TwiNj – Ek Nayee Dastaan (Episode 06)

Hey,guys hv to inform u something. My exams r getting started within a few days, so I won’t b able to upload episodes for 10-15 days..sorry for the delay bt plz till then jst stay with me nd our TwiNj…Nd most importantly don’t forget to give ur feedback, b it positive or negative. cz it’ll help me to improvise…

At the party
Twinkle: Where is ur nice uncle?
Kabir: He’s standing there.
Saying this,he points where Kunj is standing. Twinkle looks there…
Twinkle: Where? Baby, no one’s standing there.
Kunj hides himself from Twinkle.
Karan: (Confused) But he was just there!!
Twinkle: Ok, no problem. He should b somewhere in the party.If u both again see him then do tell me as I’ve to thank him. (While pulling their cheeks) After all he has saved my 2 prince charmings from getting beaten up.

Kunj comes to a corner. He gets emotional.He remembers his moments with Twinkle from past to present. He remembers their 1st meet,Twinkle’s dupatta coming on his face in gurudwara,their tashan e shaadi moments nd most of all their journey from hate to love. On hand he’s smiling remembering these moments nd on the other hand,tears r coming down from his eyes.
Kunj: Today,after 8 years I finally got a chance to look at u,Twinkle. For the last 8 years, every moment I’ve been yearning to hv a glimpse of u.So many times I thought to go to Sarna Mansion so that I could see u for once but at the 2nd moment,I had to console my restless heart saying that however u r bt u r happy. My Twinkle is happy & I couldn’t ruin ur happiness jst for my sake. U know na, ur Kunj is not that selfish!!!
Saying this,he comes out of the party hall.

Yuvi calls Twinkle.
Yuvi: Twinkle, guess what? I’ve a surprise for u. Just come out of the party for a while.
Twinkle: But why? Yuvi,what r u planning to do?
Yuvi: U jst come out nd u’ll come to know abt it by yourself.
Twinkle is abt to go out of the hall with the kids bt suddenly the organizer calls for her. So she asks Karan & Kabir to go out nd hv a look of Yuvi’s surprise.

Kunj thinks that he shouldn’t stay there anymore as Twinkle can see him anytime. So he starts to go to his car. At that time, Karan & Kabir come out nd get to see Yuvi. Both of them became over joyous.
Karan: Partner!! U r here!! (The kids call Yuvi partner as he’s like a buddy to them)
They both run to him nd give him a tight hug. Kunj observes this standing a little far.
Yuvi: Hey,champs how r u both? B honest nd say, did u miss me a bit?
Kabir: Not a bit. We missed u a lot. But now we r glad that u r here.
Karan: But why r u here in Mumbai?
Yuvi: To surprise u nd ur mamma. Nd most importantly I’m here so that we 4 can hv lots of fun. what say?
Kabir: Yes!! We’ll enjoy a lot..

Kunj sees the kids enjoying Yuvi’s company. He gets heartbroken.
Kunj: (In his mind) Now, u hv no place in Twinkle or ur kids life,Kunj. They r so happy without u. Now u also hv to accept this bitter truth nd hv to get habituated to this.
he quickly leaves the place..

Precap:-Kunj calls Pallavi nd shares his griefs with her. On the other hand Yuvi,Twinkle,Karan nd Kabir get on a day outing in Mumbai. Kunj secretly observe them.

Sorry for a short epi. bt hope u’ll understand my problem..


  1. Baby

    |Registered Member

    oh dear akansha ll miss u a lot feeling sad fr sidhant bt d episode ws epic srsly lving it pls post nxt asap n yah all d very bst fr ur exams

  2. Angita

    |Registered Member

    Cho cho cho cho(so) cute tha .ya I agree kunjs sadness was very well potrayes all the best for your exams

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