Twinj: When I fell for you: Episode 6

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Twinj: When I fell for you: Episode 6

A quick recap: Kunj and Alisha’s relationship, and the reason for the differences between Twinkle and Kunj revealed.

Engagement day.
Sarna mansion.
“Amaya puttar, jaldi ut jaa. 9 baj rahe hain.” Usha called out.
(“Amaya, wake up quickly. It’s 9 o’clock”)
“Maa, thodi der sone do naa…” Amaya sleepily answered.
(“Maa, let me sleep for some more time..”)
Usha threatened her that Yuvi would get married to someone else if she continued to behave like a baby. At this, Amaya woke up with a thud, and rushed into the washroom. Usha laughs at her antics, and gets nostalgic remembering the days when Amaya was a school girl, and any threat wouldn’t wake her up..

Meanwhile, at the Taneja mansion, we are shown Twinkle lying with her head on Leela’s lap. Leela was telling her proudly that all of Leela’s friends were praising Twinkle for getting her MBA degree from IIT Bombay, and also about the party they had thrown for her the night before she left for Bombay for her first year.

Twinkle’s mind was elsewhere. The only thing she could think of, was that Kunj, her Kunj, now belonged to Alisha. Her heart was completely broken. She returned to the present when Leela started speaking about the engagement. Twinkle realised suddenly that she could never want to be the reason for even the slightest sorrow for her bhaiyu and bhabhi on their special day, and decided to put away her feelings for Kunj into some dark chamber of her heart and lock them up forever. That would ensure everyone’s happiness, she thought, cheering up, and both of them went to look over the preparations. She promised herself to behave with Kunj just like she would, with Amaya’s other relatives.

On the other hand, Aman, being unable to believe that Kunj cheated on Twinkle, asks for Yuvi and Amaya’s help to investigate into the matter. Too eager to help, and already in doubts themselves, they agree and the trio decide a plan of action, and included Chinki in their team, since she insisted.

In the afternoon both families, and Aman, Alisha and Chinki had assembled at the venue since a family lunch had been organised. The detectives kept a keen eye on Twinj. Watching Twinkle’s unexpected happy behaviour, they realised that they couldn’t get any information out of Twinkle, and decided to target Kunj instead.

After the lunch, when everyone was running around to do some last minute arrangements, Amaya and Yuvi noticed Kunj and Alisha talking.
“Kunj, tumhe acchi tarah se pata hai na, agar tumne us Twinkle se zyada baatein karne ki koshish ki to main kya karoongi? Soch lo, tum kya chahte ho? Yeh ki Twinkle atleast tujhse formalities ke wajah se baatein kare aur tum pe yakeen karti rahe, jaise usne uss din kaha tha (Guys, if you remember, when Twinj met in the garden on the day Yuvi and Amaya’s marriage had been fixed, Twinkle had told Kunj these lines) , ya yeh ki tum aur wo ek doosre se itni door ho jao ki tum use dekh bhi na pao?” Alisha spoke cruelly, laughing wickedly.
(“Kunj, if you try to talk more to that Twinkle, you know what I will do right? Think of it, what do you wish? Do you want Twinkle to talk to you atleast for the sake of formalities and continue to trust you like she had said she would, on the other day, or do you wish that the two of you get separated by such a distance that you won’t even be able to see her?”)

Kunj requested her not to spoil things further, and he assured her that he would follow all her commands. Alisha leaves with a smirk, while Kunj breaks down and cries.

Being shocked to hell, our detectives decided to save Kunj from Alisha and reunite him with Twinkle as soon as possible.

As the auspicious time for the ceremony neared, everyone got dressed up in bright and welcoming colours. Yuvi took Amaya’s hand in his, and walked onto the stage. Everyone clapped and hooted for them.

Twinkle took Amaya’s ring and Kunj took Yuvi’s. The two stood next to their siblings without noticing each other. Soon, amidst a lot of teasing, the couple exchanged rings.

Twinj looked at each other, and tried to leave from behind, only to collide with each other, and Twinkle closed her eyes, anticipating that she would fall down. When she slowly opened her eyes, she found herself in Kunj’s arms, and he was staring at her with lots of love. They stayed like that for what seemed like an eternity….(Sajna ve… plays). Twinkle suddenly realized their position and composed herself. She thanked Kunj, smiled at him and walked away.

“Please don’t go…. I still love you” Kunj said slowly. However Twinkle didn’t hear him. Instead, Amaya and Yuvi noticed, and they looked at him with tears in their eyes. They were about to go and console Kunj, when they heard Twinkle excitedly scream, “Rahul….”. A guy came and gave her a hug, and talked to everyone like he was family, while Kunj and Amaya looked on, confused.
Kunj was also feeling jealous, looking at Twinkle’s closeness to him.

The screen freezes on Kunj’s face showing clear signs of jealousy.

To be continued.

Coming up soon: Kunj to confess the truth before Amaya and Yuvi, Rahul’s identity to be revealed.

So, who is Rahul? What is that which is compelling Kunj to stay away from Twinkle? To know, stay tuned.
Do let me know your opinions on this, and take care…
Love you all loads..

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