Twinj: When I fell for you: Episode 30

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Twinj: When I fell for you: Episode 30

A quick recap: Twinj’s haldi and romance

“You are Miss Twinkle Taneja, right?” A man, who looked like a hoon, asked Twinkle, who was standing near the entrance of the resort, waiting for one of her friends, who was supposed to come that day.
“Yes” she answered hesitantly, wondering what such a person was doing at her wedding.
“Twinkle, I’ll handle this. Amaya bhabhi is looking for you upstairs. You better go there I guess…” Chinki interrupted, and hurriedly sent her away.

Ensuring that Twinkle was out of hearing distance, she glared at the man, and asked, “Why have you come here? Hadn’t we told you that you will get all your payment on time? Who the hell asked you to speak to Twinkle of all people?”
“Mam, I’m sorry, but I have come here to inform you something important…” And he tells her something that is muted.
“Is she alright now?” Aman asked, walking towards them, worried of what else could go wrong.
The man nodded in a yes, and they sent him away, warning him that he better follow the instructions given to him.

“Aman, I know all this is extremely difficult for you… But trust me, she’ll be alright…” Chinki assured Aman, placing a hand on his shoulder tenderly.
“I hope so… We need to inform bhai about all this before it’s too late…” He said, and the two quickly walked off, not wanting any delay in the mehendi ceremony that evening.

Meanwhile, in Yuvi and Amaya’s suite,
Amaya was showing Twinkle some jewellery to wear that night, but Twinkle was too busy playing with Pari, and so was Yuvi.
“Twinkle!!! Please finalise the jewellery so that I can go and help Ma with the other arrangements….. Twinkle!!!” She screamed, which went unnoticed by the siblings. “Which bride behaves like this?” She continued dramatically.
“Me!” Twinkle said and burst out laughing, Yuvi too joined her, and the two high fived each other.

Yuvi gave his lovely sister a hug, and said, “I’ll miss you yaar…”, tears filling in his eyes. “Bhaiyu….” was all Twinkle could manage, as she cuddled into him, trying to stop her tears. “Arrey! These people started as though Twinkle is being sent off to some other country… Sarna mansion may not be more than half a kilometre from the Taneja mansion, but people are behaving as if….” Amaya said, lightening the atmosphere. The siblings burst out laughing again, and said in a chorus, “Drama runs in our blood!” Now, Amaya too joined them in their hug, she knew exactly how they were feeling, she had been there done that, and she would miss Twinkle a lot too.

“Just look at these shameless people! They’ve left the baby all alone, and so busy in their melodrama!!!” Rahul said, walking in quickly, and picking Pari off the bed. “Oh look who’s speaking! The king of melodrama himself!” Twinkle said, walking over to him, and smacking his hand. “But still, it was fun to see Kunj burn in jealousy yaar!” He said, struggling hard to control his laughter.
“So all this was done on purpose by the two of you?” Amaya asked in surprise, recalling Kunj’s restlessness the previous day.

“Not two bhabhi, just me… This idiot won’t do anything against Kunj’s liking na? Stupid!” He said, still wondering how much fun they could have had if Twinkle had joined him in his plan. “Oh really! And what about me playing along with your actions yesterday?” She asked, while Rahul looked down quietly and muttered, “Twinkle! Now you’re so dead”
“What?” She asked, and was confused until she felt a hand on her shoulder, and she gulped, knowing who it was.
“Kunj! Aaaacttttually…” She stammered, still trying to build up a story to defend herself. “Hmm?” He asked, walking closer to her. “I… I meaaan Rahul….” She began, not knowing what to say further. “Go on….” He said with a serious look on his face, while the others chuckled.

Twinkle knew that it was now or never. She turned to the other direction, and ran as quickly as she could, and soon they were running all over the resort, earning some glares, and more teases and chuckles. Finally, he caught up with her, and pulled her by her wrist towards himself. Twinkle looked around. They were in the terrace, where no-one would come. She gave up, and said, “I’m sorry Kunj! I didn’t mean to hurt you or anything. We were just having fun when Rahul pointed out that you were being jealous looking at us together, and I thought I’ll tease you a little…” She was looking down, tears filled in her eyes, with the thought that Kunj was angry with her. He slowly made her face him, and wiped her tears away.

He held her hand, and gently pecked her forehead. He nodded his head in a no. “Twinkle… What’s into you? I was just teasing you, just like you were doing, yesterday…” He said, looking at her eyes, that were lost in his. “Kunj…” She said, hugging him, and sniffling, continued, “I thought you were angry… I don’t think I can live without you Kunj… I won’t be able to tolerate another separation… I won’t be able to…”
Kunj looked at his love, his life. He felt blessed to have her in his life, to have her love him so much that nothing else mattered before their love, to be able take her his partner for a lifetime, he couldn’t contain his joy. He hugged her tight, and assured her that nothing in the world would separate them now.

In the evening, the hall was beautifully decorated, and the arrangements had been made perfectly for the mehendi ceremony. Twinkle was brought down by Amaya and Chinki. She was, of course, the centre of attraction, looking dazzling in a magenta coloured anarkali, and people couldn’t simply take their eyes off her. Kunj was no different. He imagined just him and her in the hall, and dreamt of walking over to her, and her walking with hands entwined with his, to the central stage, and…. Right then, he was dragged out of his dream world by the snapping of fingers. It was Rahul, who slightly nudged him, indicating towards Twinkle, and apologised for teasing him the previous evening. Kunj forgave him instantly, and the two hugged, as Twinkle smiled watching their bond.

