Twinj: When I fell for you: Episode 33

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Twinj: When I fell for you: Episode 33

A quick recap: Twinj’s wedding

At Kolkata airport.
Both the families and close relatives had assembled, all set to go back home. As they waited for the flight, the youngsters were busy teasing the newly wedded couple.
“How sad!! It’s been hardly two hours since the wedding, and these two have to travel, leaving absolutely no time to spend together…” Chinki began, “And since the reception is tomorrow, they won’t get any time tomorrow either..” Aman pointed out, and the two high fived each other.
Twinj looked at each other, and put their heads down, so that the others wouldn’t catch them blushing. Twinkle was wearing a simple salwar suit, comfortable for traveling, with her newly added accessories, her chuda and her mangalsutra, and the vermillion adorning her forehead, looking beautiful.
They looked up when they heard the elders call for them to board the flight.

In the flight, all the couples sat together, giving Twinj their first bit of privacy since their wedding. They just smiled at each other, and avoided eye contact initially, unable to make peace with their newly attained positions in each other’s lives, unaware of what each should say.
After struggling with these thoughts for what seemed like an eternity, Kunj looked up at his love, his life, and now, his wife. Her face had a different glow that day, her eyes spoke volumes, as she struggled to utter a single word. A strange kind of awkwardness loomed in the atmosphere.

She finally gave up, and looked at him and was surprised to see him looking at her with the same kind of confusion evident in his face. She put her head on his shoulder and sighed deeply, while he too put his head on hers. She smiled. Little had she thought that she would actually unite with her love someday.
“Hmm so how does it feel to be Mrs. Kunj Sarna?” Kunj asked, stopping her train of thoughts. “I donno… All this is so… I can’t find the right words… We’ll be fine with all this right?” She asked, nervousness getting the better of her.
“Of course… I love you..” He said, pecking her forehead.
“I love you too” she murmured, curling her hand around his, and slowly dozed off, tired with all the day’s events, while Kunj was lost in his thoughts. They were together finally, and were happy. That’s all that mattered, Amaya had assured him, but his mind wouldn’t find peace with that, and he couldn’t stop thinking about what else was awaiting them.

The next morning.
Both families went to the Taneja mansion first, where Twinkle’s bidaai was supposed to happen. Leela completed all the rituals with Amaya’s help, and soon it was the time to bid farewell to her princess.
Twinkle cried her heart out as she hugged her parents, her bhaiyu, her bhabhi, her besties Chinki and Rahul, and Aman. She knew that she wasn’t going to some place she didn’t know or that which was new to her, but the thought that she wouldn’t be able to turn to her bhaiyu or her parents for every single thing like before, was stabbing her.

The Tanejas too got emotional and cried along, Yuvi hugging her tight and not letting go, while everyone admired the lovely bond they shared. Kunj consoled Twinkle, and Usha and Manohar too joined him, and after many efforts, they managed to make her smile.
“Arrey!! So much drama! We are going to meet in the evening guys… Chill out..” Amaya spoke, she knew how Twinkle felt, and also realised that it was necessary to lighten the mood. They all smiled at the thought of the reception that evening, and soon the Sarnas left, taking the new addition to their family with them, knowing that she would bring brightness and happiness to their lives.

Sarna mansion.
Usha and Manohar welcomed Twinkle to her new home, and assured that she would be their daughter, and not a daughter in law, while Twinkle in turn promised herself mentally to give this families as much love as she had always given her own family. Usha and Manohar asked Twinj to go to their room and take some rest, while they went around making arrangements for the reception.

Kunj carried Twinkle in his arms to their room, and put her down slowly at the door, while she was a little confused with his actions. But before she could think much, he put his hands on her eyes, closing them, and took her inside, and then put his hands down, whispering “Surprise!!” in her ears. She slowly opened her eyes, and was amazed at the sight before her. Kunj’s room hadn’t looked like that the last time she had seen it, she thought. It had been a typical rockstar’s room, pictures of guitars, his inspirations, his concerts everywhere, and now…..

