for his son who took after him in every sense
Mr Rawat interrupted his thoughts as he gave him a thick file with CONFIDENTIAL written on it.
Rawat: You were right Alisha is playing a big game to trap Kunj and from our sources she has got her hooks into Twinkle who has decided to help unite the two..
Manohar : No matter what happens my son is not going to make the same mistake I did. I will protect my son from that vapid girl and her aunt. Anita thinks that I have no
idea that she is behind everything that is going from the leaks in Kunj’s office to Alisha’s sudden appearance…
Rawat: How do you intend on doing that?
Manohar: It’s time to call in the reinforcements Rawat. Get me a meeting with Akshay as soon as possible tell him it is time to expose the culprits..
Rawat nods his head and leaves. Manohar stands by his first wife’s portrait and says I swear on our love that I never cheated on you. Sanjan was my brother’s wife who
was killed while protecting me and I had to protect her honour so when media ran with news of me being her alleged lover I did not say a word but you should have understood my silence.
Anita trapped me but I promise you that I will never let her hurt our son I will protect him from all the dangers that threaten him..

Next morning Manohar went and met Akshay giving him all the details of Alisha’s next plan and how she had manipulated Twinkle in helping her. Akshay always understood
Kunj’s situation with him including the time Alisha had played her master trick and created the rivalry between them- he carried on the rivalry so that he could grab an opportunity
to tell Kunj the truth but that never happened. He had heard the news of his wedding and was happy that Alisha was no longer in the picture but meeting with Kunj’s father made him realise the amount of danger Kunj had put himself under, Akshay never considered Kunj his friend for him they were brothers Kunj was the good boy whereas he had the bad boy image but both of them loved usha’s hand cooked meal and often ended up doing things together just like brothers.
Akshay stared at their picture taken during the sports meet at college and said It’s time to bring back the old times Kunj. Let’s see if you really do not love Twinkle because from what I know you love her more than anything but have not realised it yet.
Akshay made some arrangements after all he was going to bump into Twinkle and make her his friend and for that he needed all the help he could get
A:- Hey it’s me. I received all the information I needed and evidence is also being gathered, it is time to save our boy from making a blunder. Meet me for lunch and bring Twinkle with you she needs all the help she can get. See you later Shakti..
Shakti had learned about his father courtesy of Anita who had refused him to meet Manohar when he was sick. She had been pretty vocal about his parentage not realising that she had blurted the truth and then blamed him for Manohar;s heath deterioration. Usha had put an end to it and gave it to Anita pretty good he remembered Usha’s words to her, “Don’t you ever dare to raise your voice or your hands against my son understand because if you do you have no idea the rainstorm I will bring down on you and your so called fake identity as Mrs Manohar Sarna”
Shakti loved Usha like his own mother after all she was for all intents and purposes his mother – she had been there for all his school competitions, award ceremonies, all the time he was sent to the principal’s office (though Kunj tried to prevent it but sometimes both of them would get called) Kunj on the other hand was the best big brother to both him and Vikram he adored them, corrected them and just had fun with them well to be honest it was more fun with Akshay around and he knew the trick Alisha played. All Shakti wanted was to reunite everyone because they all belonged to the same family and he would do everything in his power to do that because he was the son of the same family like his
Bhabi told him, “Family is not born from blood relationships rather it is formed from relationships that are connected to our hearts and souls”..

Heya…. Me and Garima are soooooo happy that u r liking our work.
u knonw garima is an excellent writer…her writing skills are just WOW….i am not as good in writting as her…but i have very strong imagination.. Sochna meri specialty hai πŸ˜› πŸ˜›
so i decide the storyline and prepare a write-up on that..thn i give it to garima,…and she then transforms it completely to an amazing masterpeice…

So i believe that 70% credit of this story goes to Garima…
Garu darling,i really love u soooo much..and i am glad that i have a friend like u…

Now enough of my silly talks….Everybody please comment and tell us if u are liking it or not…It really encourages both of us.

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