Twinj: When I fell for you: Episode 29

Hello everyone. Ananya here. Thank you all so much for your appreciation of my previous episode. I am really grateful for all of your support and encouragement. Also, there is one important issue that needs to be discussed with you guys. You’ll know about it at the end of the episode…

Twinj: When I fell for you: Episode 29

A quick recap: Reason for Alisha’s kidnapping unveiled, Twinkle’s guitar lessons, and their date

Twinkle is sleeping peacefully in her suite, with a content smile on her face.
“Twinkle! It’s 8 o’clock… Wake up!” She heard Leela call out.
“Five minutes mamma….” She mumbled, and pulled her blanket over her head. “It’s your haldi ceremony today, and you?” Leela pointed out, trying to pull off the blanket.
“Ma…. Let me sleep na… The haldi isn’t running away to someplace…. It’ll be right here, waiting for me… I’ll wake up whenever I want, and the haldi shall happen then…” She murmured, dictating terms even in sleep.
Leela chuckled, and slowly made her sit up in bed. Although Twinkle sat up reluctantly, she put her head on Leela’s shoulder, and closed her eyes, trying to resume her sleep.

Leela, who was initially angry that Twinkle wouldn’t wake up, smiled as she saw her princess sleeping like a little child, oblivious to the world around her. She put her hand on Twinkle’s cheek, and gave her a kiss on her forehead.
“Twinkle…. Today you reminded me of the first time I had held you in my arms… You were so small, and today, you are on the verge of getting married… I never realised how time flew… My lovely daughter, who was the life and soul of our house, will now become the daughter in law of another house, and take her charm there along with her, leaving our house in darkness….” She spoke, tears filling in her eyes.
Twinkle was wide awake now. “Maa… Please don’t speak like this… Else, I will refuse marry, and stay with you forever…” She said, sniffing, hugging her mom tight. Leela hugged her back, the thought that she would have to send her daughter off to another house eating her up.

“Hey! You forgot us…” Chinki complained, as she and Amaya came running and joined the hug.
“What about me? Leela… You are so unfair… You want to keep all three of the daughters to yourself?” Usha asked, and joined them.
After a few more emotional talks, they all went to get ready for the ceremony.

About two hours later, Twinkle was finally ready, looking breath taking in her light yellow coloured lehenga, her hair tied up in a bun, leaving some loose strands, enhancing her beauty. She walked out of her suite, and watched everyone rushing around to make sure that everything was perfect. She was about to walk down the stairs, when she was pulled behind one of the huge pillars.

Her eyes widened in horror, and she was about to scream for help when she saw that it was none other than Kunj. He winked at her as she slowly calmed down. “Uffff someone’s looking hot today…” he said, leaning in to kiss her, but she pushed him away. She nodded her head in a no, and warned that someone might come there. Just then, they heard footsteps nearing them. Kunj pushed her further behind the pillar, and stood facing the other direction, covering her completely, preparing to face the person who was coming.

It was Yuvi. Kunj pretended to be leaning on the pillar and doing something on his phone, fooling him perfectly. Once he had gone, “See Siyappa Queen! I can do anything…” he boasted. Twinkle argued that he couldn’t, and asked him to let her go, she definitely didn’t want to get caught with him. It would only lead to further teasing. “Wait.. I’ll prove that I can do anything…. I challenge you that at any cost I will apply haldi to you… although the elders say that the bride and groom shouldn’t apply haldi to each other… Just wait and watch” he said with an air of finality, confident that he could do it.

(Guys, I don’t know if there is something like that, but I’ve heard people speak about it, and it’s needed for the storyline, so I added it. Hope I haven’t hurt anyone’s sentiments)

But Twinkle was equally confident that he couldn’t…. “I can, meri jaan … Agar main jeet gaya to….?” He asked, a mischievous tinkle in his voice, that Twinkle failed to notice.
“To…?” She asked, unaware of what was coming next.
“To jo main kahunga wo tumhe karna padega… Manzoor hai ya nahi?” He asked, hoping she would agree. She hesitantly agreed, unable to judge what he was upto.
Kunj smirked. “If I win, you should give me a kiss… and if I lose, I will give u a kiss…”
Twinkle, not paying much attention to what he said nodded her head since she wanted to get out of there quickly and turned to go, when she realised what he had said. She turned back to ask him, but he was not there. Twinkle smacked her head, and mumbled how she could agree to this, and quickly went downstairs, hearing Leela calling out to her.

