twinj….ek kahani (few shorts) shot 5


Hey guys kaise h sab…..main bhi na baar baar puchte rehte hun……anyways thnx a lot who commented on the previous shot and….paavu(ishu)-mujhe sab samajh mein agaya tujhe kaisa romance chaheye naughty girl(hope u don’t mind)

recap-twinkle to take care of kunj……and 2 months leap..
kunj!!kunj!!wake up fast u will get late
ku-tw plzz let me sleep…
tw-u will get late go and get freshan up
ku-as ur wish….
kunj got freshan up and eat his breakfast and left to office
twinkle’s pov
today 2 months past after kunj accident and we r leaving a happy life and my love for him is grown more……but dose he love… thoughts broken when i heard a doorbell…..this time who will come
pov ends
tw opens the door and sees a man standing with gift box and flower
tw-yes!!what happen
man-mam kunj sir has send this gift for u…
tw-k thnx
tw took the gift box and flower and gone to her room
tw to herself- what is this kunj send me
she saw a letter in the flower
“twinkle there is a dress in the gift box please come to abc place in 7:pm there is a surprise waiting for u……

tw smiles and says oh wow thnx a lot kunj…
tw got ready in a red gown with diamond earings looking breathlooking……she took her car keys and drive abc place and finally she reaches……she comes from the car and sees the decorations with a table with wines and in the centre a bed with rose flowers…….
suddenly kunj came frm behind and bag hugged her…..
ku-did u like the decorations…
kunj make a pout
tw-i loved it…..
ku-u r looking s*xy today
tw blushes-thnx kunj
kunj sit on his knees and……
ku-when i saw u i just ignore u but in these 2 months ur smile,beauty make me love u…..yes tw I LOVE U
tw- who was having tears in her eyes…..I LOVE U TOO kunj and both hugged eo other
ku(while hugging)-srry for not trusting u
tw(while hugging)-don’t spoil the moment..
they broke the hug…ku-would u like to join me in drinks..
they both drinks and…..

now twinj walks hand in hand and talks….
kunj sees tw lips than eyes….which gave permission…..both come close to eo and there lips met it was a passionate lip lock…..with lots of love kunj was sucking her lower lips while she was sucking his upper lips….after about 10 mins they broke the kiss and tw blushes…
kunj took her in a bridal style and lay her on the bed and came on top of her they again has a liplock and after that he dug his face on her neck and started sucking bitting giver her love bites while she moaned his name she took off kunj’s shirt and they consemmuted their marriage….
nxt morning
the sun rays fall on our beautiful couple.. they were hugging and sleeping and kunj sleep got disturbed abd he look at his tw and she wakes up and saw seeing her
ku-u makes my night the best day of my life
twinkle blushes…
ku-don’t blush this much i can’t control my self..
and both share a liplock and hugged eo

so how it was did u like it……plzz drop ur precious comments silent readers plzzz comment….guys how was the romance plzz tell did u like it and maine shot 4 ek question pucha tha kya tmlog mujhe ydd karoge 16 January ke bad bcoz 15 ko mera bday h anyway… plzz drop ur comments

bye guys

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  1. It’s awesome

  2. Aamna_2690

    Adeeba dear?

    It was awsum… n abviously we are gonna remember u…. was this the question to be asked…… n haan dear happy birthday in advance….. be back soon….. love u??take care…. bye

  3. Very nice adeeba dii…

  4. Wooaaahhh… The epi is soooooo much lovely…. It’s just amazing.. Love twinj romance very much….
    Hope u come back soon with ur another super ff after ur exam..and what kind of qustn is this..? Of course i will remember u..coz ur my swtt cuteiiii pai it…..ab khush…pagal kahiki..and
    All the best 4 ur exam..and rock them..
    Now Happy birthday to u in advanced..
    Plzzzzz come back soon…. Will miss u so much.. And apni is di ko v mat vulna OK… Now stay happy and keep smiling…
    Love you adee.. Muaah..

  5. Simiyy

    Hey Adeena it was amazing
    Try to post something else soon
    Loads of love ?

  6. Ramya

    Adeeba it was just amazing
    N y will we forget u ofcourse we will remember u
    Loads of love keep smiling

  7. Adya

    Hey abeeba… My cutie..
    Today’s episode was damn cute and sweet and romantic…. And hot.
    Nd about remembering you… That’s surely gonna happen. Advance me happy birthday cutie..
    Try to write more..
    Love you!

  8. Presha

    Hey its fabulous

  9. Awesome loved it

  10. Chiku

    Thats sooo sweet❤️❤️Loved it
    Do come up with another stories
    Loads of love❤️

  11. RUTU.....

    It’s amazing

  12. SidVee_Yashvee

    Awesome ❤ loved it ❤

  13. Aanya_pandey

    Aaawwww… Such a cute episode yrr proposal?

  14. SidMin

    Loved it 🙂 Awesome 🙂
    How can we forget you ?
    Love you will miss you 🙂
    Happy birthday(I know its too early ) and new year in advance 🙂

  15. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous

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