TwiNj – Ek Nayee Dastaan (Episode 03)


Sorry, in the last precap, I wrote “Delhi” by mistake. It would be “Mumbai”..Nd many of u wished TwiNj to meet at first. Ok,let’s see what destiny has in store for them…

Band Baaja Shehnai office..
Vrushika(Twinkle’s P.A): Ma’am,a very renowned businessman of Mumbai,Rajiv Grewal’s only daughter is getting married.Nd he wants us to cover the event.
Twinkle: That’s a great news!! U finalize the deal nd give me the file,I’ll have a look on it..
Vrushika: Ok,Ma’am.

Kunj”s house..
Kunj: Pallavi,tomorrow I’m going to Mumbai. We’ve bagged a very big contact.A famous businessman, Mr.Rajiv Grewal’s daughter’s wedding is gonna take place..Nd our company has got the order of I’ve to go there..
Priyal: But papa,tomorrow is the fathers’ day competition in my school & teacher has told all of us to bring our father..
Kunj: Oh! I’m very sorry,dear…bt papa has to go there na?? Ok, don’t be sad..let’s do 1 thing.I promise that on the next fathers’ day,I’ll celebrate the whole day with u,done??now smile..
Priyal: Ok,papa.
Kunj: Sorry princess…
Priyal: Its ok papa..don’t say sorry.
She gets sad nd leaves from there..Seeing this Pallavi also gets sad.
Kunj; Pallavi,I’m sorry. U know I..
Pallavi: Its ok,Kunj. I can understand work is important..Its completely ok.

Sarna Mansion..
Usha: Congratulations, Twinkle. Its really a great news that our company has got such a big contract..
Twinkle: Yeah mummyji…bt for this I’ve to go Mumbai for some days.
Bebe: So whats the problem,puttar?? U go there nd complete ur work,don’t worry about us..
Twinkle: But Karan-Kabir…..???
Hiding behind the wall,Karan & Kabir r listening to this.
Karan: Buddy,did u hear that? Mamma is going to Mumbai tomorrow…also tomorrow is the stupid competition in the school. Are u getting what I’m trying to say??(Giving a naughty smile to Kabir nd raising one eyebrow like Kunj)
Kabir: Yes,I’m. Let’s go..Mamma!!!
Karan: Mamma,we both also want to go Mumbai with u..
Kabir: Yeah mamma. Plz plz plz…..
Twinkle: But bacchon,how can I take u with me? I’m going there for almost 5-6 days. And u shouldn’t stay away from ur studies for so many days..Also I’ll be busy there,so who will take care of you two?
Kabir: Mamma,we r big boys now..So no one needs to take care of us.We both can take care of each other.
All the family members star laughing hearing them.
Karan: (getting angry) Why r u laughing? We can really be fine. Plz mamma plz take us with u..U know na,we can’t live without u..plz mamma plz..
Karan-Kabir: Plz plz plz mamma plz….
Twinkle: Ok ok ok, go nd start making plans. We three will go to Mumbai tomorrow…happy??
Karan: Wow!! Mamma we’ll also visit the beach..
Twinkle:(Smiling to them)..Yeah,we’ll also visit the beach nd many other interesting places,fine?
Karan-Kabir: Absolutely fine.
After some time,going towards their room-
Kabir: (Being happy) Congrats bhai,our plan is successful!!
Karan: Yes!! This year for the 1st time on fathers’ day, we’ll be able to stay away from our father nd his memories..Congratulations!!!

Precap:- At Mumbai Airport,Kunj & Twinkle r coming from the opposite directions. Both r checking their phones and r about to collide with each other..

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