TWINJ- a CHERISH love story (Episode 1)

hi guyss this is my first ff. so plz support n give me suggestion n plz do comment
the pairs are twinkle n kunj and yuvraj n chinki HOPE U LIKE IT.!


a lady is calling her daughter she is leela taneja a modern thinking mom
LEELA: twinkle twinkle get up fast u r getting late for interview.

TWINKLE: yes mom coming give me five mins i will get ready

LEELA: ok but do fast

after sometime twinkle is coming downstairs in pink colour skirt n white top with a creamish handbag n she is looking damm beautiful
LEELA: oh my princess is looking very beautiful


LEELA: do breakfast n then go for interview

twinkle is about to leave…
LEELA: wait twinkle eat some sweet as before going for a good work eat something sweet so that ur work will good.
leela feed twinkle sweet curd n then she goes.

twinkle is driving and lost in some thoughts n she dosent notice a car coming from front so she bang her car with the other car
twinkle get down from car n shouts u dosent know how to drive !!
a handsome n dashing man open the door n get down from car n he introduces as kunj sarna
KUNJ:its ur fault n u r shouting on me!
TWINKLE:its not my fault its urs any way i dont have time to fight with u i have a urgent work.
KUNJ: I also dont have time to mess with u
they both leave angrily.

twinkle enters the office n goes to receptionist
TWINKLE: good morning . i am twinkle taneja . i am here for interview
RECEPTIONIST:ohk u go straight n then left the first cabin!
TWINKLE: thank u
twinkle goes n enters then cabin . a man is sitting on a chair but she couldnt saw his face as his back is towards her front.
TWINKLE: may i come in
THE MAN: yes come in .
TWINKLE: good morning sir i am here for my interview.
then the man rotates his chair and she is shoked to see him (kunj)
TWINKLE N KUNJ: (on same time) you!!!!!
TWINKLE: what r u doing here
KUNJ: I am the boss n what r u doing here
TWINKLE: U didnt hear i said i am here for interview
KUNJ:oh lets forget what happened in morning n lets take ur interview n see u r capable of this job or not
kunj asking her questions n she is giving perfect answer he stunned n immeresd by her answer the interview is over kunj said : wait for sometime outside i will tell the result in sometime.twinkle is waiting outside n tensed wheather she will get the job or not. after some time she get the news that she was selected for the job n she is very very happy n goes to her home .

TWINKLE:mom mom i got the job. where r u
leela comes from kitchen n said
LEELA:i know u will definetly get the job so i made ur fav. dishes
she kisses twinkle’s forehead
TWINKLE: u r the world’s best mom.
LEELA: OHO! i forget to tell u chinki(she is leela’s best friend daughter but she treat her as her daughter n she is twinkle’s best frnd n likes her sister only)
is coming tomorow from USA.
TWINKLE: what a news that r chulbuli is coming. i am very excited to meet her
both of them have their dinner n goes to sleep.

twinkle is wearing a tight jeans n sleeveless shirt n a handbag.
LEELA: ALL THE BEST for first day of ur office
TWINKLE:thank u ma
LEELA: first eat breakfat n then go to office
twinkle eats breakfaat n goes to office

twinkle enters then office n goes to her cabin.her cabin is front of kunj’s cabin
twinkle is doing her work n then kunj enters the office n she is looks n him n said to herself
TWINKLE(to herself)- he is looking damm handsome
she comes to her senses when some body enter her cabin n said kunj sir is calling u
TWINKLE: ok i am coming
she goes to kunj’s cabin n he is stunned to see her n he is continously staring at her.
KUNJ(to himself): she is looking very beautiful.
kunj comes to his senses when twinkle said-
TWINKLE:sir u called me.
KUNJ:yes u have to go to manali with me for a conference meeting for 2 days n take the details from my assistant n prepare for it u have to give presentation on behalf of sarn’s company.ok!
TWINkle: yes sir
office time is over n twinkle goes to home
TWINKLE: mom !mom! where r u i have to go to manali for two days for meeting!
suddenly a voice came from back
GIRL: WHAT yrr u r going for manali!
twinkle turns n happy to see chinki she runs n hugs her.
TWINKLE:I am very happy to see u . i missed u soo much.N U R LOOKING HOT N BEUTIFUL.
CHINKI: thank u .i am also happu to see u but today i came n u r going for manali. what is this !
TWINKLE: SRY chinki but after two days we have a blast here.PROMISE!
leela comes n see chinki n says
LEELA:CHINKI u came i am happy to see u n then she hugs her
CHINKI:same here ma(chinki calls leela as ma) i am also happy to see u. ohk i will see u tomorrow.i have to go to mom she is waiting for me.

PRECAP:twinkle go to manali.f

Credit to: anisha


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