Twinj: expression of love (os-1)

“Any relationship is meaningless untill you express your genuine emotions without feeling ashamed or with egos.”

As I read these lines on the fb page of my desktop I felt like it was written for me only. The first thing flashed infront of my eyes was kunj.

I am a girl,being a girl I am not that much expressive as my circumstances made me to hide my feelings n emotions since my childhood but now it has become my habit. Hiding my emotions has made me alone, I am far away from everyone even my parents as I am living independently for the sake of my career now.

Scrolling through fb is my one more habit,as it’s meant for people like me also,as I dnt update my status or my pics all I do is see updates of others that to my love kunj.

Kunj he is my frnd even my family relative,we both studied in same school n colleges. But I never talked to him I behaved like a stranger though he is my famiky member. Reason was I am not expressive.

As I think of the thing love I remember of emotions n feelings, guys i am sure please dnt hide ur feelings,express them boldly coz ur emotions are u, it describes u. It’s ur real character.

As I saw that thought on my fb page I felt those words from the core of my heart it smewr pinched me, I opened my dairy where i wrote my genuine feelings n started remembering my days of sealed emotions.

Page 1:
Name: twinkle
(Would love to join kunj name with me)

T:hehehe….see this is the real me, I love kunj to the utmost.

Next page:
The day when I came to know kunj had crush on chinki, I wanted to slap him n kill him. Infront of everyone she proposed him n he accepted it. At that time I just wanted to hold his collar n shout at the topmost voice that ‘I love u’. But I couldn’t as I am nt expressive, I top clapped unwillingly cursing them n prayed god fr their early breakup.

And aftr 2 weeks,infront of everyone they broke up,whole class was shocked bt i was the one hell happy, I just wanted to run upto him,hug him tight n just wanted to kiss him. But I couldn’t as I am not expressive.

In college,
We had enacted a play of romeo n Juliet. I came to know that kunj is romeo I wanted to be his Julie the atleast in drama as I didn’t want any girl to be his Julie the, s o with all struggles sme hw I succeeded in it n finally we did it.

After the drama was enacted kunj came to me at back stage.
I could see him nervous talking to me, u r the real Juliet he said.
At that moment I was on cloud nine but couldn’t express my feelings I just wanted to kiss him hard but all I did was just to say thankqq, instead of I love u.

Like this many times I have met kunj in family parties,functions,marriages,college n all but I couldn’t express my love to him all I know was I love him to the infinity.
Many times I wanted to hug him,feel him,hard times I wanted to kiss him, to be frank wn I was depressed I wanted him to make love fr him, scold him slap him if he talked with any girl.
I couldn’t do anything as I am not expressive.

*closed the dairy*
After reading the dairy I felt the loneliness in me, I want a support I want him. When ever I see couple u imagine me with him.
I saw my hand n felt I wish kunj could join my hand n fill the gaps btwn my fingers n hold me fr ever.

Thinking of my helplessness n wierd love I slept on my couch gazing at my phone wishing fr a msg frm him as he is still online, I am scared of texting him. Slowly I slept.

Days passed and finally the day I dreamt came. My parents fixed match of me with my love, kunj.

I agreed to marriage behaving like an ideal daughter as thing shocked me is even kunj agreed but he took time fr marriage,only to understand me.

Precap:twinkle gets kunj’s dairy.
Full change over in twinkle bold n blast gonna happen.

So frndss how was that?
Just planned to give a msg abt expressions of love. Still it’s thr nly 1 part left I will update it soon means today nly. Dnt wry.

I couldn’t write my ff twinj immortal struggling love
As I said I am screwed my teachers fr the sake of exams.

Do share ur views. Next post will be done if I get sufficient cmnts orelse I won’t.
U people may die of curiosity I won’t care.
Lolzz wierd na i am, yes I am nt like twinkle in this ff….too bold.heheheh bye

Roshini rockstar


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