TWINJ – A DAY (3 shot) PART 3


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Part 3

The scene starts wid twinkle crying nd kunj dancing in rain happily….

Next day

At the shoot
Twinj were doing the movie scenes and side by side were reminding their day….which was the most beautiful one for both… accepted by one nd not by the other…
At the end
Their was a scene to be shot in a club… they were reminding their kiss….
Kunj was having a bright smile on his face while tw was sweating….
Whole day kunj tried a lot to talk to tw bt tw keeps on ignoring her…
This happens abt whole tym during shooting….means abt 6 mnths…now all this was too much for kunj…. he made infinite no of attempts to talk to tw bt she keeps on ignoring him….

Kunj was thinking- now this is it tomorow i will ask her tat what is her problem why is she ignoring me kabhi director, kabhi phone , aur kabhi uska kutta bich mein aa jata hai…its enough bahut seh liya maine…
And u know wat tw ab tak mujhe yeh samaj mein aa gya ki woh yeh sab intentionally kr rhi hai….and u kniw wat wid ur every stupid act my love 4 u is increasing…?

On the other side
Tw ws thinking- kunj plz stop trying to talk to me…i know u love me even i love u too bt i am nt suitable 4 u….i cant hurt u as its not easy for me to ignore u…..i will leave u forever after 2morow…..

On a fine day
It was a day when their movie has to be released…so they have decided to go for first show along wid the audience….
As always their was security and also media…everything was jst perfect..

Their enters our hero herione in black formal suit nd a floorlength black gown respectively..?
They were looking a perfect couple..
They were happy for their first movie bt sad as it can be the last day for them to be together…..

They went to movie theatre….and after sme tym the movie gets started….
Then again the all scenes started coming in front of their eyes…they started reviewing their A DAY…
Bt as we all know along wid good things bad things also took place… so after seeing such scenes in the movie tws eyes welled up and she left from thier before seeing the climax…..on seeing her kunj also left the place and goes behind her…

*** ab tell me which climax u wanna see-
Movie wala
Ya ff wala…….?
Main toh ff vala padha sakti hoon so plz adjust…?) ***

Tw was running nd came to middle of the road and stopped and was breathing heavily and was crying….. kunj follows her….and came behind her..
He kept his hand on her shoulder…
Tw( widout turning) – kunj leave me…plz go away…dont hurt urself for me…
Kunj( disheartened on listening this)- tw why r u doing this??? Plz talk to me once i assure u tat u will fffffeel better…
Tw- leave me saying this she started to move bt kunj held her wrist and turned her suddenly towards himself….
Kunj- enough tw….wat is ur problem yaar wat have i done to u…. i love u damn it…why dont u understand and i know u also love me so why r u doing this to me…

Tw was jst struggling to make her free from his clutches bt wid her every action he was tightening his grp…

Kunj cups her face wid one hand and
Kunj- plz tw see in my eyes and tell me wat is stopping u from accepting this reality….why dont u accept this…
Tw while crying- i am sry kunj for hurting u bt plz
Kunj’s eyes were red in anger he held her tight from her shoulders…..
Kunj(tried to be as calm as possible)- tw if i feel i am forcing u then i will leave u….and will never come in ur path….. bt plz jst give me a chance……
Tw cries…
Tw – i m sry kunj plz leave me otherwise my bad luck will eat u up… kunj gave her confused expression….

Tw- u know kunj wen i was born then my mom dies..and society said tat i am a bad luck fr my family…my grandparents asked my father to leave me bt instead he left them and always this society keeps on taunting me….in school also no one supposed to be my friend…..
And recently wen i got the biggest happiness of my first movie….then on tat they my dad met wid an accident and he left me all alone…after tat i jst wanted to run away bt bcz of my fathers last wish i have done this movie…. firstally i used to fight against the society wen they say me as misfortune…bt after my dad’s death i get to know tat i am really a misfortune…plz dont come near me otherwise u will also get hurt…and i cant bear this bcz i..i love u kunj….

After listening all this kunj also had tears in his eyes…he immediately hugs tw…
Kunj- i love u tw… i really love u…o get to know thru which circumstances u r suffering…dont worry i will take u out from here…and plz dont say urself misfortune…u r my everything…and u cant hurt anyone….
Tw gets calm after sme tym….and hugs her back….

After 6 yrs…

Twinj and two children of 4 yrs were sitting happily and were seeing a movie in a home theatre..named Stranger Love ( ofcourse starred by our twinj)…..


i have ended this ff on a special request of sanju otherwise was planing to give other part of heaven…. bt guys plz comment even silent readers and plz let me know tat it was worth reading or i jst wasted ur tym….
And plz let me know shud i continue school love or heaven one or shud end it fast….
Plz leave comments…
Love u all..?

