Twinj FF: You Were Always Mine, Chapter 2


Chapter 2

Kunj was astounded at the girl sitting beside him. She never broke her promises ever he knew that but he was also aware of her harsh reality she had been before they were together. He also knew that both of them got together because of his mother Usha his father’s first love and wife whom he did not respect at all otherwise he would not have been married two times he scoffed but he never dared to speak his mind about this fact because he knew that his mother dearly loved his father but even she had her limits and when his notorious womanising ways were brought out in the open the first time she forgave him but to learn he had other children as well was the breaking point and she left him. Not once did she ask for child support or any monetary support well the fact she was the only daughter of a business mogul herself was one of the reason but it was her self-respect that did not allow her. Usha was a woman of substance and well known face in the social circles due to her academic excellence, her charities and her way of handling her family business as well- well the business he was now looking after and like his mother he was also well known in the social circles that made him run into his father many time where he cordially greeted him and his second wife and then make a hasty exit so as to not get involved in any lengthy conversation and that was how she had entered his life as he was making his exit from the backside and there she was playing with the kids on the streets making them laugh and happy
She looked so cheerful playing in with those kids he had thought would he ever do that no his everyone would scoff at him for even trying out something like that well not his mother who wanted the best for him and always urged him to relax but he was so driven to achieve everything- a trait he got from his father apparently (as long as that was the only trait he got from that man he added) and now in the present she looked tired and defeated of course she would be her entire life as she knew it will end and then what happens to her?
His internal musings were morose and highly pathetic so he decided to not listen to them (when have you ever listened to us anyways his thoughts interrupted him) and then he looked at her and decided to make her talk – hell he was ready to hear her scream or throw a tantrum but he just wanted her to speak
Kunj: Waise I was wondering how you intend on fulfilling your promise?
Twinkle: I’m not sure how and what I plan on doing but I will figure something out. Don’t worry I will keep you in the loop
Kunj: Are you sure you want to do this Twinkle .I mean forget about me have you thought what will happen to you once this is done? How will you explain all these things to your mother or even your brother?
Twinkle: Love is a pure feeling that should be accepted in every form and manner but it should never be imposed on someone. In many ways your mother brought us together it was her wish and as you love your mother very much you agreed to it without showing your true feelings. As far as I’m concerned don’t worry I’m sure people will blame some star alignment or zodiac issue just like the previous times and I will glide through it all have got tons of experience in this particular area you know. I’m like the expert in what to do when your stars, the sun and the moon along with your zodiac decided to screw you up
She added I consider you my friend a very near and dear one who has always helped me whenever I was in a sticky situation so now that I have got a chance to help you out why would I not do that? It is not any obligation or debt I’m repaying this is just me I like to help my friends after all a friend in need is a friend indeed
They had reached their destination the huge palatial house stood in all its glory lighted by the night lights and to his much irritation and then amusement Twinkle had made them light twinkling lights to the trees as she said
“What about all the rabbits that stay out in the gardens? They need to have some lights so that they do not get stuck in the puddles or ditches you know after all they are family as well and we look after family”
So twinkling lights were added to the trees though he had to say that they added so much warmth to the place well since she had entered their lives everyone was more open, fun-loving and smiling unlike earlier when they looked for occasions to have fun
They went inside where Usha was waiting for them. On seeing the both of them brought a smile on her face and she asked
How was the trip Kunj? Hope you were able to get all the work done and did you take Twinkle out somewhere or was she stuck in the hotel the entire time?
Twinkle: It was so much fun. I have never seen such a beautiful place like RaniKhet and besides when he was stuck in his business meetings I went out by myself as I find it easier to stroll around otherwise his favourite people never leave us alone you know Maa
Usha smiled and added that’s so true and am really happy that you had fun Twinkle. Both of you must be tired so go and rest. I’m sure everyone will be waiting to talk to you in the morning
They all go their rooms. Kunj is suddenly all serious and grim when he looks at Twinkle who had already changed into her night clothes he asks I want to know everything you plan on doing
Twinkle: Well I have already changed into my night clothes so now I’m going to have a glass of water and then lie down on this couch and get as comfortable as I can possibly get lying down on a rock and hopefully dream of Arjun and Ranbir Kapoor
Kunj: I was not asking about what you intend on doing now…I meant about your plan I need to know because I need to make sure that the relationship you have with my mother or the rest of the family does not suffer
T: They will be strained for some time but time will heal everything especially once they will know how happier you are with that Make up ki dukaan.
Kunj looks at her and she feigns innocence and then says alright ..It’s Alisha.

