twinj fans please must read part2

Hii guys I am here to share an important news not about Tashan-e-ishq but about twinj your twinj our twinj.
There is a voting for our favorite couple twinj and till now they are voted very if you really love twinj or you are real fan of them then please vote for our twinj or sidmin.
I know you don’t let them loose so please vote because very less time is left as result is on 22 June .so guys its a request please vote.
here is link:

And thank you for giving support to my ff prank played by destiny beyond our thinking till now but I am feeling that you are not liking my story that why I am thinking to stop it.Ok now leave all this and please do vote for twinj. love you all bye.

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  1. Hey lover thanks for the info…but plzzz don’t stop ur ff…I’m really liking it…plzzz continue with it…plzzz

  2. Saby

    omg lover did uh saw… twinj having the lowest votes….. : ( i also request all twinj fans to vote for them… i cant see twinj in the last place……. plz guys do vote… and mummy, papa, chacha, chachi, friends, relatives…. etc, etc sab ke pass se karvao….. i m gonna do that only

  3. Saby

    hey gys even multiple voting is allowed…. plz do vote… n number of times…. here also i started demanding…. oops… sho shorry

  4. Saby

    guys…. guys…. guys….. much more easy way to throe many votes without loosing patience…. open the same link in many tabs….. and then just go to each tab and vote till it shows the results go to another tab and vote and so on….. after uh cumplete refresh all the tabs and again continue….. i did the same and gave 50 votes from my side….. and will continue in my freetime….. now ur turn…. guys dooooo vote….

  5. twinj are the best

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