Twinj: When I fell for you: Episode 35

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Twinj: When I fell for you: Episode 35

A quick recap: The drama unfolds as Alisha reveals Yuvi and gang to be the kidnappers…

The next morning.
Twinkle had fallen asleep right where she had been sitting the previous night, and now, she awoke to her phone ringing. It was Leela, who asked her to go downstairs quickly, since it would be her first time in the Sarna kitchen, and she had to make sure that the food would be impressive. She quickly took her bath, dressed up, plastered a smile on her face, ready to go. She had made up her mind, and knew what she was going to do next. She hurriedly opened the door, and Kunj, who was asleep leaning on it, tumbled to the ground.
“Ouch…! Siyappa Queen!” He said, opening his eyes slowly. He appeared to have slept there the whole night, waiting for her, his eyes red and swollen.
She momentarily rushed to him, being concerned, but immediately backed off, and walked away, ignoring him. He watched quietly, he knew that she was miffed with him, he also knew that she thought that he was wrong, but he was helpless.

About an hour later, everyone was assembled at the dining table, savouring the amazing breakfast that Twinkle had made for them, but they all knew that the happiness on each one’s face was fake, they were all faking it so that the others don’t feel bad. The situation was extremely awkward.
The Tanejas hadn’t returned home after the incidents the previous night. They decided to Twinkle along for the pagphera after their breakfast. Manohar and Usha praised Twinkle for the food, and many painful glances were shared at the table. Whenever both families had food together, there was so much fun and conversation, but that day, for the first time in years, there was deadly silence.

Yuvi cursed himself, holding himself responsible for all of that, but no amount of regret would bring things back to normal, besides, he realised that even if they hadn’t got Alisha kidnapped, it would still be both the families suffering. He looked up at Alisha who had a victorious smile on her face, and sighed deeply.

Soon, the Tanejas were back home with Twinkle. Twinkle had already begun missing home, and was dying to be back there, even if just for a day, but with the family members not even talking to each other properly, it wasn’t home, it was just a house. She missed all the fun they used to have together whenever one of them was back after being away from home for some time, but now it was all gone, and the reason… She sighed deeply thinking of all this, and watched Alisha walking into the house. Leela too watched her quietly, since other thoughts had begun eating up her mind since she had heard Alisha say, “My Kunj”.
(This is a reference to the previous episode, where Alisha asked Yuvi if he had done all this just to get his sister married to her(Alisha’s) love.)

Twinkle simply stood in the corridor upstairs, playing with Pari, as she watched the way her family members avoided eye contact with each other, each considering themselves right. Later, Leela and RT sat with Twinkle, discussing about random stuff, when Alisha came with her packed bags.
“Alisha what’s all this? Where are you going?” Leela asked, concerned, while Twinkle looked at her with suspicion.
“Aunty… I have caused enough trouble to both families already… I shouldn’t have spoken the truth, but more importantly, I shouldn’t stay here anymore… I shouldn’t cause more pain…” Alisha began speaking with tears in her eyes.

Leela was quietly looking at her. Her mind was preoccupied with the thought that if Alisha still loves Kunj, she won’t allow Twinj to even try a hand at their wedding, so she decided to let her go, the mother in her overpowering her desire to get Alisha her justice.
Twinkle watched her with a ‘What a drama queen’ expression. Something made her feel that this too was some plan, and that Alisha wouldn’t really go away.
(This too? What else has Twinkle found out about?)

Alisha started walking away slowly, taking baby steps, looking back slyly for every step she took. She was desperately hoping that Leela would stop her, but as she inched closer to the door, she cringed, her plan was falling apart.
“Alisha wait. You don’t need to go away… You are like an own sister to me. The past is over.. No point speaking about it, so don’t worry… You can live here with my parents…” Twinkle spoke, walking to her, while Alisha almost danced in joy. She turned around, pretending to be emotional, and hugged Twinkle tight.
At that very moment, the Sarnas walked in, and were surprised with Twinkle’s behaviour, since they all were thinking just like Leela, seeing Alisha as a threat to Twinj’s wedded life. Besides, no matter how much they tried to ignore it, the way Alisha spoilt Yuvi and Amaya’s reception was repeatedly coming back to their minds, as if it was an indication of something.

Alisha smirked, “Twinkle, you and Kunj are such fools.. he enhanced the drama yesterday, and today you are doing exactly what I want you to do…!” She thought, while Twinkle too had a mischievous smile on her face. “I know you wanted someone to stop you Alisha… But, guess what? By doing all this, I’m only helping myself…” Twinkle thought.

While Leela and Usha insisted that if Alisha wanted to go, she should be allowed to, adding that she has her own life, only in order not to sound too harsh, Twinkle was adamant on her decision. While everyone else was watching confused, there was a pair of eyes that was analysing Twinkle’s behaviour. They belonged to Kunj. He had sensed something else running in Twinkle’s mind, and supported her, being confident that whatever she was doing was definitely for the common good. Twinkle glanced at him with a grateful look, and immediately looked away, but he had caught her. Now he knew that she wasn’t miffed with him anymore. His heart did a little happy jig, he felt his lost hopes, his life, returning to him.

