TwiNj – Ek Nayee Dastaan (Episode 1)


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A big house is shown somewhere in Delhi….Pallavi is setting the breakfast table..
Pallavi: Ramesh, quickly bring the sandwiches, Priyal is getting late for school.
At that time, Priyal enters…
Priyal: Mamma, is it possible that today papa drops me to school..plz….
Pallavi: Dear, don”t be stubborn..U know that papa has lots of work in office,don’t u?
Priyal: Yes mamma,I do bt…
Pallavi: No Priyal..stop insisting.
Priyal: Ok at least tell me where is papa??

In the room, a very handsome boy is getting ready..nd u know whom I’m talking about. Its our Kunj..He gets ready wearing a blue jeans,white shirt & a black blazer..( Just imagine how hot he might b looking!!!)..He comes down & Priyal hugs him.
Priyal: Papa!!
Kunj: Good morning my princess, hv u done ur breakfast?
Priyal: Yes papa, now I’m going to school..bye mamma,bye papa..
Kunj: Bye beta..Pallavi today I’ve some important work in office so I’ll b late..plz don’t wait for & I’ll also have my breakfast in office..Bye.
(Kunj doesn’t like that Pallavi always waits for him & does all the things that Twinkle should do..As he know he can never give that place to Pallavi which belongs to Twinkle only.)

On the contrary..The Sarna Mansion is shown…
Two kids are fighting with each other & getting ready for school…They are Karan & Kabir…
Karan: Buddy, where did u hide my yellow notebook?? Plz give me that..I need it very badly..
Kabir: Bro, why are u always ready to study?? Enjoy life, do fun bt no..u are always like the 1960’s heroes..boring & silent!!
Karan: Whatever!! Bt why did u hide it? Don’t u know I’m very particular about my things & always want them in the perfect places???!! (just like our Kunj)
Kabir: (Showing him tongue) Do whatever u can cz I won’t return it..
Suddenly bebe comes there..
Bebe: Whats wrong Kabir, why are u disturbing Karan??
Kabir: Offo bebe!! U hv become so old with time that u don’t even want to let me have fun..
Bebe: What did u say??!!!
Karan & Kabir: (Laughing out) Sorry bebe, we were just pulling ur leg..U know na that u are not bebe, u r our super cool babe..we love u!!

At that time, a lady in black jeans, purple shirt & black blazer comes down the stairs..She is Twinkle ( with an absolutely new & hot look)
Twinkle: Karan, Kabir u both are always disturbing some or the other..why so, hv mamma taught u all this??
Bebe: No puttar..rather they r the reason that all r happy in this house, jst bcoz of these two naughtys ..
Twinkle: (smiling) I know bebe..they r the media of our happiness & our lives..My Babies!!! (She hugs them, both the kids give their mamma a tight hug)
After sometime Twinkle drops them at school as she does everyday…

Precap:- There is a fathers’ day competition in school. Priyal says she’ll bring her papa there at any cost…In the same school Karan & Kabir study & they both get angry hearing about bringing their father…

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  1. So sad felling really bad for Karan and Kabir Hope they get to know about Kunj very soon Loved Twinkle’s new look

  2. Shatakshi

    Akanksha it was too good
    Loved it????

  3. Kruti

    Nice epi

  4. Osmmm osmmm osmmm
    Loving it…..
    Do cont asap……

  5. Ria

    It was amazing.. loved it

  6. Amazing…
    Too good….waiting for next one.

  7. Dreamer...arundhati

    Akansha I have bcome a fan of ur ff
    Lovely epi
    Ctd soon

  8. Hey Akansha…wlcm to TU…sorry for not commenting on ur intro…i like that u hv started ur ff in continuetion from the same track of tei…keep going…love u ????

  9. akansha amazing really hv becm a big fan actually luving ur ff

  10. Saby

    Nice yaar…. Missing sidhant and as I have quit watching tei ur ff will make me feel I m cont. Tei…. Ty dear

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