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Hii guys, I know you don’t know me but I know you all and I read all of ff and os since start and from many days I am thinking of writing something on tu but not getting time and first of all I am busy in reading your ff and os. Hahaha ?? I am not joking I am 1000% correct .Today I am here not to write an os and a ff but I am here to say thanks to you all guys who do a lot of hard work to write their ff and os to entertain us.
I know you all are thinking why i am writing this bakwas but its correct I am feeling to say thanks to you all .I read all of twinj ff and you all are wonderful writer. I went to another world after reading your ff and os . I really feel so delighted and relaxed after reading your ff. Thank you Crazy di,shamz,Pali,shatakshi, shreya ,Meena ,Sara , Sweetie, Afa , Ritzi , Ria , Akansha , Sonali , Krystal ,kk, Roshni, Romaisah,Anushka, Sayeeda , Tara ,Dreamer, Zikra and many more .Sorry I have forgetting many names but next time I will remember promise.And especially thanks to atiba who gives written update of serial daily .

Ok now enough of my bakbak but seriously guys you all are fabulous writers. And please pray for me tomorrow is my interview for class 11 admission so please pray that I get selected. Ok bye hope you like it and do comment because I am writing for first time. And sorry if I have wasted your time.??

Credit to: Your fan

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  1. Hey your fan. I don’t know whether you’ve read my ff or not because I never saw your comment. But, it’s alright. Now, I know you did. Thanx a lot. I feel glad that you like my ff.
    And, I hope you get in where you’re going to give admission. By the way, even I’m in 11th grade.?

    1. Sorry ria I don’t comment in ff due to some problem of mine but I have commented 2-3 times up to now recently on shruti article just because of twinj my life changed and I met you. Sorry once again for not commenting but you all are fabulous writer.

    2. Hey anushka its ok that you are not able to post your ff due to some problem. I am glad that you call me di and you asked my name so my name is Survi and I am an old reader but new writer or commenter and hope that you post your ff soon .
      if you want to know anything else than you are free to ask.

  2. Definetly v ll pray ur ryt dese r d awsme writers sometyms i forget wats gping in serial n ff whn i warch i feel 4 some seconds dat wat s going on den realize dat those r ffs n dis serial reality sometyms infeel dat ff story is bst den on going track in serial now a days i feel it aftr bunny left n uv n twinkle coming close kunj s new face v wont b able to forgt dat 4 us kunj v ll b always bunny our sid

  3. Ohh my god ur fan… Thanks for listing my name in this thanq list…. Love u buddy…. Best of luck for ur interview… Umm u r in 11th so u r senior to me…. U made my day di… Plz tell me ur name… Thank so much for thinking me capable enough for this thanq… Means alot… I also want to thank all d writers of tei, who work so hard to entertain us…. Love u guys…
    I m so srry for not posting next chapter of my ff, actually i took a break for 3-4 days, so was not able to read ur ffs. Sp was reading them yesterday and today… Will surely upload the next episode tomorrow……
    Once again… Love u sissys…..

    1. and thanks anushka for you blessings hope my little sister blessings worked love you dear

  4. Your fan….u know what…it wasn’t bakwas…, but I m feeling so happy I can’t tell u. Sometimes it feels so good to be appreciated. Thank u dear. Its bcoz of readers and in short tei family like u that we all get motivation to write.thank u dear..,, thanks a lot for this note . Thanks 4 ,including my name to.keep reading, keep motivating, keep smiling.

    And all the best,…for u r admissions. Be tension free and confident, u will surely get what u want.all the best.

    And again thanks,….big thanks 4 this writing.
    I too would try to give more and fast updates….sachi me….bcoz I m feeling really feels good to be appreciated.

