TWINJ – A DAY (3 shot) PART 1

Hey guys, ridhima here. Sry for troubling u again… bt their ws power cut in my area nd my phones battery died at tat tym i was writing school love i have completed it half bt….. i was soo much frustated and was literally nt in the mood to write tat again as tat was a epi full of fun and i cant stop myself for giving u ppl smthng so here is a new comcept… this is a 3 shot….
Will surely try posting school love 2morow….
Really sorry once again…

Here we go

A day

Two ppl( a girl, a boy) were sitting on a bench and were looking extremely sad…
Girl was crying silently while boy was lost in his own thoughts…
Suddenly their gaze turn to eo and find the other one as upset and sad as them….
Boy- wat happened why r u crying..
Girl-( cries)- no… u tell why r u soo upset??
Boy- nothing much. Ok i will tell u if u will tell me why u r crying…
***both wanted someone to share their pain so readily accepts this and started telling eo***
Girl- my name is sanjana tripathi…my bf ditched me bcz he loves my best friend nd was just using me to go near to him…bt i loved him dearly…?
Boy- ohhh…sad story bt nearly same as mine… my name is rajat thakur….my gf ditched me bt for money as she got a more rich person than me…bt i loved her dearly….?
Both- i think we shud not think abt them much …..and then see towards eo…….
Sanjana- i know its tough bt still we have to move on….
*** bt i toh think ki rajat only moved on… bcz he was staring snjana( u know na boys no deen iman at all ? ) yaar wat he can do she was literally so irresistable…(.bt haan dont think bad of me i like rajat only lolz….i am straight )***
Boy( thinks smthng)- ok bt why dont we start a new chapter lets forget them for A DAY and enjoy ourselves…

Girl- nice idea so why dont u join me we will enjoy together and then our pain will be lessened…
?Boy agrees and they shake hand…

A voice interupts- CUT…
Wow so gud take tw nd kunj…. u both did it perfect in a single take i am impresse?d…
Twinj- thank u sir…?

***oops yeh toh movie ka shoot nikla***

Aftr this scene they started leaving bt kunj noticed tw was sad….

Kunj- wat happened mam r u ohk..???
Tw- yah and plz kunj dont be formal call me tw… and she smiles fakely….
Kunj- i know tw something is troubling u its ok if u dont wanna tell i wll nt force u as we met today only and i dont want to spoil my reputation in front of u…. haha sry bad joke i know bt if u want i will help u to make ur mood up… wanna try our first movie’s scene in real???
Tw was liking yeh banda kitna bolta hai…
Tw- mtlb???
Kunj- tu bhi na mtlb this A DAY’s concept. Lets talk and enjoy a day leaving all worries and tensions before that she cud speak
kunj says again- now plz dont say tat i am nt worried and all as it is clearly visible on ur face….

Tw aftr thinking a lot agreed….
Kunj- ok than a day will be started at 12… so be ready at midnight i will come to pick u and we will goo out and text me ur address and plz no ifs nd buts know…..( and joins his hand in namaskar style and bows his head))
Tw smiles seeing him and agrees…

Both left to their place….

Rest whole day tw kept thinking of kunj and his frank behaviour…. ?

@ 00:00
At tw’s appartment?
Her door bell rang- ting tong…
She quickly opens the gate of her house…
And their our hero was standing leaning wid wall wearing sky blue shirt, blue jeans
Wid white coat ( i know i know meri dressing sense poor hai lekin phir bhi dimag ghum gya tha toh add kr di ?)
Bt he was amazed to see tw she was looking soo simple yet attractive… she wore a 3/4 jean wid a short top and a high pony tail…
Tw- kya hua kunj?? ( waving her hands in front of his eyes)
Kunj came back to his senses…

Kunj- nhi kuch bhi nhi i was thinking tat where to go… so vaise u r looking soo beautiful…
Tw smile nd says thank u..
Kunj- chalo lets goo…
They left the place…
Kunj and tw was going on kunj’s bike…
They were enjoying the cities silence at that tym.. it looks so peaceful that can give peace to hitler…?
The cold wind was touching their faces making them relax…
After a journey of nearly 40 minutes. They stopped near a beach…
@ beach….

The beach was looking soo beautiful and peaceful….that it can attract a dead soul…
They were staring the pleasant water flowing their and even moon was making it more shining as it is a full moon night… twinkling stars and all..
After smetyn they bth seee eo and were lost in eo’s eyes….
Tw movs towards kunj

Tw- thank u kunj. U know wat i never visited such a decent and lovely place ever in my life…. i am feeling relaxed and happy..
Kunj was feeling happy as he was able to make her happy and was unaware tat why is he feeling this much happy….bt he ignored all the thoughts and goes towards tw.

