Twinj: When I fell for you: Episode 11

Hello everyone… Ananya here. Thank you all so much for your comments and love. It really means a lot to me.

Let’s begin now.

Twinj: When I fell for you: Episode 11

A quick recap: Amaya and Yuvi’s haldi ceremony, Alisha’s entry to the venue, Twinkle’s decision to set aside her thoughts about Kunj, and the haldi fight.

“Aaj ka mausam kitna accha hai na?” Twinkle heard Yuvi speak, when she had gone to his suite to look for him.
“Haan…” Amaya spoke dreamily, lost in him.
“Aur jab tum mere saath hote ho to bure cheezein bhi acchi lagne lagti hain…” He continued, taking her hand in his. The two were standing in the balcony, talking like school kids in love.
Twinkle giggled. She could never imagine her bhaiyu to be a hopeless romantic, she had always seen him behaving like a typical devoted son, brother, but never a lover.

“Haan haan, aaj ka mausam to kuch zyada hi accha hai… Aakhir maine apne bhaiyu ka romantic side bhi jo dekh liya” She spoke, entering the balcony.
“Uff bhabhi, you are blushing! How sweet!” She exclaimed, pulling both of their cheeks.
“Twinkle! Bas kar na. Jab tu aur Kunj pura din romance karte phir rahe the to humne kabhi kuch kaha kya?” Amaya asked. Twinkle looked on, shocked.
“Oh my goodness! Aap bhi na bhabhi… Kya bol rahe ho aap?”
“Arrey jaane do na, wo bas mazak kar rahi thi. Hai na jaan?” Yuvi intervened.
“Jaan!” Twinkle exclaimed, bursting out laughing. As they began to chase her, she ran, till the trio were tired, and sat down in the hall, panting for breath.

“Uff yeh Alisha to phasayegi mujhe. Kunj yeh, Kunj woh… Huh!” They heard Kunj mutter, as he came and sat down with them. Twinkle looked at him, a little too surprised, wondering what had gone wrong between them.
“Oye… Siyappa Queen, sunayi bhi de raha hai tujhe? Jeeju ne kaha ki ab chalo, shaam ki mehendi ki taiyaariyan bhi karni hai.”
“Haan…” She answered, still in a daze.
“Twinkle!” Kunj called again.
“Haan ja rahi hoon” She said and walked away.

The ceremony.
Amaya was brought down to the hall by Chinki and Twinkle. They all looked extremely beautiful and were very happy. Soon the ceremony began, and all the lovely girls sat down to have mehendi applied on their hands. Yuvi and Aman were busy staring at their girls, while Kunj was being pestered by Alisha. She had been after him all day, forcing him to behave like a real boyfriend with her.

“Arrey guys, agar aap logon ki ye pyaar se ek doosre ko dekhne ka program khatam ho gaya ho to please mujhe uss chudail Alisha se bachao…” He pleaded.
After his repeated desperate attempts, they finally listened to him, but in vain. For, they burst out laughing listening to how he was struggling.
“Very funny!” Kunj retorted, walking away dejected, while they continued laughing.

Later, Kunj was on a phone call when he noticed Twinkle sitting all alone, feeling bored, Amaya and Chinki were with Yuvi and Aman, leaving Twinkle all alone.
“Abe saale, ab tujhe jaane ke liye mujhe kehna hoga kya?” Rahul asked him, noticing him watching Twinkle.
“Nahi.. tu kyun batayega mujhe?”
“To jaa na… Agar tu nahi gaya to pakka main chance maar lunga, phir mujhe dosh mat do.” He said, and began to walk towards her.
“Ruk. Main jaa raha hoon. Pehle bhi kaha hai, aur aaj phir se bata raha hoon, mere Twinkle se door rehna.” He said, pushing him aside, and going towards Twinkle himself.
“Mere Twinkle se door rehna…” Rahul mimicked Kunj and chuckled.

Walking towards Twinkle, he sat down next to her on a low stool, but she was lost in thoughts and hadn’t noticed him.
“Kya soch rahi ho?” He asked, jerking her out of her thoughts.
“Wo kya?”
“Wo mujhe do bahot bade problems jhelne pad rahe hain…”
“Aur wo kya?” Kunj asked, concerned.
“Pehla to bhook…. Aur dusra… Yahan pe kitni garmi hai…”
“Arrey haan…. Yeh to duniya ke sabse bade problem hain…” He said, walking away, while Twinkle looked on in anger that he had walked away after listening to her problems as if they didn’t concern him at all.

But Twinkle was taken aback while he returned with the remote of the AC and a plate with some food. She smiled gratefully.
“Dekha? Tumhare sabse bade problems ko maine chutki mein suljha diya…”
“As if…. Mr attitude!”
“Oye.. apna attitude mujhe mat dikhana varna khana nahi khilaoonga..”
“Accha teek hai. Sorry Sadu Sarna, ab please jaldi se khila do. Pleeeeease..”
“Teek hai…. Siyappa Queen!” He said and began feeding her the food while the other two couples and Rahul looked on happily. But wait, I can smell something burning. Oh, of course it was Alisha… Her face was worth watching.

After some more time, the girls took off the mehendi, and Yuvi was asked to find his name in Amaya’s palm. When he failed, he promised her any gift that she wished for, while everyone hooted.

“Tumne dekha Chinki, bhabhi ki mehendi ka rang kitna gehra hai… It means ki bhaiyu unse bahut pyar karte hain… She’s so lucky na?” Twinkle asked, walking towards the suites with Chinki, afterwards.
“Tera mehendi ka rang bhi to itna accha hai Twinkle… Iska matlab….?”
“Tu bhi na… Kuch bhi?”
“Accha meri jaan tu nahi maanna chahti to isme main kya kar sakti hoon? Sweet dreams”

Chinki’s words left Twinkle thinking. She and Kunj got along so well, just like the old days. Could it be that just like her Kunj too hoped for a bright future for their relationship? Her heart answered in a huge yes. Her thoughts brought a genuine smile on her face, and then she went into her suite, sure that she would sleep peacefully that night, for the first time since she found out about Kunj and Alisha.

That’s it for now guys.
I know that the previous two to three episodes were not just dull, but also bad. I have my reasons, but I don’t wish to defend myself using those. I know I was wrong in writing such bad stuff, and I am extremely sorry.
Do let me know your opinions on this episode.
Love you all loads ?
Take care

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    awsm epi….
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    Cute and marvelous episode
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    It was really awesome
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    Awesome amazing fabulous episode. Twinj scene were too cute loved it. Post soon.
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    anaya it was cute ♥
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