Twinj: When I fell for you: Episode 31

Greetings everyone. Ananya’s back. Thank you all so very much for all the love and appreciation.. I am really glad that you guys are liking my pieces of writing.

Twinj: When I fell for you: Episode 32

A quick recap: Twinkle’s mehendi, Aman and Chinki recieve some information from a goon.

Twinkle’s suite.
Twinkle is sleeping peacefully, a content smile on her face. She slowly turned around in sleep, and cuddled into her pillow, appearing to be dreaming of the happy life that awaited her. She turned and twisted around, and finally opened her eyes. Sitting up on the bed,
“Good morning Twinkle!!!” She greeted herself, and was about to get off the bed, when she found a note on the bedside table. She picked it up, wondering who had come in when she was sleeping, and left without disturbing her, and just left a note.

It said,
Meri Jaan….
Good morning.. Hope you had a great night’s sleep. And I must say, your mehendi’s colour is looking amazing… Proves my love for you
By the way, sangeet ceremony’s final rehearsal at 11, and it must be about 10 now… You have just an hour… Hurry up!
Love you
Your Kunj

She looked at her mehendi, which she hadn’t noticed till then, it looked beautiful indeed, one of the darkest shades she had even seen. The sugar and lime juice solution had done its trick. She blushed, and it only deepened when she read “Your Kunj”. She slowly looked up at the clock, and Kunj was right. It was 10, and she had to be at the rehearsal in an hour. She made a dash for the washroom, not willing to be late.

Later that day,
The rehearsal had just finished, and everyone was sitting around, discussing the order of the program that evening.
“You should have woken me up” Twinkle whispered in Kunj’s ear, recalling how she had to rush through her breakfast that morning.
“You were sleeping peacefully, looking so adorable… I didn’t want to ruin your beauty sleep…” He said, winking at her.
“Wait. How did you come in?” She asked, trying to recall if she had left any door open.
“The balcony… You had just pushed it close… Not locked it…” He replied calmly.
“What? Really?” She asked, tensed, not realising that she was a bit too loud.
“Oh look at these two! Not yet wedded, but looks like they have a lot to speak in whispers!” Usha said, Twinkle quickly looked away, pretending to be unaware of what she was saying, while Kunj looked the other way, and the rest burst out laughing, while they blushed, realising they had been caught.

That evening.
Twinj walked into the hall hand in hand, wearing royal blue dresses, looking heavenly.. They were made to sit on a comfortable sofa right in front of the not too high stage. They looked happy together, they had found their entire worlds in each other, and were confident that they would be together till eternity, or atleast that’s what they wished for.

Soon, the sangeet ceremony began. Yuvi and Amaya danced first on Phir Kabhi (from MS Dhoni), setting an amazing aura of love and romance. Their performance was followed by Chinki and Aman, who danced as gracefully as they could on Meherbaan (from Bang Bang), and it looked perfect to all but one. Twinkle had noticed some tension on the couple’s faces, and though they were smiling, they didn’t seem genuinely happy to her.
Later, the elders danced on some old wedding songs, getting emotional at times, and recalling the older memories. They also pulled in all the kids and they had a great time together.

Finally, it was time for Twinj’s performance. Kunj held out his hand, and Twinkle put her hand in his, and as they walked onto the stage, all the lights went dim, and a spotlight came on, focusing the lovely couple.

Jeena Jeena (from Badlapur) plays.
They slowly start swaying with the music, recalling all their moments together. They remembered how they met at a business party when they were little, how they became friends and had lots of fun together, how they made desperate attempts to unite Yuvi and Amaya, and finally Twinkle’s successful plan leading to their lovely siblings’ marriage, all the fun they had at the wedding, and time had come to a standstill to them.
Kunj twirled her in circles, and they moved together, perfectly matching the beats of the song.

They were so lost in each other, that they had totally forgotten the world around them. All they could think was that they were together, battling all odds, even Alisha’s plans had been overcome. Thinking of Alisha, Twinkle’s eyes filled with tears, and getting worried, Kunj snapped her out of her thoughts. She smiled, nodding that she was alright.