Usha informed the Tanejas that they had been missing their lovely daughter in law already, and hence, decided to accompany Kunj to bring her back. After a dinner that went a teensy weensy bit better than the breakfast, the Sarnas returned home.
On entering their house, Usha sounded worried for Twinkle, and told her that she could sleep in Amaya’s bedroom if she wished to, to avoid any awkward situations with Kunj, while Twinj quickly shared a shocked glance. “Ma… I don’t think it’ll be needed… We’ll manage…” Twinkle said quickly, leaving Usha confused, since Twinkle had been giving Kunj the cold treatment for a long time now.

After much of Usha’s concerned suggestions, and Twinkle assuring her that she would be fine, Twinj reached their room, and close the door after them, heaving deep sighs of relief.
Twinkle went to wardrobe, and was about to open the door, when Kunj quickly twirled her, and pinned her to the door, blocking her routes of escape by both hands. Caught totally off-guard, Twinkle looked at him with widened eyes, her breath quickening as he inched closer to her.

“Wwwwhat are you doing Kunj? Step back…” She managed to say, looking down, while Kunj chuckled. “What’s the plan?” He asked, sounding calm and composed. She looked up into his eyes, and his gaze made her realise that he had caught her. She hugged him tight and cried her heart out. “I’m really sorry Kunj… I’m sorry I listened to her instead of trusting you… I’ve been such a fool… I’m really sorry…” She spoke, sniffling, and Kunj held her close to himself, tears filling up in his eyes too. At that moment, time had ceased for the two, for whom each other’s mere embrace brought heavenly solace, no matter what the contemporary situations were.

Kunj took hold of Twinkle’s hand, and took her to the bed, and sat down, taking her into his arms. “Kunj, I’m sorry… I really love you… I don’t know what went wrong with me at that time… I could only see that Alisha was wounded, she sounded depressed… I was hurt at the fact that all of you were involved in such an act….” Twinkle spoke slowly, guilty for not trusting her loved ones.
Kunj pecked her eyes, and then her forehead, and then spoke, “It’s alright Twinkle… Always remember that my love for you is eternal, beyond situations and consequences… We all make mistakes… We all fall weak when we are faced with heart-wrenching situations… And after all, you are my Siyappa Queen!” He received a playful smack from Twinkle, and finally put forth the doubt that had been eating him up ever since he realised that Twinkle was pretending to be angry. “But, how come you realised out of the blue that we weren’t wrong?”
Twinkle narrates.

That morning, in the Taneja mansion, a maid told Twinkle that Alisha wished to speak to her in about ten minutes, and had asked her to meet her on the terrace.
Twinkle, who was already confused as to whom she should trust, you it very unusual. She quickly walked to the terrace although Alisha had asked her to come after ten minutes, hoping all her doubts would be cleared. Sure enough, she reached right in time to hear Alisha uttering the following words on her phone. “The previous time, I fell into my own trap… No worries.. I’ll get Twinkle to sign the divorce papers, and then we’ll kidnap her… Now this is what I call a fool proof plan to make Kunj mine…”

Twinkle immediately hid, not wanting Alisha to find out that she had been caught. When she finally walked over to her, after a few minutes, Alisha sounded concerned, and said, “Twinkle… I know that you consider your family to be the most important, and their respect will always matter more than your own happiness to you…. But your family loves you, and they wouldn’t ask for anything other than your happiness…. I know I might sound too interfering, but I think you wouldn’t wish to remain in this wedding anymore…. Here, divorce papers… Just sign them, I’ll take care of the rest…”
Twinkle looked on and wondered how someone could fake things so well, and took the papers from Alisha, telling her that she would surely sign them, to make sure Alisha didn’t doubt her, and assured her that she just needed some final thoughts to be made.
End of flashback.

Kunj’s eyes filled with tears now. The mere thought of being separated from the love of his life were sufficient to give him the scares of his life. Noticing this, Twinkle turned to Kunj, and lovingly wiped his tears away. They had seen enough separation to last an eternity, they thought. Kunj hugged Twinkle tight, and nuzzled his nose on her neck, while Twinkle tried to calm him down, playing her fingers in his hair.
Kunj held her face close to his own, and seeking her permission, leaned in closer to a passionate kiss, pouring out all the love, affection, and pain they had been feeling. Their moment was ruined by a phone ringing, it was Yuvi’s call for Kunj.

Kunj received the call, and listened to everything Yuvi had to say, and just agreed. Twinkle, looked on longingly, hoping she could speak to her brother too, but Kunj didn’t give her any opportunity to even ask for it. Tears rolled down her eyes, but Kunj was quick enough to catch them, and he passionately sucked her tears dry. He pulled her closer to himself, but she wouldn’t comply, and slowly began to get away. He chuckled.
“Siyappa Queen! Listen! Your bhai has asked all of us to come to our secret hideout tomorrow. I thought it would be a great surprise for everyone to find their Twinkle back….” He said, and Twinkle looked up, her glistened, her happiness knew no bounds. She ran over to him, and hugged him, while he pulled her closer by her waist. They stayed like that for what seemed an eternity, and fell asleep right there, in each other’s embrace, and it was heavenly.

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