Twinj: When I fell for you: Episode 45

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Twinj: When I fell for you: Episode 45

A quick recap: Alisha’s chapter finally closed, Twinkle reveals how Raj was involved in her planning with Rahul

Twinkle had been standing in the corridor upstairs, watching the entire gang have fun and play with Pari. Her face contained a content expression, her eyes had tears of joy. Her thought process was interrupted when she felt a hand on her shoulder.
Leela’s eyes contained thousands of questions, but what struck Twinkle was the seriousness looming large on her face.
“All ok?” She asked again, when Leela stared at her with some tension evident on her face.

Leela’s eyes got filled with tears immediately. Twinkle looked at her, and gave her a tight hug, assuring her of whatever was worrying her. Watching her mother cry, she couldn’t control her tears, but she knew that consoling Leela was more important right then.
“Twinkle puttar! Raj…? How could you trust him enough after whatever he has done?” Leela spoke, finally voicing her inner fear.
“Maa… He isn’t the same Raj now.. If he was, he wouldn’t have helped us expose Alisha, would he?” Twinkle spoke cheerfully, nodding assuringly at Leela.

“But, after whatever happened that night…” Leela spoke with some unspoken fear, while Twinkle gave her a strange look, like something had struck her suddenly. She gulped, sighing deeply, as some memories hit her hard. Leela noticed this and immediately regretted awakening the fear in her again. She walked towards Twinkle who was lost in some thoughts, and placed her hand on her shoulder, but before she could speak anything, they heard Kunj call out for Twinkle.

Twinkle looked up immediately, and requested Leela not to speak of this to anyone, else it might ruin their happiness which has returned after their long battles. Leela knew she was right, and she herself would never want to ruin the family’s peace of mind.

“Kunj! Kunj… Where are you?” Twinkle called out, looking for him, while he hid behind the pillar, admiring her. “My good God! I don’t know what is wrong with this guy… He was calling me just now, and when I got here.. whoosh! He’s vanished into thin air…” She continued muttering, while Kunj chuckled softly.
“Hi wifey!” She heard a whisper, and her smile only widened when she felt Kunj step closer to her and put his arms around her. She closed her eyes, relaxing in his embrace. “By the way, what was all that anger for, Siyappa Queen?” He spoke, giggling, while Twinkle put back her angered expression on her face.

She turned sharply, looking at him, “I’m not speaking to you! Sadu!” She huffed, and walked away, while Kunj laughed at her antics.
He was joined by Rahul and Aman, while Yuvi smacked their heads for making fun of his lovely sister.
“Kunj! You are so dead bro” Raj spoke, joining them, as he watched Twinkle stomp away from them. “She’s a tigress!” He continued, trying to suppress his laughter.
“Listen Raj! I’m grateful to you for everything you’ve done for us and all that is fine, but you better maintained your distance from Twinkle. Am I clear?” He spoke with a venom filled tone, while the others looked on shocked, wondering what they should do to prevent them from beginning a fight. Another fight. Yet again.
However, it was Amaya who came to their rescue this time. She took Kunj away, claiming she wasn’t able to find something that she had been looking for.

Poor Kunj had to spend the rest of the evening trying to convince his wife, but she was as stubborn as can be. Not even Chinki or Amaya could get her to forgive him. Even the elders pestering her to let go of her childishness didn’t have much effect. She had her dinner as usual, chatting cheerfully, but any reference to Kunj, or even if he was part of a conversation, she would completely ignore it.

As Kunj prepared himself to face her wrath, and follow her into their bedroom, they all watched quietly, knowing he might have to sleep on the couch for the upcoming few days.
However, to his surprise, he found his ever bubbly and cheerful love, standing quietly in the balcony, staring at the lonely moon in the sky. As he stepped closer trying his best not to make any noise, he heard her mumbling something. “I’m so sorry Kunj! I am seriously the dumbest girl on Earth! I do such stupid stuff… I only wanted to fake some anger and tease you a little, but I never realised where I should stop… I’m so sorry… I don’t deserve all of this love… I’m so stupid!” She was saying, leaving Kunj surprised.

“Twinkle….? Is everything alright? You do know that you can share anything and everything with me, right? And yes, stop blaming my wifey… She’s the best in the world…” He spoke affectionately, pulling her into his embrace, while she looked at him, feeling blessed yet again to have him.
He slowly pecked her forehead, and wiped away her tears. She kissed him back on his cheeks, and leaned closer to his ear. “Sweet dreams Mr. Sarna!” She said, and slipped out if his hands. However, he was faster than her. He caught her just as she reached the bed, and held her by her wrist. “Not so soon Mrs. Sarna!” He said, winking at her, and leaned in for a kiss. Soon their lips met, and that one kiss expressed all that they had been through since that morning, and made unspoken promises of more happiness and no tears ahead.

Panting for breath, Twinkle withdrew, and looked down, trying to hide her blush, while Kunj held her close to himself, playing with her hair, and placing ocassional kisses on her shoulder. A few minutes later, he heard her snoring. He knew she was tired, but he also made it a point to clear the dues of that night soon enough, as he carried her to the bed.

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More secrets to be revealed soon, and also there’s Twinj romance coming up… So stay tuned
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