    Thank u
    Keep reading.
    All the best

    1. Thanks dreamer for your blessings.and I am eagerly waiting for your next episode.

  5. OMG ….your fan I agree with ur each nd every words…. all the ff writers has made the journey of tei memorable……U know earlier I was unaware about what these ff’s are ….many a times it happened I missed watching tei serial so I use to check tu page for reading written update…I always see ff nd I use to think yr what’s this all ; what do ff means? So one day I searched on Google about meaning of ff nd came to know about it. And I gave a thought ke chalo try krne mein kya burai hai padhte hai nd I read my life first ff ever which was of Pali nd Sweetie nd now see I’m so much accustomed nd obsessed to all ff….
    A BIG BIG BIG THANKS TO ALL FF WRITER FOR ENTERTAINING US ND making the tei special part of my life….till my last breath I will never forget tei nd my tei family … u all…
    And all the best to u for important day of ur life nd a special thanks to u for making me express my gratitude to all ff writer on a single platform…

    1. thanks sayeeda for your blessings and I have not done anything they all are like this only that they should get honoured.

  6. Thanks cutie pie for your blessings.

  7. And I am remembered some names so I am writing here only SMC gopika shona sorry dear I have forgotten your names in my chotta sa mind.

  8. u gt admission in class 11 and pass it for sure

    1. thanks a lot for your blessings alof.

  9. Hey ur fan…
    U know earlier I was also busy in reading all the ff’s n is so didn’t write anything
    N really thank u so very much for writing a type of article for all writers…
    I m sorry but u forgot my favorite writer MISHA of DON’T HATE ME n TWO SHADES…
    But anyways u really gave me a feeling that atleast once in a life time I have achieved something in English… Becoz my parents think that I m poor in it…he he??….but ya its true

    N I will definitely pray for ur admissions…
    May God bless u

    1. Sorry dear actually naa I am really trying hard to remember the name of writer who wrote don’t hate me so sorry but i am fail in doing so actually I am sorry for this me too used to read the ff by misha I am sorry please forgive me.

      1. Hey I didn’t mean to hurt…
        N so sorry if u felt my words…
        But anyways thank u so much again for this tribute
        N if u don’t mind may I know ur name

  10. hey thanks alot for including my name.. m feeling grt..hehe..nd yes we will surely pray for u..

    1. Thanks Tara and please do pray.

  11. all d bst dear for ur interview

    1. thanks aastha for your blessings.

  12. Your fan… A vry vry vry vryyyy big wala thanku 4 diz dear… diz motivates all d writer to give der bst… nd yaa for ur admission interview all d vry bst we will definately pray for u… nd ys m also addicted to d ffs… sooo love u all d writers nd readers… readers for reading d ffs nd appreciating us… nd d writers…. all d writers r gud here… so thanku for writing nd entertaining…. again a big vala thankx to every1… ??

    1. thanks shona dear for your blessings.

  13. twinjfan-(tamanna)

    hey your fan thanks for updating I too also want to thanks every ff writer for entertaining us….thankyou so much guys…love u n ur ffs n ur fan love u too…

    1. thanks dear for your support.

  14. Thank You! Its ur love that keeps us going and keeps Twinj alive…..don’t worry I’m 100% sure u will get accepted. Good Luck!!!!! 🙂

  15. Hey your fan…I wish to call u di but I can’t u see…it sounds odd…I mean your fan di……haha….but that’s so very sweet of u to thank all of us..and Ya I am glad that u didn’t forgot my name….loz..otherwise nowadays who bothers to thank others but I know this TU family is gr8..its similar to a real family where all support each other…… Thank u so much 4 ur loving gesture.. And about d admission u don’t worry coz I have a special connection with god…(just kidding) and I will definitely pray for u..stay blessed and I pray to god that u continue to have ur such a sweet and lovely gesture life long….????????????

    1. That so sweet of you shreya just like your name you know what I just love your name and thanks for calling me di its such a nice feeling that I can’t even explain.

