TWINJ- a CHERISH love story (Episode 2)

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Scene-1-Taneja mansion
twinkle:ma,I m ready n I m going.
Leela:OK beta take care n all the best.
Twinkle:thank u ma n u too take care.
Leela: OK beta.
twinkle leaves………

Scene: 2-sarna mansion
kunj:mom bye I m going plz take care of urself
usha:OK beta u too tc
kunj’s dad comes from his room.
manohar:all the best kunj.
kunj:thanks dad,OK bye everyone.
kunj leaves……
kunj sits in the car n drive out from gate n he see twinkle is about to sit in her car.he comes there.
kunj:twinkle u r here?
twinkle:sir aap? aap yaha kese?

kunj:I live here in sarna mansion.n u?
twinkle:sir I live here in taneja mansion.
kunj: taneja mansion? u r the daughter of the business women leela taneja?
twinkle: yes sir I m twinkle taneja.
kunj:u r from so rich family. why didn’t u join ur mom business.
twinkle:sir I want to become self dependent.
kunj:oh that’s good.
n ready for presentation?
twinkle:yes sir!OK sir let’s meet at office.
kunj:twinkle!u don’t go from ur car to office as at office u have to go with me,so we can go from here only no need to go to office n after our return I will drop u at ur home as u live near my house only.
twinkle: OK sir!

twinkle sits in the car n leaves with kunj……..

Scene:3-in market
leela is buy some things and going towards her car but her concentration was on her phone so she bang with a lady.
leela: sorry sorry I m really sorry!
lady:its ok
she upwards her head she is surprised to see leela n says
lady:leela u?
leela:usha u ?
usha: ha,kitne saalo baad mile(such a long time we met)
leela: ha usha btw how r u?
usha:I am fine n u?
leela:I m also fine. come to my house for tea we will talk further.
usha:yes of course
leela takes usha to taneja mansion.
usha: u live here?
leela:ha ,y?

usha:I also live here in this area in sarna mansion
leela:what a co incidence
its gonna be fun u n me can talk when ever we what as we live very near.
usha:yes leela
leela:how’s ur family
usha:its fine,kunj is gone to manali for meeting u tell?
leela:my twinkle is also gone to manali for meeting.
usha:we give a get together party after kunj n twinkle arrival. what say?
leela: great idea.
Leela n usha talk for some time n usha leaves from there…

Scene: 4-Manali
twinkle and kunj reaches manali and goes towards hotel.they get their keys of their room. kunj said to twinkle be ready for presentation at 5pm evening.twinkle said OK sir!
they leaves for their room.they freshen up.n get ready.twinkle wears a formal gown of red colour and black heels with light makeup n high pony.she is looking perfect n gorgeous. kunj is wearing a black coat n pant n he is looking handsome. twinkle comes to presentation room and kunj is mesmerised to see her he is keep staring at her.she gives the presentation and all the members clap for her presentation and hearing the sound of clap he comes to his senses and he also clap for her.the members said to kunj that presentation was awesome the deal is done.tomorrow we will meet for formalities kunj gets happy.all members left except kunj and twinkle.kunj says to twinkle thank u twinkle because of our awesome presentation we got this deal.twinkle says sir its my duty to do my best for company. twinkle goes from kunj smiles n says to himself why I m attracted towards her?why I like her presence?I never felt anything for the girl,what is happening to me?he too leaves with confusion.

Scene: 5-on road manali
twinkle is walking on road and some boys were at road side staring at her but she ignores and goes from there one boy stops her and says where r u going sweet heart,we can drop u and he starts laughing.she starts running and boys starts running behind her she bangs with some person and she see him n says kunj!!!!and hugs him.he too hugs her of the goon is about to pull her hand but kunj stops them n start beating them and gets cut on his hand but he doesn’t care after beating goons runs from there twinkle see him goes n hugs him once again as she was very scared .he understants her condition n he too hugs her back.she after some time senses her position and breaks the hug n she sees kunj hand is bleeding says sorry sir because of me u got hurted .kunj says its fine and says call me kunj only not sir!kunj sounds good not sir!OK!twinkle says OK she takes her handkerchief n bandages his hand and he smiles at seeing her.
they goes to their hotel n sleeps.

but twinkle thinks about kunj n thinks he is soo good but y I am thinking about him?y I m feel protective when he is around? then from much thinking she morning kunj attends meeting and finalize the deal n knocks the door of twinkles room.she opens the room n kunj said we r going Amritsar tomorrow n we have time so we can go for outing if u don’t mind.twinkle gets happy and said yes sir!sry kunj!!!!kunj says can we became friends and forwards his hand she said of course and shakes her hand.they go for outing and had a great time.and they enjoys each others company.
Next morning they they leaves for Amritsar.


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