TwiNj – Ek Nayee Dastaan (Episode 07)

Finally, I”m back!!!! Bt dont know whts wrong with TU.Its behaving weird….However with this comeback,thought of bringing some changes in my writing style.So from now on wards it won’t be as dialogues,it’ll be as quotes..(inspired by u,Ria)…Ok,so now lets come to the episode…

Kunj is walking alone in the road nd remembering the moments. Twinkle coming to his life,their marriage,their confession,their SR in Goa,today his seeing Twinkle nd his kids enjoying with Yuvi. He remembers the last 5 years of his life nd breaks down. He sits on the road. It starts raining. He talks to himself,”Today,I’ve lost everything,Twinkle. I’ve lost every single thing. It was very difficult for me to stay away from u,from my family,to let u go. Bt jst for ur happiness I had to do this nd somehow I managed myself. Bt now,when u r jst in front of me how will I control myself?? How’ll I stop myself from seeing u? How will I control myself from talking to u,from going to u nd jst for once give u a tight hug? How,Twinkle? How?” Just then,he gets Pallavi”s call.He receives the call nd Pallavi feels that something is not right.”Kunj,r u alright? Is everything ok?” she asks being anxious. Kunj shares his grief with her.He says,”Nothing is fine,Pallavi. I shouldn’t hv come to Mumbai. My life has brought me to such a situation which I’d never imagined.” He tells her abt Twinkle,Karan & Kabir. Pallavi consoles him,”Kunj plz don’t worry. Everything will be fine. See,u always say that wht is done by Almighty is done for good.Then how can u forget it? If He has taken u to Twinkle then He must hv something planned,right? U jst stop worrying.” Kunj cuts the call nd feels that what Pallavi said is absolutely right. He gets a hold on himself.

Pallavi (POV):
Oh,God! Wht is all this? Kunj met Twinkle in Mumbai? I dont understand whts in our fate. Its so strange. I wonder wht will happen if Twinkle also spots Kunj. I jst hope this is not gonna happen.

Next morning in the hotel lobby,
Twinkle,Yuvi,Karan nd Kabir r going for an outing. Kabir exclaims,”Wow!! This is gonna be too much fun. For so many days we’ve been waiting for this,right Karan?”Yep,even I’m very excited. Thnk u partner,this is all bcoz of u”,Karan replies nd they hug Yuvi. Twinkle comes there,”Oh! So all the love is for partner. Bt did u forget that it was mamma who brought u two here? Then where is my hug?” she asks them smiling nd raising her eyebrows. They both run to her nd give her a tight hug. “We love u more than anyone,mamma”,say the kids.”Aww!! I love u too”,saying this she kisses them. Bt Yuvi breaks this mother-son love nd says,” So now can we go for enjoying?” Twinkle smiles at this nd says,”Yeah,lets go”.They leave the hotel nd Kunj also follows them.

Kunj (POV):
I know I cant come to u Twinkle. Bt at least I can watch u from distance. It”ll give me enough happiness,nd I’ll feel like I’m with u guys,I”m with my family.

They firstly go to the beach nd after having lots of fun there, they go to a children’s park on the boys’ special request. Yuvi gets a call. He says,”Sorry guys. Bt actually I’ve got some urgent work,so hv to leave.”Karan nd Kabir get sad. Karan says making a sad face,”Partner this is jst not done. U can’t go like this!!” Twinkle makes them understand,” Baby,work is also important,isn’t it? If partner could avoid it he would’ve done it. Bt its very urgent. If he doesn’t go then he’ll endure a huge loss,do u want that?” “No no.We dont want that. Its ok partner,u can go”,says a wise nd understanding Kabir. Yuvi adores them nd leaves,bt before that he assures Twinkle to help her in any need. Both the children start playing. Twinkle starts talking to a lady there. Kunj is observing all this from a distance. He gets very happy seeing his family having a happy quality time…(In BG,Agar Tum Saath Ho plays)

While playing Kabir by mistake goes near a patch of mud. Kunj notices this bt finds Twinkle at little far talking to someone. Kabir doesn’t notice the mud. His leg slips nd he’s abt to fall. “Kabir!!!…..”,Kunj exclaims at a low voice nd starts to go to him. Bt before that he sees Twinkle coming there nd holding Kabir son that he gets saved from falling. He stands there nd keeps looking with a happy nd satisfied face.. Both the mother-son smile at each other nd Twinkle picks him up. She goes to a slipper nd makes him sit there. After that, she goes to Karan, who’s busy looking for his ball. Twinkle finds the ball near her leg. She picks it nd throws it to Karan calling him out. Karan gets happy finding his ball nd runs to Twinkle. Both smile nd tightly hug each other. Kunj notices all this. He gets over-whelmed.

Precap:-Its the mehendi function. A lady asks Twinkle to write her husband’s name on hand. Kunj thinks it to be Yuvi’s nd leaves with a heavy heart..

Hope u all enjoyed the episode. Plz tell me if the length is ok,as I’m writing in this style for the first time nd don’t forget to comment whether its good or bad…

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  1. awesome epi

    1. Akanksha

      Thank u…

  2. Kruti

    Nice epi akanksha

    1. Akanksha

      Thanks 4 appreciating

  3. dreamer... arundhati

    Akku di where were u…. I missed this ff so very badly… Osum epi… Bechara humara kunj…. Plz post asap.. Luv u di

    1. Akanksha

      Aww!!! I luv u 2… ??..

  4. Ria

    Hey Akanksha, the episode was a bit sad types but, it was too good. You portrayed the emotions so well.
    Hehe..You know when I read you were inspired by me I first scrolled down and saw who the author was as I remembered the ff but, forgot the author. Anyways, I’m glad you found my writing style good.?

    1. Akanksha

      U forgot me??!!!?? vry bad..I’m angry with u..??

      1. Ria

        Haww..I didn’t forget you. I just forgot who the author of this ff was. How can I forget you! XD

      2. Akanksha

        its ok, Ria…I was jst joking plz dont stop posting ur ff,cz its my most fav one!!!!

  5. Rashiverma2199

    Akansha….episode was lovely…awesome….

    1. Akanksha

      Thnx..glad u like it

  6. Sayeeda

    Akanksha yrrrr ….missed ur ff so much ….thank u for posting it …
    Amazing yrrr ….awesome …
    Precap is so emotional ….
    loved it

    1. Akanksha

      U r welcome..nd yeah it was emotional, bt for immense happiness some pain is essential u know..

  7. Angita

    Amazing missed you soon much thanks
    Loved loved loved your epispde

    1. Akanksha

      Aww!!! I missed u guys too…nd I’m happy that u love it…??

  8. Romaisha

    Heyyy emotional but awesome episode!! Superb yaar .. I was missing ur ff so thank you for posting … Cant wait on precap ….. Post soon 🙂

    1. Akanksha

      U r welcome…will surely try to post the nxt part asap…

  9. Baby

    oh god luvd it akansha misd ur ff soo mch n u 2 it ws quite emotional episode lvd it yr missing sidmin very mch

    1. Akanksha

      Even I’m missing them like hell..???…I wish there was a miracle nd Sidhant could do both JDJ & TEI…then vo bhi khush aur hum bhi…???

  10. Shreya098

    Superb epi…

    1. Akanksha

      Thnk u….glad to see u guys happy nd enjoying it…???

  11. Purnima.agrawal30

    Amazing awesome epi…loved it

    1. Akanksha

      thank u…glad that u loved it…

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