Kunj- no need so say thanks to me tw its my pleasure tat u liked it….i am happy to seee u happy otherwise shoot ke tym tumhara yeh latka hua muh dekh kr main distract ho jata hoon so i am doing this for me….othrwise uss khadoos director se daant khane mein mujhe koi interst nhi hai and winks at tw ….

Tw- hits his shoulder playfully
Kunj- haye bhagwan baache par julam….
Tw smiles seeing him acting and then turns and started going towards water….
She played sme tym over their nd kunj was jst adoring her… after a couple of minutes she goes towrds him and dragged him along wid her to play….

They played wid eo….throwing water on eo and chasing eo and fighing, laughing totally forgetting the world which is sleeping…..
Then after sme tym they sat in sand near water besides eo and started talking of random stuff….
Screen stops at their laughing faces….?




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  1. Amazing amazing amazing superb fab osmmmmmmmm loved it plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz update nxt update asap plzzzzzzzzz plzzzzz

    1. Thank u sooo much…
      will update nxt part as soon as possible

  2. Awesome….. Eager to know what happens next ..

    1. Thanks dr
      will let u know wat happens nxt soon

  3. It’s nice….

    1. Thankss dr

  4. Muuuuuah??lovely ,just beautiful ridhi( don’t mind me calling u ridhi) I must say that u r just amazing, ek dimaag me itne saare Kamal ke ideas, vo vo.
    Well my ff is – ‘yehi hai ishq’ for teiand I would really love to know if I’ll like it or not , well I am not writing these days but will start from tom.

    1. Hy thanx yrr ..i was waiting 4 ur 4th epii…hope u ll surely post it…

  5. Just super….
    dont have words to express…
    plzz ha do continue and write next epi asap….
    luv uh

    1. Thank us soo much….
      will try to continue soon…

  6. Lovely ,lovely, lovely 😀 it was just beautiful. Its a point to think that ek dimaag me itne kamaaaaàl ideas.
    Nice, u know I read this bcoz it was written ‘by ridhima’ .
    Well u asked for my ff that is – yehi hai ishq. I’ all b using the concept of heaven a bit later and I should say sorry as I was not writing for a few days but I’ll continuing it from tommorow.

  7. Oh! I m so sorry I posted my comment twice. But still love u ridhima.?????

    1. Thank u soo much yaar…
      u can call me watever u want…i will never mind….aur ideas ki baat tum logon ke comments encourage me sooo much ki mere dimag mein ideas aate hi rehte hain….mera bas chale toh sara din type krti rahoon lekin meri maa mujhe…u know wat i mean…. and thanks 4 giving the name of ur ff will surely read it…..and need not to say sry yaar….. and u commented twice so i will think u read it twice….??

  8. Osm riddhima. I loved it. Please comt soon. Luv u

    1. Thanks dr
      will continue soon

  9. Just awesome

    1. Thankss yr

  10. amazing ridhima u wr amazing yr hw r u so osum story line jst jst luvd it luv twinj luv sidmin

    1. Thank u soo much dr

  11. Woooowwww awesome …… loved it …… post d nxt part soon ……..

    1. Thanks dr
      will try posting soon

  12. OMG OMG OMG……Mind blowing……you nailed it……just loved it…….u r really an amazing writer ?

    1. Thank u thank u soo much…
      and thanks for even considering me a writer… love u yr

  13. Super fabulous ……waiting fr d nxt one

    1. Thanks dr
      will be continuing soon

  14. Hyy …when i saw ie its written by u…i bcame xcited…it was awesm bcoz after all written by u….ur all ff r amzing….d style which u use 2 write makes me mad…..n yeah i ll nt bcome mad …bcoz i dint want 2 miss ur ff…hhehehe….n yeah i will wait 4 ur next epii of urs both d ff n thiz 4 thiz one shot 2
    I want 2 ask u r u on fb …if yess thn u can send reqst ….if u like…my email id is [email protected]….if any1 also want 2 joint then r most wlcm…i ll very gald if u join me…luv u

    1. Thanks u soo much dr…
      ur comment made me bludh…?
      yup i am on fb i will surely snd u a request and will surely continue soon…

  15. it was stunning..waiting for ur next epi

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      will be uploading soon

  16. I loved it…awesome amazing…..continue fast

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      will try to continue soon

  17. Perfect… just simply perfect…… waiting for next part

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      will try to end ur w8 fast

  18. it was mindblowing

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  19. Verrry nic ridhima

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