A twinj fan fiction – CHAPTER 6

A twinj fan fiction
Chapter 6

“WTH is wrong with you Kunj how could you ask her to stay back ya!!”Misha yelled.

“Misha we need her and that’s it… She did all the designs for you when we had no idea where you were.. and just btw you can’t fire her I was the one who hired her and I can only ask her to leave..”kunj yelled and went out to Twinkle.

“Listen Twinkle I’m really sorry and thank you for what you did.. pls stay back it’s a request.. And ya by 11:00 all the designs are gonna be uploaded on the website so all the best…” Kunj said.

“Ya fine I’ll stay back..”twinkle ended.

At 11:00 all the designs were uploaded on the website..

Twinkle, Misha, Kunj and Yash… all were busy looking through the website when Twinkle came across something that caused her to burst out on Kunj and Yash…

“What’s this Kunj they were my designs how can you sell them as Misha’s ha!! She wasn’t even there when I made them and then she called me back to office and insulted me and now you don’t give me credits for what I’ve done that’s so not fair..”she complained.

“Look that’s how it’s to be done Twinkle haven’t you read the contract.. you will be working under Misha…”said Kunj.

“Kunj Kunj where are you Listen come here right away!!!!!”yelled Misha in the background.

“Ughh!!” Twinkle sighed.

Kunj went in the room only to yelled at by the other one also ….

“Kunj how can you upload these on the website they are horrible there is nothing my type in it and you know I don’t like that Twinkle still you’ve kept her in and most importantly you put her designs up.. just look at the Kunj..they are pathetic…”

“Just stop it Misha stop it.. we need her is what I’m gonna say.. you again ran away last night and we had to update the website.. website khali bhi toh nahi jaane de sakte hai na hum Misha.. tum designer ho par kya kaam kar rahi ho.. rather sa ka sirf kaam Badha rahi ho yaar!! Tum bhagna bandh karke thoda kaam ho karlo toh sabko benefit hoga!!!”Kunj said frustrated.

During this yelling session going on in Misha’s cabin… Twinkle sat in the conference room and drew some more designs and kept them there and went to Misha’s cabin just to tell them that she was leaving…

She waited outside Misha’s cabin until Misha saw her and yelled again..

“Look at your employee Kunj there she is spying on our conversations… she’s just impossible..”

“Listen I wasn’t spying or anything I just came to tell Kunj that I’m leaving..”twinkle left the cabin..

Before she could leave Kunj caught hold of her and told her to wait for some more time until he spoke to Misha and sorted it out…

“Kunj this a jail for Misha and you her jailer.. being the jailer also you can’t handle her what can I do in that yaar!!”twinkle said.

Kunj looked at the designs that twinkle had drawn just now and pointed at them and said in a calm tone “ so then this is charity for the jail and jailer ha…”

“This is not charity Mr. Kunj Sarna.. it is my integrity towards my boss and my job.. I am a phauji kid mr. Sarna I was never taught to leave things in the middle and run away.. now at least I can leave with my head held high!!!!” Twinkle replied. “And ya believe me I have never seen such entitled siblings before…”she continued.

“Look sit I need to talk to you.. I already have a high maintainence and difficult girl in my life pls don’t be one to me…”he sighed. “See Misha isn’t a bad kid I know she’s a good kid.. she’s just a little lost and so she behaves like this pls try to understand it’s not easy for me…pls stay.. see it’s your decision now..”he ended.

“I need sometime to think.. I’ll tell you by evening..and ya can I go home for sometime I’ve been here since the last 20 hours..”she requested but firmly..

“Sure take your time and ya sorry…”he replied.

Twinkle took her purse and left for home..

She came out of the lift only to get one of the biggest surprises of her life her childhood friend Karthik had come over to meet her or rather stay with her…

“Omg Karthik what a pleasant surprise… I still can’t believe it you’re in front of me.. ohh so loser you spoke to me yesterday while in Mumbai!!!”twinkle exclaimed.

Karthik was twinkle’s chuddy buddy.. his family shifted to Mumbai after he finished his 10th grade and then Karthik had run away from his house to go to London as he was interested in cooking whereas his father wanted him to do engineering..

Twinkle and Karthik were in touch all this while with either messages exchanged or through calls at least once a week..

They went inside and spoke for sometime until Karthik told Twinkle that he couldn’t go back to his house as he couldn’t face his father.. so he would be staying here with her for sometime…

“Noo way Karthik that’s impossible…listen it clearly says in the contract that I can only have family members staying with me in the house no roommates…. pls Karthik go home and sort it out with your father…”Twinkle rejected his idea..

“Twinkle pls try to understand.. okay lemme stay for two days and then I’ll go home and talk to papa..pls twinkle.. tere alawa mera hai hi koun is duniya mein Twinkle…”Karthik said dramatically.

“Okay!!!! Fine!!!! But sirf do din Karthik…”Twinkle surrendered…

To be continued…

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