Twinj: When I fell for you: Episode 10

Greetings all you lovely people… Ananya here. Thank you all so very much for your precious comments, they really mean a lot to me. However, I just wanted to know all of your sincere opinion if the storyline is boring, coz the response I am receiving is reducing day by day. Do let me know if you find it uninteresting.

Hope you’ll like it.

Twinj: When I fell for you: Episode 10

A quick recap: Fun begins at Udaipur! Twinkle’s emotional breakdown

(A quick victory dance ??, and an ode to all of you guys before i begin… A big thank you to all of you, without whose support, I couldn’t have made it to 10 episodes. Thank you!!!)

The day of the haldi ceremony.
The entire venue, decked in yellow, looked lovely, and the buzzle of incoming guests had begun. The Sarnas and Tanejas were rushing around, trying to make everyone comfortable, and welcome them properly. Looks like everyone’s having a busy day!!

Hold on, what do we see? Twinkle, Chinki and Amaya are sitting around talking randomly, as if they have no work at all. “These girls!” Yuvi and Aman exclaimed, before pestering them and sending them to help the others. No sooner had Twinkle reached the entrance, than Alisha and her family entered.

Keeping her emotions under control with much difficulty, Twinkle welcomed them, and turned around, and hurried to show them their suite. As she paced through the corridor, whom did she crash into but Kunj. The two looked at each other, initially angry, but were soon lost in each other, Alisha’s desperate calls for Kunj too went unnoticed.

After what seemed like an eternity to Alisha, they returned to their senses, and Twinkle finally showed them their suite, before walking away.
Aman noticed Twinkle walking aimlessly in the corridor, appearing to be in deep thought.
“Hey! Kya hua?”
“Wo… Alisha aagayi hai. I was just wondering ki….”
“Ki use kaise maar diya jaye…” Rahul spoke, entering the scene.
The boys laughed, while Twinkle was still lost in her own thoughts.
“Oy.. meri pyaari behen ko kyun pareshaan kar rahe ho tum dono?” Yuvi asked, judging as much as possible from their faces.
“Aapke behen ko kaun pareshaan kar sakta hai bhai? Wo toh khud murder karne ki plan kar rahi hai…” Rahul answered.
“Twinkle? Murder? Apne hosh mein toh ho na? Twinkle?” Yuvi jerked her, bringing her back to her senses.
“Bhaiyu, main wo…”
“Phir se ?”
“Arrey Bhaiyu, main toh bas yahi soch rahi thi ki kahin main Alisha aur Kunj ke beech to nahi aa rahi hoon na?”
“Twinkle, kal Amaya ne tumhe itni achhi tarah se samjhaya, lekin phir bhi? Dekh, tu galat kar rahi hai. Tu bekar mein pareshaan ho rahi hai. Jo jaisa ho raha hai use hone do. Wahi sab ke liye sahi hoga. Samjhi?”
“Aur nahi toh kya? Idiot, teri iss tension wali chehre ko dekhke logon ne already baatein banana shuru kar diya hai. Wo dekh” Aman said, indicating a group of women talking, looking in their direction every now and then.
“Ab toh ek acchi si smile de de meri jaan…” Rahul pleaded, and Twinkle smiled wholeheartedly, and mentally promised herself to never let Kunj’s thoughts bother her again.
They shared a group hug, while Leela came and sent everyone to get ready.

While getting ready, Amaya came to Twinkle’s room to ask for something. When Twinkle went out to get it, Alisha came in, and saw Amaya standing there, facing her back to Alisha. Assuming her to be Twinkle, she tried to emotionally manipulate her to stop talking to Kunj. After she was done speaking, Amaya turned around and scolded her and warned her to stay away from her, lest Amaya would skin her alive. Embarrassed, she left.

In the ceremony, everyone had lots of fun, especially Amaya and Yuvi, who shared little romantic eye locks every now and then. The following haldi fight made everyone forget all their worries, and they all had completely enjoyed themselves. Twinj too had lots of fun, forgetting their bitter past.

That’s it for now guys.
Hope you guys enjoyed it.
Do let me know of your opinions.
Love you all loads. Take care.

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