Twinj: When I fell for you: Episode 32

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Twinj: When I fell for you: Episode 32

A quick recap: Twinj’s sangeet, Chinki getting worried about keeping Alisha captive, Amaya finds out that someone has been unconscious for three days…

Twinkle leaned towards the door to Yuvi and Amaya’s suite, trying to find out whom they were discussing about, when she felt a hand on her shoulder. She closed her eyes, dreading the worst.
“What are you doing here? Spying, is it? Wait let me tell bhai and bhabhi..” Hearing the familiar voice, her eyes flew open and she was shocked to find Rahul there. She tried to defend herself, when Amaya and Yuvi came out, hearing the commotion.

“Twinkle… Do you want something?” Yuvi asked, knowing too well that if she had heard their entire conversation, they would be in deep trouble.
“No… I mean… Bhaiyu… Is everything alright? I overheard bhabhi worriedly speaking of someone being unconscious… Is it some patient or…” Her eyes lit up at the new idea that emerged in her mind as she spoke… “Or did you find out something about Alisha?” She asked, hoping for the best, though she didn’t know what would be the best; if Alisha was found, perhaps the wedding wouldn’t happen, and she would lose her love again, and if she wasn’t found, well, then, she would be in pain, tied up somewhere, when Twinj would be getting married, taking vows of an eternity of togetherness, the guilt would kill Twinkle.

“It’s about a patient… No news of Alisha… We just have to hope for the best… Don’t worry… I’ve spoken to dad, and we are leaving tomorrow immediately after the wedding, and the next day will be your reception. If she isn’t released by then, we’ll go to the police or some spy agency… No worries…” Yuvi told her, calming her down. Rahul too agreed with him. She sighed deeply, wondering how different things would have been, if Alisha had actually been found. Amaya gave Twinkle a quick hug, and asked her to go and get her beauty sleep, lest she should end up with dark circles. Twinkle smiled and nodded at her. She walked away slowly, cursing Rahul for ruining her work.

As she reached her suite, she found Kunj coming towards her.
“Any progress?” He asked, with absolutely no introduction to whatever he was referring to, but she understood.
“No… But I’m still counting on the next part of our plan, and am confident it’ll succeed..” she said.
(Wait. What plan are these two talking of now? Any guesses?)
Before either of them could say anything, Leela and Usha came towards them.
“What are you two doing? The bride and groom shouldn’t be seen together like this with the wedding so close at hand..” Usha said, earning a frown from the couple, while they giggled.
“It’s just a matter of one day, then you two shall be together forever… So, you both better keep away from each other till you meet at the mantap tomorrow… Get it?” Leela warned strictly, and the two had no other option than to go their own ways, excited for the new responsibilities and happiness in their lives.

The next day.
Yuvi is seen supervising over the last bit of decorations, and Rahul is instructing the photographers and videographers to make sure every single bit is covered properly.
The resort was decorated beautifully, like a bride itself, for it was the first event happening in it after it was acquired by the Sarejas, but most importantly, it was the wedding of the heart throb of Amritsar, the famous singer Kunj Sarna, and the most swooned over, the most popular, beauty with brains, Twinkle Taneja. It was as royal an affair as it sounded. The Sarejas were strengthening their bond by another wedding within the two families, and everyone was excited.

At Twinkle’s suite.
Twinkle was looking angelic, dressed in her shaadi ka joda, and was seated in front of her dressing table and mirror, while Chinki and some makeup artists were busy with some final touch up strokes, ensuring that she looked picture perfect.
Her beauty was enhanced by the deep crimson her face had turned, listening to Chinki teasing her endlessly. Once they were done with the makeup, the two besties hugged each other, and recalled the exact same situation at the time of Chinki’s wedding, only their roles had been interchanged now.

They were engrossed in discussion, Chinki describing the decorations that had been made outside, since Twinkle was strictly forbidden from going out. That’s when Leela and RT walked in, and Chinki slowly sneaked away, allowing them to share some private family moments.
“Twinkle! My princess! You are looking so adorable today…. I still remember the day when you were born, and I held you in my arms for the first time… You were so tiny… And today…. Although it’s every father’s dream to see to it that his daughter is happily married, it’s also a wish that this day doesn’t come too quickly… You can’t imagine how hard it is going to be for me to get accustomed to your absence at home…” RT spoke, and kissed her forehead, his eyes welling up as he recalled all their happy moments with each other, and the lovely bond they shared.
“A mother’s condition is a lot more complex… I have to instruct you, compliment you, give you love, warn you against continuing your mischief at your in-laws’, and so much more in such little time…. Twinkle… I am really lucky to have the world’s best daughter… I just hope that you shall remain happy forever… All this is happening so quickly… I don’t even remember all that I have to say and do…” Leela said, her emotions overpowering her. Twinkle hugged her tight, and they shared some lovely moments together, knowing that things would never be the same again.

