TwiNj – Ek Nayee Dastaan (Episode 05)


Hey,guys plz do comment how u r feeling abt my ff, also wht kind of track u wanna see..nd yeah, I know u all want TwiNj to meet asap bt it would take some time for them to confront each other. Till then plz stay by their side as many twists nd turns r yet to come..

In the evening at Rajiv Grewal’s party..
Karan & Kabir r chasing each other. Karan is wearing a blue half jeans & a doraemon t-shirt, nd Kabir is wearing an off white jeans & an angry birds t-shirt..While running they both collide with a waiter by mistake nd a glass breaks by falling..
Waiter: Hey, what have u done? Can;t u both see I’m coming from the other side?
Karan: Sorry,uncle. We didn’t notice u. We made a mistake. Plz forgive us.
Waiter: Bcoz of u now I’ll have to get scolded..U guys should b punished,wait I’ll teach u a lesson.
He gets to beat them..Both the kids get scared. But at that time Kunj comes nd holds his hand. He is wearing a grey pant, a black shirt nd a silver blazer. He gets angry on him for scaring the children. Both Karan nd Kabir haven’t seen Kunj”s photo so they don’t recognize him.
Kunj: How dare u? How dare u raise hand on the kids? They just told that they’ve made a mistake, didn’t they? Then what makes u to beat them? Can’t u see how much they r scared?
Waiter: Sorry,sir..Bt they have broken the glass,so I…
Kunj: So what? U will beat them? Tell me how much is the price of this one glass, I’ll give u double. Bt don’t u dare to hit any child again.
The waiter at once leaves from there.
Kabir: Thank u,uncle. You helped us nd saved us from that bad uncle. Thank u very much.
Kunj: That’s ok,dear. But why r u both alone here? Where is ur mom-dad?
Kabir: We have our mamma with us. We don’t need anyone else!!!
Kunj: (Getting confused) Sorry??!!
Karan: (Trying to control the situation) Umm… uncle he means to say that we r here with our mamma.
Kunj: Oh! Ok, bt where is she?
Kabir: She must be somewhere here nd there.
Meanwhile, Twinkle enters the party. She is wearing a red anarkali. She had gone outside to pic her call.
Karan: There is mamma..
Nd they both rush to Twinkle…By then, Kunj spots Twinkle…(Male version of Sajna ve plays).
Karan: Mamma, u know what, we’ve made a mistake!!
Twinkle: Ab kya naya siyappa kiya tum dono ne??!!! (Now what new problem have u created?)
Kabir: Actually, we had broken a glass by mistake. But we also apologized to the waiter uncle.
Kunj is stunned. He has tears in his eyes. He is unable to understand anything nd is constantly looking at Twinkle..
Karan: But the waiter uncle became very angry nd was abt to hit us.
Twinkle: (Getting anxious) Did he hit you both?
Kabir: No,mamma. That nice uncle saved us.
Twinkle: Ok,now who is this nice uncle?
Kabir: He is standing over there.
Nd he points fingers where Kunj is standing.
Twinkle looks there…

Outside the party, Yuvi comes.
Yuvi: Don’t worry, Leela ma. I’ve reached the party. I’ll now search for Twinkle nd the kids. You just relax, now that I’m here I’ll completely take care of them.
Leela: I know,puttar. That’s why I’ve sent u to them. I know u will let no harm come to them. I completely trust u. Since Kunj has gone,u r looking after Twinkle nd her children so selflessly!! (She gets emotional) Thank u so much for that. May God bless u with all the happiness of life.
Yuvi: Ma,why r u thanking me?? U say that I’m ur son,right? Nd now u r thanking ur son?
Leela: (Smiling) Ok,Ok,sorry. From now on wards I won’t thank u,happy?
Yuvi: Yeah,very happy.
Leela: Even if u get me a gift, I won’t thank u!!
Hearing this,both of them burst into laughter..

Precap:-Karan & Kabir run nd hug Yuvi. They both enjoy his company. Kunj sees this nd gets heartbroken.

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