A twinj fan fiction – CHAPTER 2

A twinj fan fiction
Episode 2


Unlike Amritsar Twinkle didn’t have a very good morning the next day.. on the railway station as she got down she was pushed from here to there to here and everywhere until she was escorted out to the gate of the station by humongous amount of people…

“Goooooddd Moorrnniinnggg MUMBAI… I rj Shruti welcomes you to the Morning Maska show only on 91.9 radio nasha…..”
Twinkle heard on the radio as she approached a taxi at the taxi stand.

“Chacha mujhe pls Nariman Point chod dijiye…”requested Twinkle.”

She sat in the taxi and rode off..

Lowering down the her window,she pushed out her head and felt the soft breeze.. she closed her eyes and her conversations with her parents, her dreams, her aims, her wishes to see herself as a fashion designer having her own label… all these thoughts took over until the taxi driver called her out to tell her they had reached…

“Thank you chacha…” Twinkle signed off as she paid the taxi driver..

She looked up to the tower in front of her and smiled…

She went inside and climbed up to the second floor and rang the bell..

“Twinkleeeeee!!!!! Finally you’re here…” yelled a thin modern and confident girl from inside the house.

“Saamm!! I still can’t believe it I’m here.. I’m here in Mumbai the city of dreams…!!!”

They both proceeded inside and talked for a while.. later Sam showed Twinkle her room and helped her settle…

Twinkle stayed with Sam in her house.. they stayed as housemates and shared the rent and other basic costs

Twinkle decorated her room with pictures and wall hangings and other small little things..

She rang her parents and told her how Mumbai had welcomed her, she spoke about Sam and even told her how excited she was about her fist day at job at House of Misha…

To be continued….

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