Credit to: ridhima

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  1. Nice story ridhima……and pls continue with school love missing it a lot

    1. Thanks dr…
      will try to continue soon

  2. Lovely story yaar.
    If u want to send me request on Fb then here is my ID – [email protected]

    1. Thanks yaar
      i m happy tat u snt me ur id i wil try to contact u asap…

  3. Ridhima ur 3 shot was awsome n plzz dont end those ff’s i love reading ur ff’s… continue soon

    1. Thanks soo much dr…will nt end my ff at any cost…
      will continues soon.

  4. Thank god at last u thought to stop
    gud w8ing 4 the last epi of school love and heaven one also…

    1. oye tujhe kisi pagal kutte ne kata h kya jo tune itni achi khasi story ko stop krwa diya n moreover u r waiting for the last epi of school love n heaven wala ff. Mark my words yaar i know u r jealous n if u think this is rubbish then kindly show us wht are the best episodes i mean m challenging u uh can not write better than her so plsss continue wid ur wrk coz we havnt asked uh to read her ff stupid bi**h.

    2. I m glad tat u r satisfied tat i end my 3 shot… sry cnt end school love nd heaven one right now… hs lot inside more…

  5. Hey ridhima u r amazing as always bt yr i want 2 becum a frnd of urs fr sure as i m ur big fan of ur ffs n all so pls may i no any odr contact 2 u as i m nt on Facebook n i want 2 contact u anyhow n wats ur age btw jst 2 no??i luv twinj n luv sidmin

  6. Yah pls don’t end dose ffs pls post both????pls pls asap

    1. Thank u soo much dr…jst tell me how to contact u…i will do tat…i will surely contct u… and i am not going to end my ff…

  7. Awesome… U are really too good at writing

    1. Thank u soo much yar

  8. Ridhima, it was great. And, don’t discontinue your ffs. Why did even such an idea strike your head? Please don’t do that.

    1. Thanks yr…
      i m stupid tats reason sometimes stupid ideas occupy my sweet little brain…

      1. Don’t bother about what anyone says. There are people who like to read your writings. And, haters will always be there. You can’t help.

  9. yaar ridhs ff ki beginning kaisi v ho ending toh kamal ka hota h n dont uh dare to end ur two ffs asap coz there r many who want ur ffs n they r nt lyk that creep “sanjuu”

    1. Okk behn i will nt even dare to do tat i know otherwise u will kill me bt i love myself soo much u know….
      soo nd plz no need to b*t*h her…
      and thanks for ur comment..

  10. Ridhima u r just woow……Great yaar…..Fabulous…..loved it

    1. Thank u soo much dr

  11. Awesome epi dear …….. loved it ……. and pls dont end those ff …….. i rly love them from d core …….. pls post them soon pls pls ……. love u a lot …… and pls dont end those ff pls pls pls ……???

    1. Thank u soo much dr…
      will nt end those ff this much early…

  12. Hmm.. nice episode ridhima.. u r too much likely 2 b a writer.. hatts off to u..

    1. Aww…thank u soo much dr

  13. awesome ridhima. ..loved it. plz dont stop writing your ff. plzz dont listen to one person only, many people a fan of your ff and majority wins, so please dont stop writing your ff’s. plzz cont soon. will miss u till then

    1. Thank u soo much dr… will nt let u miss me soo much.. haha…
      nd i get it majority wins…sry i am a late learner…
      I will surely continue it…

  14. Gud job ridhima u all always rock it…

    1. Thank u soo much dr

  15. it was awesome and please continue your ff also

    1. Thanks yr
      will try to continue them asap

  16. Hey ridhima it was awesome episode sweet heart and it was worth reading it

    1. Thank u soo much dr

  17. continue wid ur school love

    1. Thanks dr
      will continue soon

  18. hi ridhima. pls continue school love. i’m eagerly waiting for that.
    ridhima did u write any ff for kyy??????

    1. Thanks yr
      will continue with school love soon sry for making u w8…
      no dr i didnt write any ff on kyy

  19. Hayye ridhima y did u ended it so fast yaar bcz of dat BL***y sanju huh btw ending ws jus amazing

    1. Thanks dr…
      i have nt stopped it bcz of anyone…as i have already decided it to be 3 shot…
      and also why i will care of smeone if i have friends like u ppl

  20. N owsme end yaar i loved dis part u shud hav continued bt its k post ur oder ff s

    1. Thanks dr…
      will try to continue other ff

  21. Awesome and fab

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