In the hall, all the preparations were made. Twinkle and Kunj were made to sit in the extreme opposite sides of the hall, so far that they could not even see each other properly. Twinkle heaved a sigh of relief, not wanting to have him apply haldi to her, while Kunj was throwing daggers at Aman, who had come up with the idea of two separate stages for the bride and the groom. Amaya and Chinki were having fun watching the expressions the lovely couple had on their faces.

Soon the ceremony began. Leela and the elderly ladies of the Taneja family came forward first, and blessed Twinkle and applied haldi to her, while Usha and the elders of the Sarna family applied haldi to Kunj. Then, Amaya and Yuvi, Chinki and Aman applied haldi to the couple, along with the relatives. Meanwhile, Twinkle’s eyes were looking for someone. Soon her wait ended, as Rahul walked towards her, and the two shared fun moments together, applying haldi to each other and taking selfies in all kinds of weird poses, making faces at each other.

On the other hand, a pair of eyes watched all this quietly, jealousy evident in them. It was Kunj of course. He couldn’t tolerate the fact that they had been made to sit so far away, and top of that, Twinkle was so busy having fun with Rahul, that she didn’t seem to miss him at all, he was muttering to himself. He looked away and continued murmuring when he heard loud laughter. It was his sister. “Really Kunj? You are jealous of Rahul? I can’t believe it!” She said, trying hard to control her laughter. Observing that he nowhere took it in the humorous vein, “Kunj, the two know each other ever since they were little. And Twinkle was telling me that she and Rahul had made plans of having fun in each other’s weddings a long time ago… They are just friends” she said, and calmed down, seeing the rage in Kunj’s eyes disappear slowly. But to her surprise, he was angry again, and this time, it was way too clear. She immediately turned to see Rahul chasing Twinkle, and when he caught hold of her, he back hugged her, and twirled her around. Of course they were just friends, everyone knew it, but her jealous brother wouldn’t let Twinkle go without punishment, she thought, and chuckled.

Everyone was smiling, admiring the lovely bond they shared, but Kunj was busy planning how to win the challenge and get his reward. Soon Leela sent Twinkle to wash off the haldi, and Usha sent Kunj too.
While going, Twinkle looked around, remembering Kunj’s challenge, but she didn’t find him. Relieved, she went to her suite, telling herself that she knew Kunj couldn’t do it, he had lostl the challenge, while her heart wished that he had won. She shooed those thoughts away quickly, imagining what would happen if the others found out. Entering her suite, she closed the door and locked it. She turned to go to the washroom to freshen up, but was shocked to see Kunj with a bowl of haldi…
“What do u think my Jaan… Kunj Sarna never loses any challenge” he said, walking towards her.
“ cha…llenge Kunj?” She stammered, pretending that she didn’t know anything.
“I know meri Jaan, that you remember everything…so don’t even try pretending…” He said, walking forward, while Twinkle moved backward until she was stopped by a wall… Kunj blocked her way and said, “Where are you going meri Jaan? You can’t escape from me…” She gulped hard, knowing he was right. He pulled her closer by her waist…. He placed the haldi bowl on a near-by table, and took a little haldi, and applied it on her face… He was sensually moving his hand on her face… She closed her eyes feeling his touch… He slowly moved his hand from her face to her neck and started moving it there sensually, making her moan… Unable to bear it anymore, she pushed him and was about to go when Kunj held her wrist and pulled her, engulfing her in a back hug… He took some haldi again and started applying it on her hand sensually, while she was groaning… He moved his hand on her bare waist nd applied it there too…. Twinkle was enjoying his touch …

He slowly turned her to face him and said, “So, my love, I won the challenge… And now according to our deal I should…” he smashed his lips on her soft lips, while Twinkle closed her eyes and clutched his kurta, unable to bear the pleasure… They were enjoying the moment, but were interrupted by Leela, who knocked on the door, calling Twinkle to come down as quickly as possible.
Twinkle slowly opened her eyes, and replied, “Coming ma…”, though she was still in Kunj’s embrace, both looking at each other lovingly.
“Uff Leela ma… I don’t know why she needed to interrupt us now” he said, joining his forehead with hers, while she smiled, her face turning a lovely shade of crimson.

Romantic fragment credits: Nishu di
That’s it for now guys.
Coming to the important point, I wish to present you all with two options now.
1. This ff shall end with the wedding track. A quick happy ending
2. It will continue beyond the wedding track, and will have a few ups and downs, finally leading to a happy ending

Do let me know which option you guys would prefer, so that I don’t bore you all unnecessarily.
Hope you guys liked it.
Take care
Love you all loads ?

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