Twinj: When I fell for you: Episode 27

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Twinj: When I fell for you: Episode 27

A quick recap: A huge part of Alisha’s kidnapping unveiled, Twinj’s moments together

“Yuvi… We shouldn’t leave those two together… They begin their romance at every possible instant…” Amaya jested to her husband, who was busy playing with their bundle of joy.
“Arrey! Let them have fun… And you are blaming my princess for nothing… Look here they come..” He said, indicating towards the stairs.

All the lights went dim, and a spotlight came on, giving the couple, who were lost in each other, a grand entry. They were wearing colour coordinated clothes, designed by Chinki, who had become one of the best designers in town, and everyone had to admit that they looked just perfect. They all hooted and clapped for the angelic couple, who seemed to be unable to control their anxiety.

Once they had come downstairs, all the family members hugged and greeted them, complimenting them, while the two just couldn’t take their eyes off each other. Twinkle hugged Rahul tight, and when the two didn’t seem to be in any hurry to let go, Kunj felt jealous. He knew they were besties, nothing beyond it, but he somehow couldn’t digest watching his life with someone else. He wondered when he had fallen so badly for her that she had become his world, and her mere presence made everything magical. When he returned to the real world, he saw Rahul still side hugging Twinkle, and he was whispering something in her ears, to which she responded by blushing hard.

Kunj couldn’t tolerate it anymore.
“Twinkle! I think we better get going… The priest is waiting for us…” He said, literally dragging her away from Rahul.
“Honey, do you smell something burning, or is it someone burning in jealousy?” Aman asked Chinki, putting his hand over her shoulder.
“Funny bro! You’ll never know because this Rahul chipku never stuck to your wife like this..” Kunj muttered, arousing a loud laughter from the youngsters surrounding them, and Rahul winked at Twinkle, and said, “Twinkle has correctly named him Sadu Sarna.. And Kunj, you are absolutely right in your place bro! You should feel jealous. After all, Twinkle and I have played so many games pretending to be husband and wife when we were younger… And by that logic, Twinkle is my first love…”

Kunj glared at him, and shifted his glance to Twinkle, who was giggling slightly. He would have, in all probability, sucked the life out of Rahul, had it not been for the priest calling them for the ring ceremony. Kunj smiled at Twinkle and pulled her towards himself, and walked towards the stage, his hands entwined with hers.
A simple pooja was performed first, praying to get rid of the evil eye and any obstacle that might ruin the wedding and related rituals. Then, the couple was asked to exchange rings.

Both Twinkle and Kunj had bought the loveliest rings for their life partners, and the rings were exchanged among lots of hooting and cheering. Both families presented each other with gifts, and then, after a seemingly endless photoshoot, the ceremony finally ended.
The guests left one after the other, and as the elders bade farewell to them and thanked them for coming, Twinj were in deep conversation.

“But, how did you know that Rahul might have some proof related to Alisha’s kidnapping Twinkle?” Kunj asked, for the question had been eating him up for a long time now.
“The way they all behaved was extremely suspicious Kunj… They didn’t seem to be even the least bothered that she had suddenly disappeared…”
“They all?”
“Bhaiyu, bhabhi, Rahul, Chinki and even Aman..”
“Do you think the elders know about this?”
“May not be.. Ma.. she might not have enacted crying like that..”
“Who could be the kidnapper?”
“No ideas about that.. but one thing for sure.. the kidnappers seem extremely brilliant. They must surely know both families well.. our weakness, our routine, and so on… They knew we wouldn’t be at home, and everyone else would be watching the concert on TV.. Alisha would be alone…”

That’s when their discussion was interrupted by Leela, who asked them to go and take rest since they would be tired after the action packed day. They bade each other a quick goodbye half heartedly, not wishing to part from their soulmates, with whom they could discuss anything.

