Twinj: When I fell for you: Episode 9

Helloooo everyone. Ananya here. Thank you so much for your love guys, it really means a lot. And I really appreciate it when some of you come up with suggestions and questions. They are an indication to me that my writing isn’t so bad, and that you are genuinely interested in it. And see, I have posted really soon as I had assured to those who had commented on the previous episode asking me to post soon. Thanks again.

Let’s begin.

Twinj: When I fell for you: Episode 9

A quick recap: Final decisions taken on Yuvi and Amaya’s wedding, Twinkle and Rahul’s honest conversation, and Kunj’s jealousy

Kunj issues an ultimatum to Rahul that he better stay away from Twinkle. Rahul, with an intention to make Kunj confess his love for Twinkle, asks him the reason.

“Kyunki… Main usse…
Ek minute. Main yeh sab tumhe kyun bata raha hoon? Tumse kya matlab? Hai koi wajah. Tum bas meri Twinkle se door rehna. Warna haddiya tod doonga saale” Kunj warned Rahul before walking away.
Rahul chuckled, and walked away, hoping Twinj reunite soon.

The next two days passed within the wink of an eye. Everyone was busy making arrangements for the wedding, shopping, sending out invites and packing. Twinkle felt much better after letting go of the burden on her heart, and smiled more genuinely every now and then. Kunj, who kept observing her, was happy seeing her smile, but what boiled his blood was that she seemed to laugh whole heartedly and be happy with Rahul, while awkwardness prevailed between himself and her.

The two families left for Udaipur together in a mini bus. All the couples sat together, other than twinj. Nevertheless, they couldn’t take their eyes off each other, and were often jerked into the real world by Chinki and Aman. They reached the venue a week before the premarital rituals were to begin so that they could be prepared when the guests began arriving.

On their first day in Udaipur, they decided to discuss every detail with the wedding planners. So they all sat around and discussed about the theme of the wedding, the auspicious time allotted to each ceremony, number of guests and their accommodation, the Mehendi designer, and also a choreographer for the Sangeet.

The very next day, preparations were on in full swing. Everyone was busy with their duties, enjoying little moments of togetherness and fun. Also, the dance practice sessions had begun, and the bride and the groom were on cloud nine, still unable to believe that they were actually getting married. They were being teased for every small and big thing. Meanwhile, twinj were the couple whom everyone kept an eye on.

One night, everyone was sitting around a campfire after dinner, talking excitedly.
“Kunj, tera aur Twinkle ka wo phoolon ki decoration ka plan finalise ho paya ke nahi?” Usha asked, only to be amused to see her son lost in his own world, or rather, in Twinkle. Now everyone was looking at him, but he hadn’t noticed. As they followed the direction in which he was looking, they were surprised to see Twinkle too lost in Kunj, as if she had been enthralled by him.

“Kunj! Twinkle!” They called out in unision. That’s when they realised what they had been doing. Twinkle smiled shyly, perhaps she had realised that Kunj still loved her.

Soon all the elders went off to sleep, and the kids sat around having fun. They all pestered Kunj to sing a song for them, since he wanted to present his guitar playing skills for a long time, he was an exceptionally good singer, and before he could deny, Amaya brought him his guitar, and they all settled down quickly, eager to listen. Twinkle absentmindedly went and sat down next to Kunj like she had always done while he practiced. She too was an amazing singer, and usually sang along with him. The others looked at them sitting together, dumbstruck. Kunj looked at her with wide open eyes, but was overjoyed having her next to him.

“Guys, raat bahot ho gayi hai. Humein shor nahi machana chahiye” Chinki warned.
“Uffo dramebaaz use gaane do na” Aman insisted.
“Fine. Sirf do line?” Yuvi requested.
They all agreed.
Aise zaroori ho mujhko tum
Jaise hawaaein saanson ko
Aise talaashoon main tumko
Jaise ke pair zameenon ko
Hasna ya rona ho mujhe
Paagal sa dhoondoon main tujhe
Kal mujhse mohobbat ho na ho
Kal mujhko ijazat ho na ho
Toote dil ke tukde le kar
Tere dar pe hi rehjaaoonga..
Main phir bhi tumko chahunga
Main phir bhi tumko chahunga

Kunj sang, looking at Twinkle with tears in his eyes. Twinkle suddenly remembered the reunion party’s happenings, and got up. In no time, she was in her suite, crying her heart out.

“Nahi! Yeh main kya kar rahi thi? Main Alisha aur Kunj ko alag nahi kar sakti. Jo dard se main guzri hoon, wo dard meri wajah se kisi aur ko nahi hona chahiye. Kunj ko Alisha se nahi cheen sakti main! Bhale hi Alisha ne mere saath yahi kiya tha. Sachha pyaar karti hoon main Kunj se, aur hamesha se yahi maana hai ki saccha pyaar ka matlab apne pyaar ko khush dekhna hota hai. Main apne Kunj se itna pyaar karti hoon ke uske liye apni jaan bhi de sakti hoon. Aur phir yeh toh…”

“Yeh bhi to tere liye tera jaan se bhadkar hai na Twinkle?” Amaya asked, standing on the other side of the door.
“Haan bhabhi, par..”
“Mujhe bahaane mat de Twinkle. Jo bhi ho raha hai use waise hi hone do. Maa kehti hain na ki jo bhi hota hai acche ke liye hi hota hai? Aur phir jo hona naseeb mein hota hai use koi nahi badal sakta.” She answered, and she knew Twinkle had calmed down.

“Maaf karde Twinkle. Jab tak Alisha ka khatra tere sar pe hoga tab tak tujhe kuch bhi nahi bata sakti. Lekin yeh ummeed zaroor hai ki sab jald se jald teek ho jayega. Tab tak tujhe sirf hosla de sakti hoon. Yeh jaante hue bhi ki tum kitni dard se guzar rahi ho, main kuch nahi kar sakti. I’m sorry…” She spoke, emotions getting the better of her.
Yuvi watched the lovely bond they shared and smiled contently. The screen freezes.

Ya, that’s it for now guys.
Do let me know your honest opinion of the episode, and take care.
Love you all loads.

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