TwiNj – Ek Nayee Dastaan (Episode 2)

Well…guys I’m in a dilemma, need ur help. Plz tell me “whom do u think Kunj should meet at first?” “Twinkle” or “Karan-Kabir”….

In the school…
Karan,Kabir nd Priyal r in the same class.
Teacher: Students,as u all know tomorrow is The Fathers’ Day..this year our school is going to organize a fathers’ day competition. So all of u must bring ur father,Ok???
Class: Ok,teacher.
Priyal: (In her mind) No matter what, this year I’ve to bring papa here..everytime he has some office work,bt this time I’ll bring u with me,papa…(She gets happy)
But a naughty boy of their class,Rahul starts teasing Karan.
Rahul: Hey,Karan..Did u hear what teacher said? We’ve to bring our father bt how will u do that, u don’t have ur father,right? How sad!! u know I’m feeling very bad for u nd Kabir..
Nd he starts laughing with his friends…..Karan gets angry & starts beating him,Kabir also joins him.

Karan: How dare u?? How dare u talk to me like that?!!! today we won’t leave u.
Kabir: U have ur father, right? then just go nd celebrate with him,just get lost!!!!
However,the other kids manage to stop the fight…Kabir leaves from there,Karan follows him..
Karan: Kabir wait….bro listen to me, I know u r hurt bt it was our decision to be calm na?…we had decided that no wonder how sad we be bt only for mamma,we’ll be strong &
Kabir: I know nd I remember…bt why Karan,why us?? Why did he do this to us? Why did he left mamma nd us at such phase of life when we needed him the most,why? I hate him,I
just hate him!!!!
Karan: Not just I,we hate him!!!!
(They both cry hugging each other)

In her cabin,Twinkle is sitting holding Kunj”s photo..On the other hand,Kunj is talking to hers.
Kunj: It has been 8 years Twinkle, since I saw u last..Tomorrow is fathers’ day. U know what, each nd every year on this day,I miss u guys,I miss our babies!!! I wish for once I could
see u all,for once I could hug our sons nd tell them how much their papa miss them….My ears r yearning to hear them calling me papa!!!!!
Twinkle: Tomorrow is fathers’ day,Kunj..Every year on this occasion,Karan nd Kabir give me a fathers’ day card..for me I’m their papa as well as their mamma..Bt I know that only u
have right on those cards, so I’ve kept all of them safely thinking that may be one day God will have pity on me nd my children..nd He will give u back to us……!!!!!!
Both are crying…(Agar tum saath ho plays)

Twinkle: I miss you Kunj..I love you….
Kunj: I love you,Twinkle..
Both kiss each others photos…

Precap:- Twinkle gets a wedding contract in Delhi..also Kunj gets an order to deliver jewelries at the same wedding…

Credit to: Akanksha


  1. Ria


    |Registered Member

    Such a wonderful epi. Excited for the next one. I feel it would be better if Kunj meets Twinkle first.

  2. Callmenazu


    |Registered Member

    luvd it to the core akanksha and plzz do post d nxt one asap and for the suggestion i would suggest u to let kunj and twinkle meet first

  3. zayb_zikra

    Osmmmmm yaar loved it……..
    Do cont asap plzzzzzzzzz…..
    Eagerly waiting for ur nxt epi plz cont soon…………
    N i thnk kunj shld meet karan n kabir first…….
    N baki as ur wish……

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