The next morning.
Twinj were back to work after a long time. As they walked down the corridor together, some of their staff greeted and congratulated them, while others were gossiping things about them.
“These two had the most infamous breakup of the city almost two years ago, and now..?” Someone muttered.
“Wasn’t Kunj sir with Aman sir’s sister Alisha at that time?” Someone else was quick to respond.
“Remember that reunion party incident?” Someone mused.
“How could we forget? And despite all that, Twinkle mam agreed to get married to him? Unbelievable!” One of the previous voices said.
“Must say, these days, people have no self respect at all…”
“And that Alisha disappeared right when their wedding was declared… Fishy!”
“Who knows what these people have done to her”

And it just went on. People spoke all things they could cook up right then…
Twinkle had heard all the gossip. She was extremely hurt by it. She ran to Kunj’s cabin, which was nearby, fell to her knees and began crying her heart out.. All the flashes of their painful separation returned to her mind. She too wanted to know the cause for it, and had it not been for Alisha’s kidnap, perhaps, this wedding wouldn’t happen,, she thought.

On the other hand, Kunj glared at the staff angrily and left to his cabin. He was surprised to see Twinkle crying badly. He felt bad for her. He knew exactly how she felt. He walked towards her, and made her stand. He offered her water to calm her down, and made her sit on a near-by sofa. He too sat down beside her.

Kunj wrapped his hands around his love, his life.. Now her head was on his chest …
“Twinkle… When did my Twinkle become so weak that she broke down listening to what some random people are speaking?”
“Today our staff have spoken Kunj, tomorrow someone else will… How many people can we ignore?”
“The whole world… As long as we are together, we can ignore the whole world Twinkle…”
“Kunj… What had happened that day?” She asked, beginning to cry again.
“Twinkle.. that day… I was helpless.. Fate was so unfair to me… I had no other go…” He explained, recalling their separation, his eyes becoming moist.. He still assumed she knew everything.

He knew he had to divert the topic now, else the situation would go beyond his control. “Please Twinkle, how many times should I ask you not to cry…? You know too well that I can’t bear tears in your lovely eyes…” He said, slowly leaning towards her eyes, and sucked the tears running down her cheeks. “The next time you cry, I will wipe your tears like this…Vaise this is a nice idea right…” He said, lightening the mood. Listening to this, Twinkle starts beating him playfully.
Kunj holds her hand , both Twinj were staring at each other now. Kunj slowly went so close to her face that both of them could feel each other’s breath … Kunj kissed her temple, Twinkle closed her eyes feeling his touch… Then kunj kissed her closed eyes… Slowly he inches towards her jawline and kissed her there… Then he looked at her rosy lips… slowly, both leaned and soon their lips met… Both were enjoying the moment, Kunj was biting Twinkle’s lower lip and Twinkle, Kunj’s upper lip… Now Kunj’s hands slowly move under Twinkle’s top and he started rubbing her bare waist, while Twinkle clutched his shirt… Kunj intentionally pinched her waist, making her moan… As soon as she opened her mouth, he entered her mouth and soon, both were fighting for dominance.. After a good 20 minutes, they broke the kiss due lack of oxygen… By now, Twinkle become red like a tomato… Kunj dug his head in her neck and started giving wet kisses there… Then he slid her dress off her shoulder and started kissing her. Soon they became love bites… He was about to proceed further, but Twinkle stopped him, pushing him away, not to cross their limits, since they weren’t married yet..

“Sorry… Actually…” Kunj began, trying to explain and apologize at the same time, when Twinkle pecked him on his lips and ran to her cabin, blushing hard, while Kunj ruffled his hair, smiling.

Later that day.
Twinj were in Twinkle’s cabin. Twinkle was sitting at her regular seat, and Kunj was seated on one of the visitor’s chairs.
“So, how much progress have you made?” Kunj asked Twinkle, who had been scrutinising the ransom video for almost an hour now. “Could you make out where she’s been held captive?”
“No Kunj… I am still clueless.. I don’t know where she can be.. the video doesn’t give away any information..”

Meanwhile, at some unknown location,
“But, we do know that she’s right here, don’t we? My question is, what will do if Twinkle or even Kunj find out…” Chinki asked the rest of the gang. They were at a secret hideout, just outside the room Alisha had been tied up in.
“Of course we know stupid! We are the ones who kidnapped her, and don’t worry. They won’t find out” he assured her.

That’s all for now guys.
So, many of your guesses were right. Yuvi, Amaya, Chinki, Aman and Rahul are behind Alisha’s mysterious disappearance.
Stay tuned, for the fun has just begun.
Take care…
Love you loads ??

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