  16. Hey ur fan a v v v v bigggggggggg biggest wala tq tq tq tq tysm yaar I made my day uh kno u r gr8 it wasn’t dat bakwas I jus loved it u made my day buddy tq n n n all d best n Best wishes for ur interview may u ll be selected n u go well yaar tq for writing my name n n n plzz reveal ur name caz wanna thnk u by ur name bcz ur senior to me sisi/bro all d best yaar luv u n again a vry big tq n luv u for giving me such an amazing appreciation for me n a vry bigggggggggg tq for all ff wrter n I ws nt much interested in it b4 bt d first ff I read ws of Ritzi…n sweetie…. Luv u guys n all like shamz di n shreya n rosh Sara Pali di shatakshiiiiiii di n dreamer n tiktisha shona di n mitali di… ……n how cn I forgot m crazy di n Krystal di yaar u ol r jus amazing n n sry if I forgot any body’s name yaar forgive me n sry in advance lol…?????? luv u…n I m bcame addicted to u all n tysm u entertaining us through ur ffs n luv uh loads guys buddy’s n ol sisis luv u allall……..n again a vry big tysm hehehe kafi zyada nai hogya bt anyways tq…..????????????????☺☺☺☺ luv u all once again……….n tq to ol ff n OS wrters…ohk yaar bas ab bass bahut hogai bakwas biee….luv u loads be blessed n ur fan plzz tell us ur name plzzzzzzzzz

    1. N tiktishatiktisha if ur reading den plzz plzzzzz cont ur ff yaar eagerly waiting for it plzzzzz…☺☺☺?? n tq in advance…. Mm.

    2. thanks zikra anyways you can call me by any name that you like I don’t mind it.

  17. A big big wala tq to u..
    N glad u liked it
    Anyway I know who’s this your fan
    Anyway I won’t reveal ur name
    But as I said u n morning only
    So this time also I ll pray for u

    1. I know dear you will definitely pray for me that’s why I don’t like you but I love you from core and thank you so much for not revealing my identity. Love you??

  18. Awwww i feel so special tashan e ishq rele made me makesome awesome family n frenz thank u Your Fan i wish u luckk for ur admission n yes u didnt wazte our time i actually was glad u uploaded these words of thanks :v

  19. awww Your fan thank u sooooooo much for ur appreciation darling….. srsly i dont hv any words to express how m i feeling aftr reading it….. nd as long as ur interviw is concerned then u will surely get selected not only bcus of ur hard work but also bcus we allll r gonna pray 4 u nd do let us know abt the result

  20. Thnx a lot your fan for appreciation..
    Really means a lot…..
    In starting i wasnot sure that any body is going to life my ff aur not……
    But you guyz give me soo much of love…luv u all
    And all the best for your interview

  21. hey thnquuu sooo muchh my fan n uh r younger than me so i jst wanna say my bacha my best wishes r wid uh i hope u will definetly get admissions pakka n srsly uh read my ff oh god thnquu ki i got a fan lyk uh bacha if u r a grl lyk me then u r lyk my lil sista yaar meko ek behn chahiye qki meri behn bilkul useless h n if u r a boy then uh r my lil sweet cute bro moreover a bf ni ni ni jyada mt socho bf means best frnd hai n hehehe n yeah uh forgot misha yaaar my favourite writer anyways no prblm love uh will pray fr uh

  22. Thanks a lot Ur fan… Thank you so much for making me feel so special…. It’s an achievement for a non writer to get so much of appreciation… I just can’t express how I’m feeling write now…..I’m very bad at expressing my feelings…. But thank you so much from the core of my heart…… 🙂 🙂

  23. And I’ll pray that you get selected in your fav skool…..
    Be happy and keep smiling…

  24. where is sanam rushi titshika yashu aakansha singh sonal mannat aysa and many more

  25. best of luck for your interview
    vijayi bhav!!!!!!!! lollllll 🙂 🙂 🙂 ? ? ? ?

  26. Sareena

    You are 100000000000000000% right Survi Di.. Lol????? I hope you won’t mind if I call you Survi Di?

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