TwiNj – Ek Nayee Dastaan (Episode 04)

Sorry guys for uploading so late, bt I’m facing a terrible network problem.So don”t know when will I be able to upload it regularly.Will try to do that asap..

Twinkle nd the kids leave for Mumbai..
Usha: Did u see that,Bebe? Both the boys can’t stay away from their mom even for a day,jst like my Kunj always used to stay near me..(Gets emotional)..Wish he was here today,then our family would have been complete. Karan nd Kabir r so much like him,aren’t they?
Bebe: Its obvious Usha. (Smiling) Akhir sadde Kunj k bete hain..
Usha: Yes,Bebe. (Smiling) The shadows of my Kunj!!!

At Mumbai Airport..
Karan: Mamma,we r going to look for a cab.U come with the bags,ok?
Twinkle: Ok,bt don”t go far.Just stay near the airport.
Kabir: Yeah,mamma. U don’t need to say that. We r big boys now..Lets go bhai.
Twinkle: (Smiling) (In her mind) r u seeing Kunj, ur sons have grown up now..I don’t need to say anything to them. They have gone just after u, just like u always had the habit of proving yourself the great Kunj Sarna, even they have got the same habit. After all they have ur blood inside….
She gets tears in her eyes bt weeps it away before anyone notices…
Twinkle: Bt I know Kunj, no matter where u be, u r always with me,near me..

Kunj is in the same airport..
Kunj: Why haven’t Mr.Rajiv sent me the address yet??
He checks his phone..Nd both he nd Twinkle receive a message of Mr.Rajiv..They both start walking from opposite directions nd check their phones..
They didn’t notice each other coming nd r about to collide….

But suddenly Kabir calls out Twinkle nd she turns away. Kunj passes by her side without noticing her..Twinkle goes to the children..But both of them feel something strange.
Kunj turns back nd sees a lady passing from him bt as he didn’t see her face,he thinks it to be his illusion..At the same time Twinkle looks back but doesn’t find anything strange so she doesn’t take it seriously..
Kabir: Mamma,we have found a taxi.Lets go..
Twinkle: Yeah,lets go.After reaching the hotel,we’ve to get ready for tonight’s party..
Karan: Which party?
Twinkle: Baby,the wedding for which we r here. There is an official party related to that so we’ve to attend it..
Karan: Wow,mamma..A party!! Its going to be so much fun..nd I’ve a feeling that something very nice will happen,lets go.

Sarna Mansion,In Delhi..
Leela: Yuvi puttar, I’m having a very strange feeling as to something very big is gonna happen in my children’s life. Plz u do something..
Yuvi: Leela ma (Yuvi calls Leela,Leela ma as Anita is no more a part of his life) u don’t worry,I’ll immediately go to Mumbai to them, nd u just relax,I promise I won’t let any harm come to Twinkle,Karan or Kabir..They will b my responsibility there..U just don’t panic, else ur health will get affected. I’ll go there,don’t worry..

Precap:- Kunj asks Karan & Kabir about their mom,Twinkle comes in the party nd the kids run towards her..Kunj sees Twinkle….

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