Meanwhile, Kunj was ready, looking hot in his maroon sherwani, and had come down with Rahul and Aman, a hint of some fear and guilt in his face. Amaya immediately came over to him and spoke something in a hushed voice. He initially tried to argue, but later agreed to everything she said, and smiled, leaving behind all other emotions.
(Now what are these two up to?)

The ceremony began soon after, and the priest made Kunj perform some pooja and rituals, and later asked for the bride to be brought. Kunj looked on in a daze, his eyes stuck on his lovely bride walking down the stairs with Chinki, looking more beautiful than ever. She caught him staring at her, and smiled, her face turning a lovely shade of crimson.

Twinkle was made to sit beside Kunj, and the rituals continued. “Drop dead gorgeous!!” Kunj whispered to her, “Thank you Hottie” she replied, winking at him. He watched her smile wholeheartedly, and whispered “I am sorry”. He made sure it was inaudible to her. He sighed deeply, evidently overburdened by some thought.
(And… What’s this apology for? Keep thinking… Do let me know if you figure out something..)

(I don’t know the exact order that the wedding rituals take place in, so please forgive me for any mistakes..)
The priest made them perform some rituals, and then made them stand up for exchanging the garlands. They had lots of fun, their family teasing them, and asking them to take good care of each other, and reminding them of how badly they used to fight with each other in their childhood over trivial issues.
Then the priest asked Kunj to adorn the mangalsutra around Twinkle’s neck, and he did so, mentally promising himself to keep her happy, while the priest explained its significance to them. Kunj then filled vermillion in her forehead as when the priest instructed him to do so, and Twinkle smiled at him, the two were unable to believe that despite all the past they had, they were finally coming together, and this time, forever. Kunj too smiled back at her, and they recalled discussing all the wedding plans they had made for themselves, when they were trying to unite Amaya and Yuvi.

On the other hand, the other members of both families stood watching all this with tears of joy in their eyes. Their little Twinkle, whom they had all seen growing up, was getting married! How time had flown, was something that they had failed to make note of.
Yuvi smiled as he watched his darling sister take her wedding vows, and was immensely happy for her. She had been the one closest to his heart all along, and the thought that his partner in crime wouldn’t be at home to plan mischiefs with him, killed him. He wondered how he would live without her.
Rahul was happy that his bestie was finally finding the happiness that she deserved and had been waiting for, for so long. He recalled telling her that he himself was her prince on a white horse, and chuckled remembering Kunj’s jealousy.

While Leela and RT were in a chaotic emotional state, Usha and Manohar were elated. They had felt emptiness in their lives since Amaya got married, and now their daughter in law, or rather daughter was coming home to bring more happiness into their lives.
Chinki and Amaya, who had known Twinkle’s pain through the rough patch of her and Kunj’s relationship, were extremely excited, and were happy for the couple, also with the fact that all the planning and plotting bore fruit finally.
Nevertheless, Amaya looked at Kunj worriedly at times, wondering what was running in his head, but kept her fingers crossed, and hoped for the best, and knew that the best she could do was to keep herself distracted from those thoughts. The little baby Pari watched wide eyed at so much happening around her. She wondered what all of that noise and celebration was about. There was no denying the fact that her bua was her favourite person, and she enjoyed playing with her. Perhaps if she understood that her bua was getting married, she would have been the happiest person, but for now, she just clapped and giggled watching everyone happy.

For Aman, all this was an experience that he couldn’t find the right words to describe. He had only known this family through his work, and then Chinki had become an integral part of his life. Twinkle was always like a sister to him, more than Alisha ever was, and he always believed that this family was the one that made him realise what family and love actually mean, considering that his parents never had time for anything other than work. Kunj was a dear friend of his, and more like a brother. His happiness couldn’t be contained, he was overwhelmed to see this wedding finally happening.

On the other hand, Twinj took the holy fire to be their witness as they vowed of seven births of togetherness, of joy, of love, of being each other’s pillar of strength, of understanding, of support, of keeping their families happy and united, and of facing all their difficulties together, as the priest recited the holy chants and everyone around showered flower petals on them.

The priest finally declared them as husband and wife, and everyone present there rejoiced. They took the blessings of their elders, and were greeted by their siblings and friends, all teasing them that they fought even fate to be together, and now they couldn’t be separated from each other.

That’s it for now guys.
I hope you all liked it, and that it came up to your expectations.
Coming up soon: The grand reception
Stay tuned
Love you all loads ??
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