Twinj: When I fell for you: Episode 28

Greetings everyone! Thank you all so very much for all of your comments on my previous episode. I’m glad you all liked it, but I must let you guys know that even in my previous episode, the romantic fragment was written by Nishu di, and all the credit for it must go to her…

Twinj: When I fell for you: Episode 28

A quick recap: Twinj’s engagement, Twinkle’s breakdown, Yuvi and his gang revealed to be behind Alisha’s mysterious disappearance.

Undisclosed location.
“Bhai… Are you sure that Alisha won’t find out that we have got her kidnapped?” Chinki asked, any amount of persuasion by Yuvi not convincing her.
“Cent percent. But you need to stop worrying so much, lest your hesitation should lead to people doubting us…” He warned for the umpteenth time.
“Chinki… You know that we had no other go… You remember what Alisha was planning.. Don’t you?” Amaya tried convincing her, as they all shuddered recalling that incident.

The day of Alisha’s kidnapping.
Alisha was standing in her balcony, discussing her plan of action with her goons, when Yuvi and Amaya, who had come to check on her health overheard her.
“Don’t worry about me. Everyone thinks that poor Alisha is badly injured… Tch..tch… They all are so stupid! I mean, how on Earth did they even assume that I would give up so easily? All these years, I have been working on just this one plan, and look! I have executed it perfectly. I am here, so no one will ever suspect me when you guys will kidnap Twinkle from the concert location… And then, I shall demand my Kunj’s marriage to me to free her. These people will have no other go….” She narrated all in one go, cackling like a witch.

Yuvi and Amaya were shocked. They could feel helplessness building up in them. That’s when Alisha instructed her goons to wait for her call to kidnap Twinkle. Yuvi knew what he would do next would be a huge sin. However, he knew that he had enough time to just interchange the roles of Twinkle and Alisha in her plan, and so the kidnapping had happened.
End of flashback.

Determined to execute their plan, the gang left from there, knowing that even the slightest negligence on their part could cause Twinkle her life.

Sarna mansion.
Both families were present. The priest had declared that Twinj’s wedding would happen in exactly one week from then since that was the most auspicious day he could find. Sweets were being distributed, and everyone rejoiced. It was decided that the wedding would happen in Kolkata in a seven star resort that the Sareja empire had recently taken over.

Soon everyone got busy with sending out invites, shopping and packing up. Twinj couldn’t hold in their excitement, and would blush every time they encountered each other. This didn’t go unnoticed by their mothers, who found it very unusual.

That evening, the jewellers and Chinki’s assistants had been called to finalize the outfits. The next day, they left for Kolkata, the city of joy.
(P.S. I don’t want to stretch all of this much. But I will try to extend the ceremonies little)

Soon all their relatives had arrived, and preparations were on.
“Twinkle! The haldi is supposed to happen tomorrow…. Have you got everything that you will need?” Yuvi asked, walking into her suite, but his darling siso was nowhere to be found.
“Twinkle! Where are you?” He called out, panicking, but came to a stand still when he saw her in the balcony.
Kunj was teaching her to play the guitar, and she was sitting in between him and his guitar. He smiled, and wished that the two would remain happy together even after the truth about Alisha’s kidnapping is revealed. He decided against disturbing them, and went away with the thought that if he had to commit a hundred more sins for Twinkle’s happiness, he would do so without any hesitation, and this was just one.

Meanwhile, Twinkle was getting frustrated at the fact that she wasn’t able to get things right with the guitar. She turned back to him angrily, but her breath hitched as she realised how close they were to each other.
“Kkkkunj!” She stammered, trying to get away, but his hold on her remained unaffected. She protested with all her might, but in vain. Kunj, on the other hand, seemed to have fun watching her struggle. When she tugged at him to make one final effort, he pulled her towards himself, and placing his guitar down, whispered in her ears, “You have been a bad student Miss Taneja…. Now you will be punished…”

Twinkle closed her eyes feeling his breath against her face. Kunj tightened his hands on her waist, and pulled her as close as possible, cuddling into her warmth. “Twinkle…..” He said so slowly, that it sounded like a voice from a totally different world. “Hmmm?” She asked, as equally dazed as he was. “Remember what had happened on this date six years ago?” He asked, confident that she wouldn’t forget. Her eyes flew open. “No” she replied sharply, although it was the only thing on her mind all day. He couldn’t believe it. “What?” He asked, trying to make sure he had heard it right.