Twinkle was made to sit on a low stool, and the mehendi designers sat around her, waiting for the mehendi that had to come from the Sarnas. Kunj walked forward, and was about to move towards the stage, when the girls gang overtook him, and sat around Twinkle, leaving absolutely no space for him.
He made a sad pout, which didn’t go unnoticed by Twinkle, who giggled at him.

Soon, Usha came with the mehendi, and handed it over to Leela, who in turn gave it to the mehendi designers. For an hour or so, the mehendi was drawn in lovely intricate designs on the bride’s hands and feet. Kunj just watched lovingly, as Twinkle was having fun with her friends, being teased about the colour of the mehendi, and that Kunj’s name would be hidden in it, while she blushed beautifully.

Finally, the designers left, having done their job, and one by one, even Twinkle’s friends left the stage to sit elsewhere and chat, and Amaya went to look over Pari, who was in Yuvi’s arms, since all the women were having mehendi applied on their hands. Chinki too sneaked off after some time, reasoning that she had some work to do, while all she could think of was Aman, who had been looking bored, having no job to do.

Now Twinkle was sitting all alone. She couldn’t even move since she had never applied on her feet too. She was extremely hungry, and couldn’t find anyone around. Seeing Kunj standing a little distance away, she called out to him, and he turned and walked towards her immediately.
“Did you need something beautiful?” He asked, although he knew what she was going to say.
“Keep your compliments to yourself Kunj! I know that you don’t love me anymore…” She said, enacting fake tears.
“Whatttt do you mean?” He asked, shocked at what she had just uttered. He sat down next to her.
“Do you remember? In bhabhi’s mehendi, you had brought food for me, and even turned the AC on, since I was feelings hot. You did that even in Chinki’s mehendi… But now?” She asked, trying to keep the angered look on her face, while she was struggling to control her laughter due to the changing expressions on his face.
“But…” He said, trying to point out something, when a waiter brought food in a plate and gave it to him.
Twinkle eyed the delicious looking food, and wondered what she would eat first, since she knew that he had ordered the waiter to bring it for her. But, Kunj had other plans in store for her. Now it was his turn to play.

“You know what Twinkle, you are right… I don’t love Miss Taneja anymore. So, let me just eat this yummy stuff myself” he said, preparing to stand up.
She stared at him, shell shocked. “What the…” She began, but knew he was playing, so she decided to play along. “Fine then. I’ll call for Rahul…” She said, hoping he was somewhere in sight. Thankfully, he was, and came to her as soon as she called him. She winked at Kunj, who was watching with his mouth wide open. Rahul caught the hint and quickly got her some food, and was about to feed her, when Kunj stopped him. Twinkle and Rahul burst out laughing, while Kunj felt defeated, being trapped in his own plan.

“What was that?” Kunj asked, after sending away Rahul with great difficulty.
“What was what Kunj?”
“Why did you have to drag him in between?”
“Why did you have to say that you don’t love me?”
“You began it…”
“Ya I did. So?”
“Twinkle you’re impossible!” He said, as he sat back beside her and began feeding her the food.
“You too can eat if you want to…” She said, trying to sound unaffected by his presence.
“No, I’m not hungry”
“What’s into you Kunj? Whatever is up with all these lies? You say you’re not hungry, but I know that you are starving… You say that you don’t love me, but I can…” She was cut short by his proximity, her breath quickening.
“You can… What?” He asked, running his finger over her face.
“Kunj! Stop it!”
“Alright…” He said, taking his hand off immediately.

“What’s going on?” Yuvi asked, having seen the couple argue.
“Kunj says he doesn’t love me bhaiyu…” Twinkle complained, trying to sound sad.
“Wait… That’s not what I meant… When I said that I don’t love Miss Taneja anymore, I thought it was obvious that I was referring to the fact that you are now “to be Mrs Sarna”… Realise that?” He asked, air quoting.
Twinkle looked at him with an awwww look on her face, while Yuvi giggled. “You two are so adorable…” He said, pulling their cheeks, and left after informing them that Leela asked them to finish eating quickly, since Kunj had to try finding his name in Twinkle’s mehendi before everyone dispersed to their suites.

Soon enough, everyone had gathered around the couple. Usha asked Kunj to begin, and if he couldn’t find his name, he would have to gift Twinkle anything that she asks for.
Kunj lovingly took both of Twinkle’s hands in his, and began his search operation. He lost his patience in above ten minutes, and whispered, “Arrey tell me where my name is hidden…. I can’t find it.. I think you have cheated or something…” He said, while everyone hooted, asserting that he should give up, and not cheat. Kunj looked at everyone around him, and then finally at Twinkle. Then, without even looking at her hand, he located the position of his name, expertly hidden among the intricate climber-like design.

Twinkle watched on in wonder. Everyone clapped for them, and then left to their suites, excitedly chattering about the sangeet ceremony on the next day.
Kunj was accompanying Twinkle to her suite, while her mind was still stuck at how he could find his name without even looking at it, when he had claimed he hadn’t found it till then….
At the door of her suite, they stopped. As she turned to go, Kunj pulled her by her elbow, and cupped her face. “I found my name by reading your eyes…. I know that’s what is eating you up. The way your expressions changed when I was looking for my name revealed everything to me…” He let out his secret, winking at her. “Hey… I love you and I always will… Nothing in the whole world can change that… And my love givese the strength to understand everything you feel, without you having to say it… I know you love me too” he said, pecking her forehead. She felt blessed to have him, her feelings were unexplainable…
“Sweet dreams” she said, kissing him on his cheek, and went into her suite, wondering how much longer she had to keep her mehendi to get the darkest colour ever.

That’s it for now guys.
I hope you liked it.
Many of you want me to continue the story post the wedding, and I’ll surely take it that way, and I assure you all a happy ending.
Take care
Love you all loads ?

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