The two were so lost in each other that they failed to notice that the song had ended. They were still swaying slowly in each other’s arms, perhaps to the music that only their hearts could hear.
Everyone around them were still looking, unable to judge if something went wrong with the music or the performance was over. Yuvi and Aman slowly walked to them, and tried calling out to them, but in vain. Then Chinki came and tickled Twinkle, and the couple was suddenly jolted back to the real world, and they immediately separated, feeling embarassed, while everyone teased and hooted.

The ceremony ended with a few more dances, and everyone went for dinner. Twinkle was playing with Pari, when she began crying loudly. Twinkle thought that she might need her mom, and went in search of Amaya. She saw her standing in the corridor, talking to someone over the phone, and as she walked towards her, consoling Pari simultaneously, the baby grew quiet and slowly fell asleep.

Twinkle was about to walk back to the dining area, when she heard what Amaya was saying, and stopped dead in her track.
“What do you mean she’s unconscious from 3 days? Why didn’t you tell me before? Do you even realise how serious this is? What if something happens to her?” She was almost screaming on the phone, when Yuvi came there and seeing Twinkle listening, took her away, controlling the situation.

Later that night, Chinki and Twinkle were sitting in Twinkle’s room, looking at the pictures clicked over the past few days, and laughing at all the fun moments they had had. Chinki was about to leave, when Twinkle stopped her.
“Chinki, is everything alright between you and Aman?” She asked, concerned, since the expressions they had on their faces was troubling her.
“Yes of course… Everything’s perfect… What could go wrong?” She spoke, hesitantly, avoiding eye contact with Twinkle.
“Chinki… Look at me…” Twinkle said gently, knowing that her bestie needed her. Chinki looked up at Twinkle slowly, and as tears filled her eyes, she hugged her, crying out loud. Twinkle tried to get her to speak out, but Chinki wouldn’t say a single word, so she decided to just console her for the time being. After crying out all the burden she felt on her heart, Chinki slowly separated from Twinkle and smiled weakly at her.
“It’s just that we had never fought on any issue before, and this felt really bad…” Chinki said slowly. Twinkle side hugged her and consoled her that everything would be alright soon, and told her to make it up with Aman by speaking out honestly.

Chinki smiled at her, and got up to leave the room. “Sweet dreams” she said, walking out of the door. Twinkle closed the door after she had left, while Chinki sat down on the ground with a thud, a little distance from Twinkle’s suite.
“I’m sorry I lied to you Twinkle… How would I tell you that we have kidnapped Alisha? How would I tell you what has happened there behind our back? How would I tell you that Aman is more worried of us landing in danger than for his sister? How…?” She murmured, while Rahul, who was passing by, picked her up, and took her along.

“Are you crazy? How could you speak all that out loud like that? Everyone will know and our game will be finished! Do you realise that? Stupid!
I know you are worried Chinki… Everyone is. It’s just that you need to hold back your emotions. Just one more day. It’s the wedding tomorrow, and then we’ll be back in Amritsar. Just like bhai has decided, we’ll release her immediately after the reception… Don’t worry…” He said, consoling her, while Aman looked on, hoping everything would go as per their plan.

Meanwhile, in Twinkle’s suite,
“Silly Chinki! She gets worried for little things… Task one completed Twinkle, let’s get working on the next task…” Twinkle told herself, and walked towards Yuvi and Amaya’s suite. Reaching there, she stood at the door, listening to their conversation.
“Jaan… I was going to tell you…” Yuvi was telling Amaya.
“When Yuvi? Do you know how dangerous chloroform can be if used in high dosage?” She asked, arguing and explaining from a doctor’s point of view.
Twinkle wondered which patient they were talking about, that Amaya was getting so hyper. She leaned towards the door to listen further when….

That’s it for now guys.
Hope you liked it.
The wedding is finally happening in the next episode!!! I’m so excited.. hope you guys are too..
Take care
Love you all loads ??

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