TWINJ – A DAY (3 shot) PART 2


HHey guys ridhima is back

Thanks guys for this much appreciation. I was nt knowing tat is will be liked this much…i am serious soo happy…. u know wat i have written tat before so much tym bt was nt getting courage to post it as i thought tat u ppl will think i got mad…..( which i am… ? ) okkk okk i am leaving bak bak and concentrating on story plz dont give me killer looks for this extra para…

Part 2

The scene starts wid twinj still sitting on the beach…..


Kunj- chal tw lets goo…
Tw- w8 na kunj this is soo pleasant….i wanted to be here for smemore tym…
Kunj agrees nd they both sat their for some more tym in silence….
Kunj- nw its enough yaar lets go…i cant sit for more tym like this..
Tw agrees and they both left towards the bike..
@near bike.
Kunj was abt to sit on the bike bt tw interupts…
Tw- may i ride ur bike kunj???
Kunj started laughing loud…
Kunj- haha…? tujhe kya lagta hai mujhe marne ka shaunk hai…see my handsome face agr iske upar girne ki vajah se koi scars aa gye toh wo takla( bald) director will lick me out….( suddenly he sees tw’s fuming face) ok ok… i will teach u how to ride chalo lets sit…
Tw( in mind) bhagwan kaise kaise sample banate ho aap literally…. yeh kisi ki baat sunta hi nhi apni hi bolta rehta hai….never mind…chl tw isse argue krne ka koi fayda nhi…do as he say…

They both sat on a bike….tw ws sitting in front and kunj at back…
Kunj holds her hand from behind…they both feel some awkward bt peaceful sensation wid the touch…..
While riding more than teaching, kunj ws blabering useless things….

After sme tym
Kunj-where r u taking me??? And also u know how to ride bike???
Tw- agar tum kisi ki baat sunte hoo…tabhi tumhe pata chale ki dosre kya jante hai ya kya nhi…. and i am kidnapping u mister….

Kunj( scared fakely)- hey bhagwan!! Someone plz help me! Save me plz…

Ppl around them were staring them seeing them they both started laughing loud….. during tat the bike fet out of control and both fell down luckily both dont get severe injuries……

They both were laughingg loud..

They both were standing on a bridge and was witnessing a sunrise?… The water flowing undr the bridge was shining due to suns light… even the brightness of sun was nt harmful or hot….( as u know aaj kal garmi ne toh saare record tod diye?)
Bt was giving them peace and happiness and most importantly were enjoying eo company….
Kunj- i have never seen this much beautiful view… if u will kidnap me to show these views then i am ever ready to get kidnapped…
Tw smiles….

They enjoyed sometym roaming in the nearby streets….they had their breakfast in a small shop…

After sme tym they decided to go for a movie bt to their bad luck the theatre was housefull ?? .
And they both get sad…
On seeing tw sad kunj feels bad so he started dancing on road….
Tw feels embarassed and goes towards him to stop him bt kunj….
Kunj- abhi toh maine sttart kiya hai…. ?
( guys guess karo kaunsi movie dekhne gye honge…..lolz?)
and keeps on dancing after sme tym tw also joins him….

like this only thy spend their whole day, laughing ,joking in simple words leaving all worries behind and enjoying thier life in A DAY
***they went for shopping, boating***
@ 9:00pm
After sme tym they both went to a club…
They had their dinner and had a few drinks which make them half tally( drunk)…
They strted dancing madly in the middle of the stage accompanied by many creatures….. Kunj goes to bring some more drinks bt at tat tym some people evil eye tw and started moving towards her….they started to dance wid her and touched her badly…. as she was little drunk so she was nt able to push them away bt was feeling very uncomfortable and was praying to god to snd kunj fast..
One of them was abt to hold her hand bt before tat someone else held her hand and strted running from their….

They bth get out of the club….
Tw tightly hugs tat person….
Tw- thank u soo much kunj…
Kunj- its ok u r fine na…
Tw- haan….
Then rain started..(..tip tip??…)…they both started getting drenched….
Then kunj’s eyes reached tw’s beautiful face…. and then pink glossy lips…he lost all his senses nd captured her lips in his….and they kissed eo passionately…..
After sme tym which appeared to be along tym tw comes in her senses and pushes kunj away and runs away……

Kunj was all shocked at first wat he did later on feels happy….

On the othr side…
Tw keeps on crying- wat the hell i did….

Screen splits on tw’s crying and kunj’s happy face…

The day ends….

Bt story is to be continued….

Hw was it guys?? Do leave ur comments…

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Love u all…?

Credit to: ridhima

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  1. Amazing!!! Yaar ridhima how do u manage to write so well each and every time?

    1. Thanks dr
      and its all urs comments that motivate me to write and only thinking of u ppl i keep on writing….

  2. It’s so awesome and attractive ridding 🙂

    1. Thank u soo much dr

  3. hey episode was fantastic. n yes i pray that your mom gives u your phone fast so that we readers can enjoy your ff n os. but your episode was awesome

    1. Thanks dr….
      Thanks for ur prayers my mom gave me phone bt for 30 minutes….lolz…

  4. Beta ridhi tujhe agar Ghar se bahar Teri mom nikal dengi toh v tujhe phone hi chahiye ?? tu dhanya h?? btw epi wassss kammaaal

    1. Thanks dr….
      And u know na i am highly addicted to my phone….agr meri maa phone ke saath ghr se nikal degi na toh i will surely get out for sometime bt baad mein maa apne app hi andar bula legi…lolz…

  5. I loved it… on a serious note u r an amazing writer … n ll pray you get yr phone as soon as possible..

    1. Thanks dr….
      Ur prayers worked bt for 30 minutes in which i cant write nxt part… 🙁

  6. Plz ridhima wanted to say stop writing all this rubbish. U r wasting urs and others time. Its a request stop troubling and stop ur bakwass story.

    1. Hey u r u out of ur mind if u don’t like it den don’t read it plzzzzz n waste ur time n othrs too plzzzzzz…

    2. Thanks dr till now u hve beared my torture jst wanted to say will try to fulfill ur request asap… 🙂

      1. Lol ridhima?????

  7. Srsly ridhama it ws fab n amazing dear plzzzzz update nxt update asap plzzzzzzzzz loved it so sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much do cont soon

    1. Thanks dr…thank u soo much…

  8. Ridhima, you rocked it and shocked me.. Lol! Just kidding.. It was fabulous.

    1. Thanks dr…

    1. Thanks dr

  9. Awesome one …….. loved it ….. eagerly wtng fr d nxt one ……..

    1. Thanks dr

  10. Wooow…Fabulous episose…..I will pray that ur mom will give u phone ASAP

    1. Hahaha….
      thanks 4 the comment and prayers

  11. omg ridhima its amazing i m a big fan of ur ff n jst luv dem dis os was also amazing so can we becum frnds n can i get ur any mail id or sumthing so we can chat dere i jst luv ur ff n os

    1. Thanks dr…and ofcourse everyone of u my friend…i will give u my id or smthng in nxt epi….
      Even i love to make friends…

  12. amazing epi

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  13. Wooww ridhima.. u r a superb.. amazing episode.. ??

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