Kunj took another turn and looked at the clock it read 2:30AM he had not been able to sleep on the damn rock. The couch just looked good otherwise it was of no use but he had bought it because Alisha told him it would go well with his dcor and she was an interior designer and his girlfriend so he bought the damn thing – it was an expensive piece but Twinkle was right it was just for looks and nothing else
Thinking of her Kunj looked at the girl and found her sleeping comfortably on his bed – though she did get the mattress changed as according to her she wanted to sleep on softness and not rock hard stuff like him. Well she can go and do whatever she wants but he was going to sleep on his bed. He stood up went towards the bed and laid down on the side trying to move and make himself comfortable when suddenly Twinkle turned and her hand fell directly on his face!! What the hell is she doing was his thoughts as he moved her hand away from him but then closed his eyes but not for long as this time her leg covered his
This is getting highly irritating he thought as he moved her leg balancing himself on his elbow he looked at her she was smiling not just smiling but it was a contended smile like she was having the dream of the dreams
Hmm Arjun you look so hot she mumbled in her sleep. Of course only she would dream of Arjun Kapoor when he is lying by her side. He then took a good look and went off to sleep
The next morning came way too early for Kunj who felt like not leaving his bed for the entire day but that could not happen after all he had a business to run and for the past few weeks he had been facing some serious issues as it appeared someone inside his office was leaking all the important matters to his competitor aka Akshay the intolerable douche. Akshay and Kunj were college buddies but when Alisha entered the picture everything changed. They had gone out for a party and he had tried to hurt her knowing fully well that she was with him and that night a friendship died and competition was born
He could not comprehend how someone he had trusted with his life would do something so horrible but it was Akshay and he was famous amongst the females of the entire society it appeared just like his father. He should have been his son both would have made the perfect father-son duo.
How did you sleep last night? Twinkle asked he looked at her sheepishly and then taking a yawn said never slept so wonderfully in my entire life but I was disturbed by this insect that kept on troubling me sometimes it landed on my face sometimes on my legs so you get the picture
Twinkle was fuming on him calling her an insect. If you wanted to sleep on the damn bed he could have woken her up she thought before she could retort he said
By the way what was Arjun doing in your sleep you looked quite content and happy. She blushed on his meaning and threw a pillow on his face and said everyone’s waiting for you at the breakfast table and left

The entire family was gathered at the table it was a rule of the house well though it was expected from everyone but Twinkle had turned it into a rule when she found that everyone ate separately so now everyone was supposed to have at least one meal together at the table as a family no matter the circumstance. His younger brothers well cousin brothers to be exact but he never treated them like that for even they were forsaken by the same man who had left him. Sanjana was an innocent who got caught in Uday Sarna’s trap (Manohar’s brother)and died in childbirth bringing her second son Vikram into the world. Everyone was worried for both Shakti her elder son and the new born but when her will was read in which she declared Usha as the sole guardian of her sons and provided visitation rights to Uday Sarna but he never used them. He had met Vikram once on his first birthday which they all celebrated with much enthusiasm like Sanjana would have and everyone was invited for the celebrations. Now Vikram was a 4 year old who loved getting his hands on paints and colours his favourite thing in the world was hugging everyone and anyone including animals. Well he was the one who would bring in the stray animals and Twinkle would plead their cases so in short their house had more animals than humans
So the family included his mother usha, his brothers Shakti and Vikram, Raghu kaka the man who had been with the family since he was a baby and long before than that to be exact, countless number of rescued animals and of course Twinkle his wife
Vikram was having fun with his food, his mother was reading the newspaper, Shakti was well Shakti and Twinkle was in the kitchen with Raghu kaka cooking up a storm from the smell that permeated the air
Twinkle loved cooking she loved feeding anyone and everyone and Raghu kaka was her best friend in that sense as he not only taught her many delicacies but also loved her like a father dotes on his daughter. Fatherly love was something she had been deprived of since her birth as her father wished for a boy and got her instead so she had taken it in her stride and faced all the insults, humiliations as well as scolding he gave her with a smile on her face as she knew her mother had tried to help her but in the end she would lose to her husband eventually everyone lost to her father except for Kunj. Her husband had fought her father since the very first meeting they had and he had not tolerated a single word against her making her fall for him hard and fast. Now see where that got you her ever present pessimist internal soul spoke up. He is in love with someone else and the only reason he married you was because of his mother and nothing else he does not give a dime about you or your feelings
Twinkle swallowed the bitter pill of reality and then put up her fake mask of being the happiest bride and went out to have breakfast with her family