It looked so lovely. Kunj had modelled the whole room newly to suit her liking, the dark colours that the walls had were gone, and now it had a soothing look, just like Twinkle had described her dream room to look like. His guitar stood in a corner with his awards, and other music related stuff. They made way for a lovely dressing table, and a book rack. The posters of the musicians on the walls were gone, and they were replaced by pictures of Twinj’s moments together, and right on the middle of the wall behind the king sized bed was a huge picture of Twinj, one in which Kunj was kissing Twinkle’s forehead, both had their eyes closed, looking ever so happy.

On the bed was a gift box with a note that read, “To my lovely wife…”. Twinkle sighed sharply, wondering when so many changes had taken place.
“Is it that bad?” Kunj asked, leaning down to her face, pecking her cheek, “I loved it!!” She replied quickly, and hugged him. “You are the best, Kunj!! Thank you so much!” She spoke, losing herself in his love, as she inhaled his cologne, which calmed her senses.

Parting after a bit, she looked at the gift box with excitement, like a little child, while Kunj chuckled. “Open it…” He said assuringly, and she ran to the bed, and ripped the box open, to find another box in it. The box looked familiar, and as she lifted the lid off it, all the memories came rushing back to her mind. It was the same box that Kunj never showed anyone, and when she had pestered him a lot to show it one fine day, he had promised her that he would show it to her the day the box would finally contain all that he wanted it to.

The box was really old, but the things in it were even older. It had the anklet, the ring, the diary and so many other things that she had supposedly lost, the little love notes she had written to him, the many notes that he had written to give her but never found the courage to, the first watch she had gifted him, which was old and had stopped functioning now though, so many pictures of her that she never knew existed, so many pictures of them that she had no clue of, and finally those little things he had bought for her, but couldn’t give her due to the rough patch their relationship was going through.
When she took a keen look at the box, she also recollected giving it to him when they were little, asking him to put in it only those things that gave him happiness, so that he could turn to it when he was sad.

She smiled with tears of joy filling her eyes, and looked up at Kunj, who was admiring her, all his love for her evident in his eyes. “I kept my promise… This box finally has everything I wanted to put in it… Especially, it has its rightful owner now…” He said. She felt extremely loved and special, and hugged him again, her happiness knowing no bounds.
Kunj then showed her the other changes he had made in his room, and showed her the part of his wardrobe that he had emptied for her, and helped her in unpacking. They had a lot of fun, their love for each other had brought them together, and now they were prepared to face even the entire world if necessary.

Soon, it was time for the reception. The Tanejas had arrived, and everyone was busy with looking after the arrangements. Twinkle was sitting in front of the dressing table, wearing her jewellery, when Kunj entered the room. He was already dressed up, and had come to take her downstairs. He helped her with her accessories and leaned close to her ear, and whistled. “Someone’s looking so pretty that I can’t take my eyes off” he whispered, while she smiled watching their reflection in the mirror. “We look perfect!” Kunj remarked, reading her mind, while she turned to face him, and pecked his cheek. Kunj offered his hand, and asked, “Shall we?”, and Twinkle readily held his hand, and the two walked down the stairs where all the guests had arrived, and had been waiting for them.

They indeed looked perfect. Twinkle was wearing a lovely saree, and Kunj had worn a suit that perfectly matched the colour that she had worn. The guests consisted of many high profile clients of the Sareja empire, their employees, and media persons, who would even kill to get some rare snaps of the couple.
All of them gathered there congratulated the couple, and wished them lots of happiness in their wedded life, while there were so many people questioning the sudden wedding, and other things like if Alisha was actually related to any of this, where she was, since when Twinj were back together, and so on.
Twinj politely answered as many questions calmly as possible, and smartly dodged others, while Aman put in all efforts to make sure the questions didn’t get too much beyond control.

Finally, a grand dinner was hosted, and soon it was time to wrap up the wedding rituals. As the reception ended, and as soon as only members from both families were left behind, many secret glances were shared. Twinkle was seen asking Kunj something, but he seemed to be in a dilemma of whether to speak or not, shocking her. Meanwhile, the other gang too was exchanging glances, each assuring the other that everything would be fine, while the elders stood around, talking randomly.

