Twinj: When I fell for you: Episode 13

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Twinj: When I fell for you: Episode 13

A quick recap: Twinkle’s depression after some unknown conversation with Alisha, the sangeet ceremony had begun.

Rahul had tried desperately tried to prevent Aman from carrying out what he had intended to, because he believed that the plan was to be executed only if things had gone according to their calculations.

It had actually been a part of the plan that they all had made to reunite Twinj.
However, the day’s incidents had brought them back to square one, and there was absolutely no point in trying to give the love birds an opportunity to dance together, he argued. The others didn’t agree with him. They believed that things could still get better with this.

Soon, all the couples were on stage. They all began with their own partners. Alisha had stuck to Kunj, who was watching Twinkle with tear filled eyes. Twinkle was with Rahul. She had been convinced by Yuvi to dance, for his sake, and she had agreed, finding no other alternative.

(From here, the episode will be a combination of lots of dialogues and music, a new attempt that I am making. Hope it turns out to be good. Fingers crossed)

Dekha Hazaaron Dafa(from Rustom) plays, and they all begin dancing.
Chinki: Aman, you’re sure that everything will be alright, right? I mean, the right songs should be played at the right time. Else, we may not be able to have the expected impact on them…
Aman: Ya, no worries sweetheart. I have instructed the DJ properly, u trust me na?
Chinki: More than myself…

Instrumental music plays, and the girls twirl, partners are changed. Leela and RT get eliminated since they had not followed the instructions properly. Besides, they had only joined in for the sake of the kids.

Bolna plays. Now, Amaya, who is dancing with Rahul, asks him to just go with the flow, and he agrees after many arguments.
Meanwhile, Twinj recall dancing with each other on this song on one of their dates, on a deserted road. Their car wouldn’t start, and they had been waiting for help, while this song had come on the radio. On that day, they had promised to understand each other’s pain without the other having to say it. They smiled remembering it.

Instrumental. Usha and Manohar intentionally walk out, leaving only youngsters on the dance floor to enjoy their dance.

Mujhko Barsaat Banaalo (from Junooniyat) plays. Twinj recall another incident when Kunj was learning to play this song on the guitar, and Twinkle was helping him.
Twinkle: Arrey wah Kunj! Iss tarah to tum bohot jald khud ki music school khol paoge.
Kunj: Haan, lekin agar main apne students ke saath busy ho jaaoonga to uss ka kya, jis ke liye maine guitar bajana seekha?
Twinkle: Wo… Wo kaun? (Pretending)
Kunj: Meri jaan, jiske liye main kuch bhi kar sakta hoon, Meri Twinkle…
Moved, Twinkle engulfed him into a hug.
End of flashback.

Instrumental. This time Aman, who was dancing with Alisha, intentionally puts his leg in her way, and she trips, falling down. The two get eliminated. Yuvi, Kunj, Chinki, Rahul, Amaya and Aman cheer silently, while Twinkle looks on, confused at their reaction.

Kaun Tujhe plays.
Another flashback.
Twinkle is writing something on a piece of paper, while Kunj is reading it, standing behind her. She is unaware of his presence.
Kunj: Kunj, kaun tujhe yoon pyaar karega jaise main karti hoon… (Reading out from the paper) Not bad..
Twinkle: (embarassed that she had been caught) Kunj tum yahaan?
Kunj quietly twirls her and engulfs her in a back hug.
Twinkle: Main to kabhi isse perfectly tumhare liye apna pyaar express hi nahi kar sakti. Isiliye….
Kunj: Shhhh… Mujhe pata hai, aur tumhe bhi yeh pata hona chahiye ki tumhare hazaar deewane ho sakte hain, lekin mere marne tak tumhe mujhse zyada koyi pyaar kar hi nahi sakta.
Twinkle quickly quietened him by placing her finger on his lips, and the two get lost in each other.
End of flashback.

Yuvi, who was dancing with Twinkle, noticed that their plan was affecting Twinkle perfectly, and she was smiling beautifully, recalling her memories with Kunj. He snapped his fingers in front of her eyes.
Yuvi: Oye… Kahan koyi ho, kiske khayaalon mein? Kahin meri behen ki hone wale pati ke baare mein to nahi soch rahi ho na?
Twinkle looked and blushed, knowing that Yuvi was teasing her, while he smiled.

Instrumental. Rahul and Chinki too step down intentionally, arguing that they had violated some rule.

Finally Twinj were in each other’s arms, confused as to how to face each other, but deep in their hearts, they were happy to be together finally.
Salamat ( from Sarbjit) plays. They recall how they had realised that both of them loved the song, and had fought about who like it more. They both smile, and as they looked into each other’s eyes, all the awkwardness and confusion was gone. There was magic in the atmosphere, and they forgot about the rest of the world. They felt just like the old days, when everything was picture perfect.
They swayed together, feeling happy to be together after such a seemingly long time, even though it was just for a dance.

Instrumental. Yuvi gave an understanding look to Amaya, and the two walked down, leaving Twinj together again.
Kunj: Twinkle?
Twinkle: Hmm?
Kunj: Wo… Ek important baat karni hai.

Ishaara (from Force 2) plays.
They watched each other intently, surprised as to how the lyrics matched their feelings for each other perfectly.
Twinkle: Tum kuch kehna chahte the?
Kunj: Haan wo, bohot serious baat hai.
Twinkle: Haan, to jaldi kaho na…
Kunj: Wo tumne mujhe apni mehendi hi nahi dikhai?
Twinkle: (Annoyed, since she was anticipating something big) Haan to?
Kunj: Tum ab mujhse pyaar nahi karti?
Twinkle: Kya? (Shocked at the sudden, out of the situation question)
Kunj: Just kidding. Waise tum mujhse pyaar karo ya na karo, main tumse hamesha pyaar karunga. Pata hai na tumhe?
Twinkle: Yeh kya keh rahe ho tum? Aur Alisha? Pagal ho gaye ho tum?
Kunj: Mujhpe yakeen rakhna, main sab teek kar dunga. I promise.

Music ends, they come into their senses listening to the loud clapping, and separate from each other. Twinkle looked on, unable to make out what was happening, while Kunj showed his team a thumbs up, sure that he had made Twinkle rethink about the Alisha issue all over again. The gang cheered, giving each other a high-five.

Everyone was talking about how much fun the last event had been, when somebody said,
“Twinkle aur Kunj to ek saath bohot acche lagte hain RT, tumhe jald se jald in dono ki shadi bhi kara deni chahiye.” RT simply nodded, knowing how difficult it was, although that’s what they all wanted. While Kunj smiled gloriously, and the gang teased him, Twinkle looked on, shocked.

She turned to go, when Alisha came in front of her with tears in her eyes.
“Please Twinkle, humari jo baat hui thi, use mat bhoolna..”

Twinkle’s mind was a chaos now. She didn’t know what to do. Her heart had been throbbing to be back with Kunj, while her mind repeatedly reminded her of Alisha. She went away with a confused, disturbed mind.

Whew! That was so long. That’s it for now guys. Thank you all so very much for your support again.
Do tell me if you liked it.
Take care.
Love you all loads ?

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