Twinj: When I fell for you: Episode 34

Hello everyone. Ananya here. Thank you all so much for your feedback on the previous episode. I am really glad that many of you liked it. I hope I shall keep up to your expectations even in the upcoming episodes.

Twinj: When I fell for you: Episode 34

A quick recap: Twinj’s moments together and their reception.

“Of course… He loves her so much that he can do anything for her happiness. Isn’t it?” A voice spoke, and everyone turned to look at the owner of the voice, and of course, it was Alisha.
(You guys were right… she’s back..)
She was wounded, and had a bandage on her forehead, and looked extremely tired and in pain.

“Alisha” Twinkle gasped, as she recalled Alisha telling her that she really loved Kunj and had come back just for him. Leela and Usha rushed to her, and made her sit on the sofa, and offered her water to drink.
Alisha’s eyes were stuck on Twinj’s hands entwined with each other. A fire burned within her as she saw Twinkle’s vermillion, chuda and mangalsutra. “Oh damn! I was kept away just for a week, and these people got my Kunj married to this stupid Twinkle? How could they?” She thought, her jealousy turning to more venomous grudge.

As everyone watched, RT slowly walked over and stood close to her.
“Alisha, who kidnapped you? Tell us, we’ll see to it that they don’t get away without being punished…” He said, with an air of finality in his voice, while Yuvi and his gang gulped hard, wondering if Alisha knew that they were the ones who got her kidnapped.
“Alisha… Are you alright? I mean, all these bandages…?” Chinki asked, not wanting anyone to find out anything about the kidnappers.

“I’m alright Chinki… They didn’t harm me…” She spoke slowly, still wondering what she would do now. “Twinkle… You got married?” She asked, and Twinj immediately dropped their hands.
Before Twinkle could respond, Leela spoke up, “Alisha… The kidnappers had demanded Twinkle’s marriage to Kunj as ransom… We didn’t know what else we could do… That’s how all this happened…” She said, defending their actions.

Alisha looked on, shocked. She realised that they had trapped her in her own plan. “How could you do this Yuvraj?” Alisha spoke, slowly walking towards him. Yuvi looked on, wide eyed, wondering what he should do next. All eyes turned to Yuvi, wondering what Alisha was speaking about.
“You… You got me kidnapped just so that you could get your sister married to my love, my Kunj?” She said, smirking at him, while Yuvi looked at Twinkle, who was watching them, confused.

“Alisha! What do you think you are speaking?” Amaya asked, more horrified than Yuvi himself. “Amaya wait. Dad, we can solve all these issues peacefully. Twinkle and Kunj got married just now… We shouldn’t involve them in all this… Kunj, take Twinkle to your room. We’ll call you both later.” Yuvi spoke, trying to handle things before they went out of control.
Kunj was about to take Twinkle along, when Alisha spoke again, “Wait Twinkle.. You should know what your dear ones have done… Am I speaking any lies Amaya?” She questioned Amaya menacingly, knowing what she had to do next. Amaya was about to answer, when Manohar held her hand and stopped her.
“Yuvraj! Are you involved in any of this?” RT roared, he had begun doubting Yuvi when Yuvi asked Twinkle to be sent away before further discussion. “Answer me!!” He shouted.

Yuvi looked down, unable to meet his father’s burning gaze at him, he recalled that his father had never called him ‘Yuvraj’, it was always ‘Yuvi’, the son he was so proud of. “Yes… Yes dad. I got Alisha kidnapped…” He spoke slowly, knowing that he could never lie to his father. “But I had no other go… Alisha was going to…” He began to explain, when Leela slapped him, shocking everyone around.
“How could you? Didn’t you realise this was wrong? Didn’t you atleast think of letting go of your evil intentions when we all were worried for her? How could you?” Leela spoke, unable to believe what she had just heard.