“Ooops! I didn’t see anything! I swear…” Chinki screeched out of nowhere, ruining their moment.
Twinkle immediately got off Kunj’s arms and walked towards Chinki and took her along, trying to convince her that they were only talking, while Chinki teased her, threatening that she would tell everyone they were too lost in romance to notice anything else.

An hour later, when Twinkle returned to her suite, she found a packet in her wardrobe. She opened it excitedly, and found a lovely mauve coloured gown in it, with a note.
“Accha Siyappa Queen! You don’t remember what had happened, right? No worries sweetheart, I’ll remind you.
On the terrace. 7 pm.
Love, Kunj” It said.
She smiled as she recalled that it was the very day six years ago that they had confessed their love for each other, and she couldn’t forget it for sure.

She quickly dressed herself up in the gown, and stealthily walked to the terrace, not wanting any more teasing sessions. As she reached the place, she was taken aback by the lovely arrangements of a candle light dinner and an artificial tree with lots of pictures of them. The entire place was set up in the exact same colour that she was wearing, and it looked even more prettier, paired up with white.

“Hi..” She heard her love speak from behind, and turned to find him with a huge bouquet of red roses, looking as hot as ever. She looked at him with tears of joy filling up in her eyes. She quickly hugged him tight, bouquet and all. After what seemed like an eternity, they parted, and slowly walked down the carpeted path to the tree, hand in hand.
Twinkle felt extremely loved to see so many pictures of theirs, many that even she didn’t know of. There were pictures of them fighting, dancing, playing, on their dates, at parties, so many memories flooded her mind. “Thank you so much Kunj! Thank you for everything…. Six years… And not one day that I could not count to be special as long as you are on my side….” She said, hugging him, showering all her love.

“Wait… That means.. you remember? Drama Queen! I was so worried that all this is so insignificant to you that you forgot…” He said, pecking her cheek.
“Ya.. what’s wrong with a little acting?” She asked, still looking all around in admiration.
“By the way, you are looking extremely beautiful… Nice dress!” He said, trying to bring her out of her thoughts.
“Of course! After all my love chose it for me…” She said, winking at him. He then asked her for a dance, and she readily agreed, having not danced with him for a long time.

Main Agar Kahoon (from Om Shanti Om) plays, as they sway slowly, fully enjoying each other’s company. As the song proceeds, they move closer to each other, and by now, Twinkle’s head was on Kunj’s chest, and she was finding solace listening to the heart beating just for her. They recalled all their happy moments together, and were totally lost in the aura, not even realising that the song had ended a long while ago.

“Twinkle… Can I ask you something today?” Kunj asked, slowly separating her from him and lifting her face to make sure that she was looking at him.
“Of course…” She replied simply, wondering what this could be about.
“Promise me that we won’t let whatever happened over the past almost three years effect our future together… That our past would only make us stronger together, and not separate us… That we shall be together through thick and thin…?” He asked, forwarding his hand. She put her hand in his, and hugged him, promising.

Later, they had the amazing food that Kunj had managed to arrange for them, and as she was about to leave, Kunj pulled her back towards himself.
“Kunj! Please let me go. Lest someone should come looking for me. Please…” She said, noticing that it was 10 o’clock, far beyond dinner time.
“Kunj! It’s the haldi ceremony tomorrow. The bride and groom shouldn’t be late, should they? Let me go… Please” she continued, her breath quickening, as he inched closer to her.
“You forgot something very important” he spoke slowly, seeming to be in absolutely no hurry.
“What? Be quick now…”
“You didn’t tell me…”
“Do you still love me? I don’t think so…”
“Kunj! I love you, and I always will… Get it? You better not doubt me on this…. Else you know what your Siyappa Queen will do… Don’t you Sadu Sarna?” She asked, pecking his cheek, and running off.

As she reached the door, she turned, and seeing him still staring lovingly at her, said, “Kunj! I had fun this evening by the way… Thank you… I absolutely loved it.”
“And me?”
“I have to think!” She said, winking at him, and walking off with a quick good bye.

That’s all for now guys.
Hope you all liked it.
Take care
Love you all loads ?

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