Whenever Twinkle felt sad she would visit the orphanage where her father had left her quite a few times since her birth but miraculously she always ended up back home because of her mother who would fight her husband till she got her daughter back. Being among children who had no one to call their own and see them survive in the big bad ugly world gave her the courage to weather all storms that life brought with it but this time she knew she would lose because this time reality had not brought with it a storm but rather a cyclone that was intent on destroying everything in its path
Flash Back
At the hotel in RaniKhet
Twinkle was bored out of her mind Kunj was supposed to be free an hour ago but he was still not there. His number was coming out of coverage area and she was getting restless. Maybe I could go out for a stroll and by the time I’m back he would be here she thought and left her room no the suite her husband had booked for one night. She had scoffed at him for booking such a lavish room for just one night but he was like I like to stay in the best room Twinkle. He was domineering hard as steel and carried a no nonsense look but people near to him knew otherwise he could play pranks no one would dare of executing them like they were a military operation. But she knew in her heart that he was a good man who respected his elders, loved his family and stood for truth, honour and justice. As she was walking by she heard two women (well they looked like the staff) gossiping Kunj is currently meeting his secret lover while his wife waits for him in their room. Twinkle was shocked and hurt at their insolence she was about to say something when she heard them discuss the room number 916 they said and then turned around to look at Twinkle who was staring at them impassively. They handed her the master key to see the truth for herself. Taking the key she went towards the room and heard voices a male and a female. The male sounded very much like her husband and even the female voice was familiar she opened the room and was stunned to see Alisha the famous interior designer hugging he husband who was returning the favour. Alisha had been crying and Kunj was consoling her when they heard the gasp both of them turned around to see Twinkle standing there taking in the picture and they broke the hug and Kunj started Twinkle it is not what you think please allow me to explain
Twinkle nodded her head but before that she passed on a glass of water to Alisha who hesitantly took it from her. Kunj told Twinkle the truth – he had been involved with Alisja since his college and both of them had plans of spending their lives together but for higher education Alisha had gone out of the country while Kunj took over the reins of the family business. It was during the period Twinkle had met his mother and his entire family. Kunj had no idea that his mother would fix his marriage with her . He thought he had some time to inform his mother about Alisha but it all went to the drain when his mother met with an accident and was admitted in the hospital and Twinkle had taken care of her and the family. His mother had told him of her desire to see you as her daughter-in-law and chose me as the groom. I could not say no to my mother. Twinkle Believe me since our marriage I have been faithful to you and only you. I informed Alisha about our marriage and broke up with her prior to our marriage. Today she had flew in to say goodbye
Alisha began I’m so sorry you had to see all of that but trust me there is nothing going on between us.
Twinkle was transfixed he loved her and wanted to be with her. He married her for the sake of his mother and here she believed that he loved her just like she did. She sat down abruptly scaring the two people in the room. Kunj got her a glass of water which she gulped down fast and then stared at the wall
Alisha: Is she alright?
Kunj: I have no idea. Twinkle can you hear me
Alisha: I’m terribly sorry Kunj I just wanted to meet you for one last time…
Twinkle looked up and said do you love him?
Alisha looked at her and slowly nodded her head and then added Kunj is my first love I will always love him no matter what
Twinkle then stood up paced around the room and declared, give me 20 days to make everything right
Alisha and Kunj: 20 days?
Twinkle: In the next 20 days I will end our relationship and you can both get together and spend the rest of your lives together just as you wanted
Saying that she left the room leaving behind two astounded people

The flashback had its desired effect bringing tears in her eyes and the orphanage was the one place she allowed herself to grieve for the lost love she would never have but she was interrupted by Chinki,her childhood friend who had stayed with her throughout all the ups and downs life had shown her. She gently patted the girl’s head allowing her to cry on her reminding her constantly that she was not alone
So you intend on ending your 6 month old marriage in the next 20 days Twinkle and May I know what are you planning to do after that and how do you intend on executing such a plan
I don’t know Chinki but I do know that staying in a marriage knowing that he does not love me but married me out of respect for his mother she gulped down a sob I cannot do that to myself and to him. He got separated from the love of his life because of me and if I can bring them together then maybe I might have a chance on finding love myself
Chinki looked at the girl in front of her she was truly a humble, gentle and a stupid romantic soul. She was ready to end her own marriage take on the taunts that would be thrown on her by everyone just to make sure that her husband the man she is in madly in love with could be with his girlfriend
Chinki: Why Twinkle?
Twinkle: because when you love someone you want that person to be happy and if Kinj’s happiness is with Alisha then so be it. I love him enough to let him go watch him create his happy world rather than let him get stuck in a marriage that was imposed upon him.
Chinki: What if she is wrong for him?
Twinkle: Free the person you love from all shackles let them wander high and far into the sky if they come back to you then you are meant to be if not then at least you know you tried
Both of them looked up at the clear blue sky and then at the children playing on the rides
Chinkii: Put me to work.

Kunj was angry this was the height of all things insane yet another contract had slipped from them because someone on the inside leaked their information to Akshay. He wanted to break something no things to be exact
Yuvaraji his friend and advisor strode in with a cautious look he was ready to bolt at a moment’s notice if Kunj’s mood was off which happened to be the understatement of the year
Kunj: Yuvi tell me we have a lead on the suspect list
Yuvii: Nothing has been found so far Kunj.
Yuvi: How is that possible? The exact same amount, same details, and hell even the proposal was same and you are telling me we have no leads on the suspect list
Yuvi: I’m telling you that we do not have a suspect list. Everything checks out Kunj not one thing is out of its place. Maybe it is just a coincidence he stops seeing Kunj’s facial expression
Kunj: I’m leaving. I need to get out of here before I combust due to my anger. Yuvi keep digging I know we have a mole amidst ourselves
He leaves and heads off to his home where he spends the majority of his time in his gym practicing Crossfit and kick boxing. Finally after draining himself he enters his home only to find Twinkle missing apparently she had been out since morning and had not returned (it was evening) he got worried and decided to call her but her cell was switched off. First the officer traitor and now a missing wife today was so not his day but then he heard her twinkling laughter he went downstairs to find Twinkle playing with Vikram both had colours on them and looked utterly adorable. She handed over Vikram to Raghu kaka and went towards her room totally dismissing Kunj in the moment leaving him flabbergasted.


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