“Bhaiyu… You didn’t actually get Alisha kidnapped, did you? Please… Please tell me, just once, that you didn’t do this bhaiyu… Please…” Twinkle cried out, walking to Yuvi. “Bhabhi… You please ask bhaiyu to speak the truth… Ask him to tell us that he didn’t get Alisha kidnapped… Ask him to prove himself right as always… Bhabhi…” Twinkle spoke slowly to Amaya, hoping yet, that something would turn the tables. She had been crying badly now, and their silence only hurt her more. Rahul held her firmly, preventing her from collapsing to the ground.

“How will they answer you Twinkle? They know they have committed a sin. Your bhabhi, and oh, even your bestie Chinki and my so called brother, Aman were involved in all this….” Alisha spoke, looking at them with a victorious smile. She was rejoicing in her heart, knowing that she still had her chance. However, everyone there was in such a shock, that they didn’t notice her changing expressions.
Twinkle turned to look at Chinki and Aman, who had bowed their heads, knowing that there was no point in arguing further. Kunj witnessed all the drama quietly, while the elders glared at the four youngsters who had destroyed all the hopes they had on them.

Twinkle slowly walked to the centre of the hall. She felt weak. All those whom she had trusted blindly had deceited her, she thought. “Who else is involved in all this?” She spoke slowly, watching everyone’s expressions. “You better confess it, I don’t want to find out from other sources…” She said, looking at Alisha.

Kunj slowly walked a few steps forward. Everyone’s eyes were on him now. Nobody knew what to expect from whom after finding out that their trust had been played with, like a toy.
“I’m sorry Twinkle… I too knew the truth… I overheard di’s phone conversation. I knew all of this” he spoke slowly, as he watched the changing expressions on Twinkle’s face.
(You guys were right about this too…)

Amaya looked down, defeated, while the rest of the gang just stared, they too were unaware of Kunj finding out the truth. Twinkle just looked on, her eyes welled up, she immediately looked away from Kunj, feeling disgusted, thinking that he had done all this just for the wedding to happen.
“Anyone else?” She asked, wiping away her tears, while Alisha was pleasantly surprised. “Amazing Kunj!! This was something totally unexpected!! Anyways, I’m really grateful for this…” She muttered, laughing quietly.

Rahul was about to walk forward, when Yuvi stopped him by indicating towards Twinkle. They both knew that she would breakdown if she finds out that each one of them was involved in this plan. Alisha watched this, and walked over to Rahul.
“Rahul…. You have been Twinkle’s childhood bestie, haven’t you? How could you do this? Upon this, you aren’t even accepting your mistake… I myself have seen you coming to that place to make those videos of me tied up… Why don’t you confess that you too were involved?” She asked him, sounding as innocent as she could.

Twinkle looked at Rahul, their eyes met for a moment before he looked down, and accepted that he too was involved. Twinkle was completely broken now. She felt betrayed. All those who were instrumental in every happiness that she ever experienced, had done so much unlawful, just for her happiness. Now her happiness didn’t matter. They were wrong. They had committed a huge sin, they had wronged with Alisha, and that was sufficient for her to hold them as culprits.

RT and Manohar exchanged an understanding look. “You all have ruined the very principles of this house, you don’t deserve to be a part of this house anymore. However, we cannot throw you out since despite all that you have done, you still remain members of this family, and you are well aware of it. You can stay in this house, do your jobs as usual, but we won’t keep any relations with you. That will be your punishment..” RT announced his verdict. They all looked on, shocked. They hadn’t seen this coming.

RT and Manohar left the place immediately, so that the others wouldn’t see the tears in their eyes, the tears that indicated that they were hurt with the behaviour of their own children, whom they had always adored and trusted blindly. Twinkle sat on the ground with a thud, and Leela and Usha rushed to her. Alisha was having fun, watching them suffer. The others too rushed to Twinkle, but Leela warned them that they had better keep away from Twinkle, so that they wouldn’t hurt her anymore.

