Twinj: When I fell for you: Episode 12

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Twinj: When I fell for you: Episode 12

A quick recap: The mehendi ceremony, things begin to get better between Twinj.

But, is it the beginning of a happy ending or the ending of a happy beginning? To know, read on….

“Yeh kya… Oh my god! Yeh sab kya hai? Aur Amaya tum yaha? Yeh Twinkle itni subah subah kaha chali gayi hai?” Yuvi asked, alarmed by the sight that Twinkle’s suite offered. Things were spread out all around, and Amaya was looking at them, equally confused as Yuvi was.
“Pata nahi. Aur iss suite ki halat to dekho… Kuch samajh mein nahi aaraha. Kuch batake bhi nahi gayi..”

That’s when they heard Twinkle’s voice coming from outside. They ran to the balcony, and saw her standing with Alisha in the lawn below, both seemed to be in serious discussion.
“Oh no… Yeh Alisha… Ab nahi. Abhi to sab teek hone laga tha. Pata nahi yeh Alisha Twinkle ke dimag mein kya bhar degi.”
“Haan Yuvi, mujhe bhi iski iraade kuch teek nahi lag rahe hain. Yeh dobaara Twinkle ko emotionally manipulate karne ki koshish kar rahi hogi. Chalo..”

By the time they reached Twinkle wasn’t there, but they were confronted by Alisha.
“Hey love birds! What’s up guys? Why are you in such a hurry?” They watched her angrily, her tone had made it evident that she had successfully done her work.
“Alisha! Kya kaha tumne Twinkle se?” Yuvi roared.
“Isse hume kuch pata nahi lagega Yuvi. Humein Twinkle ko dhoondna chahiye. Shayad use humari zaroorat ho?” Amaya convinced him, and soon everyone was looking for Twinkle, but in vain.

“Yeh kudi sangeet ke din iss tarah bina bataye kaha chali gayi hai? Mujhe kuch samajh nahi arraha. Use to sangeet ki badi intezaar thi. Kya hua hoga?” Leela asked, panicking.
“Yeh rahi ma…” Rahul called out, and everyone immediately looked towards the entrance to see Twinkle coming with Rahul. Her eyes swollen, face expressionless and pale, pain evident, everyone was worried. Rahul indicated them to avoid any questions right then and took her to her suite.

Alisha had been watching the drama with popcorn. She had wanted exactly this to happen. Aman jerked her to a corner, and asked her,
“Kya kiya aapne di? Mujhe acche se pata hai ki yeh aapka kisi chaal ka natija hai. Kya hai yeh sab?”
“Aman, mere pyaare bhai, tujhe mere saath dena chahiye. Uss Twinkle ka nahi. Aur maine to kuch khaas nahi kiya. Sirf chess khel rahi hoon main, jisme aage badne ke liye, apne manzil ko haazil karne ke liye, dushman ko agar khatam nahi kar sakte na, to use aise phasa dena chahiye, ki wo uss museebat mein khud ki apni confidence gawaake haar maanle. Samjhe?”
Aman looked on, confused. He couldn’t make out what she was saying.
“Cut the crap, and spill the beans. What do you think of yourself? How dare you..”
“Bas bas Aman, yeh to bas shuruat hai, spare something for my best moves as well” she said, walking away laughing.

As per Rahul’s instructions, they decided to let Twinkle rest. It was also decided that they wouldn’t talk to her about it, and the sangeet and all other events should happen as planned, to relieve her of her stress, and distract her.
Meanwhile, Kunj had been walking up and down a corridor restlessly.
“Yeh Twinkle ko kya hogaya? Kal to yahi soch raha tha ki kitni wakt baad sab teek ho raha hai, aur aaj phir se wo usi haalat mein hai jisme wo reunion party ki raat ko thi…”

“Bas Kunj, apna drama band kar do. Ab bohot ho gaya. Mujhe lagta tha ki tum Twinkle se bohot pyaar karte ho aur use hamesha khush rakhoge. Jab tumne kaha ki mere Twinkle se door rehna, mujhe bahot accha lagta tha ki meri dost se koi itna pyar karta hai. Lekin tumne to sirf sabka dil aur yakeen toda hai… Main, jo khud roz babaji se dua mangta tha ki wo tum dono ko jald Mila de, ab khud tumhe usse door rakhoonga.” Rahul spoke, all in one breath, tears filled in his eyes.

“Yeh kya keh rahe ho tum Rahul? Aaj jo bhi hua wo Alisha ki wajah se hua hai. Iss mein Kunj ki koi galti nahi hai.” Chinki defended Kunj, walking in with Amaya and Yuvi.
“Nahi Chinki. Yeh insaan Alisha ko humare saamne buri banaakar khud uske peeche chup ke Twinkle ke dil aur bhaavnaaon ke saath khel raha hai.. Pata hai ki mujhe Twinkle kaha mili aur usne kya bataya mujhe?”
He narrates something that is muted out.

The trio look on at Rahul in a semi dazed state, Kunj was lost. He simply couldn’t comprehend what was happening. Yuvi was quick to react. He convinced Amaya, Chinki and Kunj that this too was Alisha’s plan, but Rahul was stubborn, and wouldn’t believe him. They tried to tell him everything that Alisha did, but he still remained unmoved. Helpless, they decided to let him be.

Sangeet ceremony.
The preparations had begun, and Rahul had managed to make everyone happy, even Twinkle. Watching Twinkle happy, they all were at peace in the hearts and decided not to spoil the occassion by questions.

Soon, the ceremony began. The first to perform were Aman and Chinki. They danced beautifully on Janam Janam Janam. Their performance was followed by the elders dancing on old songs, and blessing the bride and groom.
Next, Amaya and Yuvi went on stage, and danced on Tum hi ho. The next was Twinkle and Rahul’s performance on Phir Kabhi. Kunj watched Twinkle with pain filled eyes. He knew the two were just friends, but after the day’s events, he was sure that he had lost her, again.

All of this had gone just like the practice sessions and plans, when out of the blue, Alisha announced that she and Kunj were going to dance. Without giving Kunj time even to refuse, she pulled him on stage, and danced forcefully with him on the song Jeene Laga hoon. Twinkle’s mind raced, tears filled in her eyes, she almost shed them, while Rahul consoled her, and managed to divert her attention.

After all this, Aman came on stage, and said,
“Guys, I have an announcement to make. Arrey hamare Yuvi bhai aur Amaya bhabhi ki sangeet hai… Aise dull si thodi na hogi, ab kuch mazedaar karte hain. I request all the couples to get on the dance floor. We’ll play some songs, and you shall dance with your partners till there’s verbal music. The minute there’s instrumental music coming in, partners shall change, and anyone who can’t keep up will be eliminated..” He said. Everyone clapped and hooted excitedly.
“Nahi Aman yeh nahi hoga” Rahul said, realising his intentions, but in vain. Everyone was too excited to cancel the event, and he had to go with the flow.

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      Thank you so much!

    1. Ananya_DSK

      Thank you so much!

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      Thank you so much Ramya! I’m glad you liked it. Twinkle’s depression will remain a mystery for some more time though. Love you too ?

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