Between You And Me [Twinj] – Chapter 2


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Kunj’s POV

‘Kunj… shh…. Stop crying. You know I love you, my baby boy… I’ll be back and get you, I promise.’ That was my mom’s last words to me, and that happened when I was barely four years old – about twenty three years ago

Every day since that day, I kept on waiting for her to come back – but she never did. She broke her promise. I didn’t understand what really happened. We were once a happy family. My parents even seemed so much in love. I remembered dad chasing after mom almost every time he came back from work. Mom looked so happy, giggling and running towards their bedroom. Every time they played like that, I felt so left out – they ignored me like I didn’t exist. Almost everyday, mom went out shopping, buying tons of very expensive clothes, shoes, bags and accessories. She was very addicted in shopping. She always kept up with the latest fashion trends. She bought too many expensive useless things that our house was like a department store.

Dad understood. He always understood – because he was such a nice guy. He said that when mom was young, she was deprived of the beautiful clothes, shoes and bags. All her things were old and hand-me-downs from her mom’s employer. My mom’s mother was a housekeeper of a rich family in New Zealand. She got pregnant by her employer’s only son – my grandpa. Mom grew up in Wellington, New Zealand. Her aunt took care of her. She was eighteen when she was acknowledged as part of the her family. The time when her mother died. And at that same year, she married my father –Manohar Sarna, an Indian billionaire businessman, who was based in New York.

Before my mother left us, there were a series of fights between my parents, and mostly happened at midnight – the time when both of them arrived home. Dad from work and mom… from the gym. Dad was always away for business and mom was always out… shopping… meeting friends… shopping… went to the gym… shopping… then eventually, she was constantly in the gym and forgot about shopping. Later on, I found out that mom left us for her personal trainer and they settled back in New Zealand, her hometown. Dad was so devastated when mom left us. I saw him drown himself with alcohol. Crying in agony and calling mom’s name at night. He was probably dreaming – having nightmare and couldn’t accept that his nightmare was in fact a reality. It was almost a year when dad finally recovered. At that time, mom already had a new baby – a girl. Dad divorced mom. After a month, mom got married. Me? They didn’t care about me. When mom left, additional nanny and bodyguard were assigned to take care of me. I was so affected when my parents broke up. I kept on crying at nights – looking for my mom. I missed my mom – her laughs, her cuddles and her kisses.

Sometimes, I wondered if I was a bad boy. Why did she left us all of a sudden? Maybe she really didn’t love us. Maybe she forgot about me – that she already had a new baby girl.

Credit to: Liba Afaf

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