Leela and Usha later took Twinkle to Kunj’s room, or rather her and Kunj’s room, and asked her to take rest, knowing that she needed to let out her emotions, and badly needed some privacy.

Twinkle entered the room, and closed the door after her. She looked around, momentarily stopping at the pictures on the wall. She sat down beside the bed, crying out loud. She recalled her moments with Kunj the same morning, and within no time, things had changed so much. As she slowly replayed the entire day’s happenings in her mind, she remembered an incident from the previous day, that held her attention.

Warning!! Romantic fragment ahead!! Please proceed only if you are comfortable with this.

It was the day of the wedding. Kunj had secretly gone to Twinkle’s suite with some serious intention in mind, but he didn’t find her around. He was about to return, when he heard the door knob click. He turned in that direction to see Twinkle in her bathrobe, with wet hair and water still dripping down her body, looking hot. Twinkle didn’t noticed Kunj’s presence, and went to her dressing table. She was standing in front of the mirror, drying her hair, when she felt a hand on her waist, and was about to scream, when Kunj closed her mouth and said, “Ooyeee Siyappa Queen! It’s me, your Kunj…. Don’t shout.”

She looked into his eyes, and took his hand off, calming down slowly. That’s when she remembered that they had been forbidden to meet. “Kunj! What are you doing here..? Didn’t Ma tell us that we shouldn’t meet till the wedding? Leave before someone catches you here… Go….” She spoke, all in one breath, panicking.
Kunj looked at her and smiled. “You will be my wife in a few hours yaar… don’t worry… Vaise, you are looking sooo hot in this attire” He said, fanning himself with his hand, and tightened his grip on her waist… Twinkle widened her eyes in horror, and began sweating… He slowly leaned towards her forehead and kissed her…

“Kunj! This is not the time for romance … Koi aajayega..” Twinkle spoke, her heart beating faster due to their proximity.

“Shhhh Twinkle… please don’t spoil the moment…” he said, and bit her cheek, making her moan his name… He smiled listening to that, and looked at her wet, shivering lips as he slowly leaned forward, and in no time their lips met… All along, Kunj was moving his hand on her waist sensually, and feeling his touch, Twinkle had clutched his shirt tightly in one hand, and was rubbing his hair with another… He was slowly untieing her bathrobe, but she held his hand firmly, her fear evident in her eyes.

“Twinkle…. I know you aren’t prepared to take our relationship to the next level… I also know that maybe you won’t be prepared even after the wedding…. You’ll take some more time… After all, all this is happening so quickly….” He spoke slowly, kissing her eyes. She smiled, feeling blessed to have him.
“Twinkle!!!” Amaya called out from outside, knocking her door. She had come to help Twinkle with her dress.
“I told you someone might come…” She muttered to Kunj, while Kunj was simply looking at her, remembering the purpose of his visit. “Ten minutes… Tell her you’ll take ten minutes” he ordered, and Twinkle complied quietly, picking the serious tone of his voice.

“Twinkle…. You know too well that we have faced a lot of difficulties to unite… We may have to face a few more in the upcoming days too… I know that as long as we are together, we can fight back the whole world… Just trust me… Always remember that I will never do anything that would hurt you… If ever, ever you find me a culprit of breaking your trust, just recall this moment… Always remember that even if I do something that might be wrong in everyone’s eyes, I’ll only do it for you, for our families….
I love you…” He said, joining her forehead with his.
End of flashback.

Although Twinkle had found it just another sweet promise of love at that moment, now it had begun eating her up… She sat up straight, and tried to join the things she knew and had observed, in her head, her heart was slowly beginning to win.. she was gaining back the confidence that her dear ones could not do anything wrong, but yet, her heart was at constant war with her mind.

Romantic fragment credits: Nishu di
That’s it for now guys.

It was long, I know… Hope you all liked it
So, will Twinkle listen to her heart and support her love, her brother and the rest of the gang?
To know, stay tuned
Love you all loads ??
Take care

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