Sarna’s Mansion, London

Just after few weeks, kunj who was  still searching for his passionate job was now at the hight pressure time for his marriage.

‘Good morning, ma’ Kunj greeted Usha sitting on the table for breakfast. Yuvi too came following his brother and kissed Usha’s cheek and wished her a morning.

‘Oh….Yuvi, you need something’ Kunj grinned in a mocking way.
Shut up bro, I greet my lovely lady like this only….not like you!!’ He replied sitting next to him as usha carassed his hair smilingly.
‘No one is there for me huh??’ Kunj complained as he missed all his good times with his family.
‘There will be one’ Manohar came from behind, ‘ very soon’ He said sitting on the table.

Both the brothers exchanged a known look as they perfectly knew what was going to come next.
‘Kunj…. Sharma Uncle will send you the details, go meet her’ Manohar said.
‘Meet whom dad??’Kunj questioned unknowingly as Yuvi who was drinking water spitted it out looking at his brother’s awesome acting skills.

‘Cool down bro…’ Kunj said patting harder on yuvi’s head glaringly.
Its about your marriage’ Manohar said.

‘Let me finish kunj, she is already here in London with her friend, so make some time and go meet her. Here is her phone number’ Manohar gave him a number. Kunj took it without any interest but still it was his duty to go meet the so called girl, his parents has selected for him.

‘Bro, Do you want me to join you? To meet my bhabhi…..’ yuvi said teasingly as he entered kunj’s room.
‘Idiot!!!no need’ Kunj who was combing his hair threw the comb in his hand onto him.

‘Ouch!!’ Yuvi winced.
You deserve it!!’ Kunj said moving out of the room dressed up.

‘Hi…this is kunj, where are we meeting?’ He texted to the number given by his father.
‘Hello….we can meet in LEZ Cafe’ the reply came within seconds.
‘Okay then see you there at 10.30’ he texted back.
‘Sure…table no 07’ the reply came.

Kunj looked at his watch it was around 10, so he decided to go to meet her first and then to continue with his other works. He speeds up his car out of the gateway.

He reached the place on time and infact he was little early though, he parked his car and moved inside the cafe and a dingle of bell followed as he entered the place. He looked around little confused as the place was a bit crowded than usual.
‘Excuse me, table no.07?’ He asked a guy dressed up in his waiter attire.
‘There’ He pointed at a corner table which was already occupied by two girls.

Kunj thanked him and moved towards the table.
‘Girls are punctual too!!’ He thought.

He went near the table.
‘Hi….’ He greeted the one sitting to his right to get the biggest shock of his life.
‘Kannika??’ He mumbled in shock.

‘Oh…Hi…you again!!!’ Kannika replied with a smile.
For as minute kunj’s stimulus failed and he stood in shock, little lately he realised that she was there again!!
‘Oh…so it’s you!!! Okay then listen, I am not at all interested in marrying you coz you are the most ugliest girl in your attitude, I know you won’t agree to marry me but remember it’s me, kunj who is rejecting you’ He spatted out without a break!!

Kannika was completly shocked by his words and the girl who was next to her stood up equally shocked.
‘But…..’ Kannika tried to gain back her senses.

‘Mr.Kunj!!! It’s not her, it’s me whom you are supposed to asked to meet’ the girl’s voice interrupted and that is when kunj noticed the one next to Kannika, who is again the same person whom he saw in airport.

‘What??’ Kunj was completely in awe.
‘Yes…I am twinkle taneja’ She said.
‘Twinki, Excuse me’ Kannika said taking her phone and moved out.
As she moved kunj’s gaze followed her, he was little confused,little sad and also scared.
‘Please sit’ twinkle said.

Kunj’s chain of feelings broke by her voice as he nodded slowly.


Here I am as promised

So…how is the twinj meet?? You all are asking for longer episode but I m sorry the story episodes will be based on situations soo few will be small n few will be long n next time I will try to make it longer

Thankq everyone who commented you ppl made my day

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