A twinj fan fiction – CHAPTER 3

A twinj fan fiction
Chapter 3

“Listen do anything but I gotta find her somehow.. Yash do what you want but please just get her back.. trace her credit cards.. phone calls.. anything and everything but please help me out” yelled a man in his early 30s sitting in the front seat of a black Mercedes…

Kunj drove to airport as fast as he could because he knew how stubborn Misha was and was hoping to find her anyhow….

Dejected he returned back to the House of Misha in a posh building in Worli…

“Kunj I traced her.. listen we found her.. Yess finally kunj.. look that naughty head swiped your card in Jaipur.. I’ve booked my tickets I’ll get her back by evening”Yash entered Kunj’s cabin almost jumping.

“Thank god Yash we found her this is the 5th time she ran away.. I have no idea what’s ringing in her head.. I’ve established House of Misha just for her.. cause after Maa papa died fashion was what distracted her and she found interest in it… I’m just not able to understand whats she thinking every time !!!!” Kunj cried out his worry.

By evening Misha was back..
There was a Cold War going on between the two siblings… both were angry for their own reasons.. they just didn’t want to sort it out..

That’s when a girl stepped in House of Misha aspiring that these steps taken inside would get her closer to her dream….

To be continued…

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