To lighten the mood, Rahul walked over to Twinj, and told Kunj, “Idiot! Take care of my bestie, got it? Don’t you dare trouble her, because if you do, then I’m taking her back..” He said, while Twinj looked at each other, and smiled.
“Of course… My lovely siso is your responsibility now… She was our princess, but now she’s your Queen, so you better take good care of her..” Yuvi spoke, joining them.
“Bhai… You love her a lot, don’t you?” Kunj asked, although he knew the obvious answer.

“Yes, he loves her so much that he can do anything for her happiness… Isn’t it?” They heard a voice, and all heads snapped in that direction, and they looked on at the owner of the voice, each one’s face holding an entirely different expression.

That’s it for now guys.
I hope you guys liked it, and am confident that you guys must have guessed who has come.
Much drama coming up soon.
And, the next episode may take a little longer than usual. Please bear with me
Stay tuned
Love you all loads ??
Take care

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  1. Unheard-Of

    Whyy????????? Why does evry1 leave the chapter in suspense?????
    But i think that was alisha… Maybe, not sure…
    Coming back to the epi… I AM TOTALLY IN AWE!?
    It was so perfect yaar?
    Cant wait to read the next one…
    (Eagerly waiting…!?)

    1. Ananya_DSK

      Suspense!!! Hehe… Looks like the genre is the flavour of the season… Thank you so much…
      The next episode will be out soon. Stay tuned

  2. Amazing episode

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      Thank you so much!

  3. SidMin23

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      Thank you… The next episode will be out soon..

  4. Superb episode??
    loved loved loved it
    How do u manage to write so beautifully???
    loved twinj moments…..
    And me too think that it was Alisha??
    Phir se aa gayi twinj ke zindagi mein zeher gholne ke liye???
    plzz post soon with more twinj momnts…
    love u loads

    1. Ananya_DSK

      Thank you so much Rayna… You are flattering me now… Your guess will be clarified in the upcoming episode which will be out soon… And about Twinj scenes…. I’m processing that too… Stay tuned… Love you too ?

  5. Presha

    Loved it..
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    1. Ananya_DSK

      Thank you so much Preshu! Will surely post soon now.. sorry for the delay… Love you too ?

  6. again suspense! but I guess that voice belongs to alisha !
    let c what’s gonna happen
    epi was superb àmazing luved it
    post next soon

    1. Ananya_DSK

      Suspense… Coz there must be some anxiety for the next episode right? Your guess will be clarified soon… Stay tuned

  7. amazing episode?

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      Thank you so much

  8. Superb epi
    And description was perfect
    Love ur ff.
    Post soon

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      Thank you so much Pallavi…. Sorry for the delay but the next episode will be out soon…

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    Nice episode
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      Thank you so much! I’m sorry I made you wait for too long… The next episode will be out soon

  10. yrrr suspense me phir se
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    Amazing episode dear
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    1. Ananya_DSK

      Suspense kuch zyada hi ho gaya kya?? Your guess will be clarified in the upcoming episode that will be out soon. Thank you so much
      Love you too ?

  11. Aamna_2690

    Super Fantastic ??
    Loved it thoroughly ❤❤
    It was Amazing ??
    Sorry for not commenting on last update was hell busy ??
    Well that update literally gave me goose bumps ???
    I was literally thinking wether TWINJ will get married or i’nt ??
    Well take ur time and post ??
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    Post Soon dear ❤❤

    1. Ananya_DSK

      Thank you so much Aamna!! It’s alright yaar… No issues… The next episode will be out soon… Stay tuned

  12. Vibhu

    it was so amazingly penned down .. loved everything in it
    And YAA m sure she is Alisha .. ufff why the hell is she even back
    Anyways .. hope u had a great diwali
    god bless u

    1. Ananya_DSK

      Thank you so much Vibhu!! Alisha…. Let’s see if she’s actually back… Ya I had a great Diwali… Thank you again…

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    1. Ananya_DSK

      Hey buddy! No worries yaar… I’m even more late than you… Thank you so much! Your guess will be clarified soon… Sorry for the delay

  15. Nishuu

    Ani it was awesome
    Loved it dear

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      I’m so glad you liked it Akkaaaa ??

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    Amazingly awesome

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