A twinj fan fiction – CHAPTER 5

A twinj fan fiction
Chapter 5

“They company has provided you a flat and a two wheeler … pls enjoy!! And ya be there on time tomorrow morning Twinkle.. mind you Misha hates it when someone’s late!!” Yash instructed.

“Omg that is so amazing..!! Thank you thank you thank you..!!”Twinkle exclaimed.

“Dear Twinkle please come back to reality.. mind you House of Misha is no less than a jail!!”Yash warned…

Twinkle went to her flat and looked around and thought…
I know papa you’re still upset you just sent me here so that I didn’t do anything incorrect there but pls trust your daughter a little and I’m sure I’ll come back home successful…

The doorbell sound certainly broke her thoughts and she went to open the door..

“Omggg!!! Twinkle I still can’t believe it that this flat is all yours.. I mean just look at it it’s soo goooodddd!!” Sam entered..

“I know right it’s awesome!!”said Twinkle.

“Btw show me around ya!!” Said Sam.

It was a two bedroom well and modernly furnished flat with huge windows and everything one wanted..

“Listen this amazing man let’s celebrate what say Twinkle!!??”

They enjoyed themselves to the core…Until..

Twinkles phone rang.. it was Yash..
“Listen just wear your clothes and come ASAP to the office Kunj is waiting for you..”

“But Listen it’s 12:30 at night and why now..”

“No arguments Twinkle come on quick!!!!” Yash ended.

Within no time Twinkle reached House of Misha and entered the cabin..

“Yes Sir.. sorry Kunj you called..”

“Ya Listen there’s a problem we need 8 designs up on the website tomorrow and they need to be completed by morning anyhow… Yash you have Misha’s brief right.. explain it to Twinkle and get going.. I need the designs ready by tomorrow anyhow….”Kunj ended and left elsewhere…

“Yash wasn’t Misha supposed to be doing these designs?? And btw where is she!! I mean how can I work on her designs she’s never gonna want that!!”

“Twinkle we have no time for all this I’m sending you the necessary things and get started.. Misha’s briefs are right there on the table pls go according to them we need to complete it anyhow..”

No sooner did all the materials and designs and etc etc arrive that Twinkle started doing those designs.. by 3:30 she was done with them and left for home…

She came back home and lied down on the sofa itself exhausted… until again uhh again her phone rang…

“Hello Twinkle Yash here.. Listen come to the office now..”

“No way Yash that I’m coming I’m way too exhausted and what now I completed all the work and it’s all in Misha’s cabin”

“Come my darling Twinkle pls come to the office right away!!!!!!!!”yelled Misha in the background.

As soon as Twinkle reaches the office Misha took over on her about the designs and stuff.. she yelled at her as to how boring and duplicate the designs were etc etc.. until during the argument Twinkle rolled her eyes… that’s what had led Twinkle getting fired from her job at House of Misha by Misha….

To be continued…

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  1. Amazing episode

  2. Unheard-Of

    ??? twinkle got fired at the first day only… They way u described it at the last was fabulous!
    Amazing one…

  3. Presha


  4. Twinj2000

    Awesome ❤️❤️
    Yeh kya pehle To they called her at night so many times n she completed all the designs
    N then thi Amisha fired her ?☹️
    So mean
    Well Post soon??
    Waiting ??

  5. nice episode.but I hate Misha….
    but loved it.plzz post soon
    love u

  6. Twinkle got fired 1st day itself so comedy epiosde but didn’t Misha like twinkle she never said bad about Misha she is so rude but episode was nice

  7. Twinkle got fired 1st day itself so comedy epiosde but didn’t Misha like twinkle she never said bad about Misha she is so rude but episode was nice
    Post soon

  8. Ramya

    Awesome and misha is so rude

  9. i completely know what the story is gonna be now….
    its exactly like girl in the city
    there was house of areem there
    but i would always love to resd the twinj version of that..
    love it
    keep going

  10. nice one !why this misha is so rude &arrogant !
    keep writing

  11. Ananya_DSK

    Wait! What?? Twinkle is fired!!
    Does that mean she’ll go back home…?? I hope not!
    Absolutely loved your narration!! Post the next part quickly!

  12. nice episode dear
    yrr ye misha itni rude kyo h
    post soon dear

  13. Marrie


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