Between You And Me [Twinj] – Chapter 1


Here is the first chapter of my second ff. Hope you all like it.

Twinkle’s POV

My name is Twinkle Taneja. I’m 23 years old. Six months ago, I graduated a marketing degree in one of the top universities in California. My parents expected me to help in our family business, but I was taking my time – relaxing and living life to the fullest. No one’s pressuring me to work anyway. With my status in life, I really don’t need to work. I am also a pianist.

I learned to play piano since I was four years old. At first, I really hated it, but because I was forced into it by my mother, I learned to love it. Last year, was the first time I joined a major piano competition in Italy and I had the honor of winning third place. Not too bad for a first timer like me. I was named Twinkle by my parents, because I was their star. Yes. I was like a star… I felt and dressed like a star, every single day of my life… since I was born. I was lavished with EVERYTHING in life. Luxurious lifestyle, such as traveling in style with our very own private jets, vacationing in our private villas in Italy, Bora bora, Australia and Philippines – and dined in the world’s most expensive restaurants.

My wardrobe? I had a fully equipped three story closet. All sorts of signature gowns and dresses – formal and informal wear… varied coats, in fur, mink and sable… very costly shoes, mostly 6-inch killer stiletto heels and countless accessories: hats, headbands, scarf, hankies, sunglasses, etc. there was no room for cheap clothes.

I had a separate room for my jewelries. Necklaces, chokers, bangles, bracelets, earrings, anklets, rings, brooch, etc. in different designs, made with rare gemstones: natural pearls, diamonds, rubies, topaz and others. A few girls in school hated me and talked behind my back. They said I was acting and talking like royalty… as if I was the queen of England. But I don’t really care about their opinion.

I was the only daughter and youngest child of my parents, Raminder Taneja and Leela Raminder Taneja.
Dad was a businessman, like his father – my grandpa. Before dad totally managed my grandpa’s oil company, he already had his own airlines and global chain of hotels businesses. And now that my older brothers had their degrees, they took over in managing our businesses. My family treated me like a porcelain doll – so fragile and delicate. They were so protective of me, making sure that I was safe and properly guarded all the time. I grew up surrounded with nannies 24/7 to take care of my daily needs. I had tutors/mentors who helped me with my school assignments, projects and exams. I also had my personal driver and bodyguards, who accompanied me in school, luxury shopping and going out with friends – which seldom happened because I had few friends.

As I grew older, more people were employed to work for me. I had a couturier, fashion designer and stylist, a personal trainer and nutritionist, beauticians – who took care of my hair and makeup, body waxing, eyebrow trimmings, manicure, pedicure, body spa, facial and body massage, etc. I was pampered by my parents, as well as by my brothers. They gave me everything I wanted. Sky was the limit. In return, my parents had three conditions. First, do good in school. Second, obey their wishes. Third, no boyfriends.

I always did so good in school. I was a consistent honor student. Not really in first place, but somewhere between sixth and tenth place. At least, I made my parents happy. Obeying my parents wishes became a habit. Sometimes, I couldn’t decide for myself, even in simple things. I have to consult my mom. And because of this, pleasing my parents and my brothers became a necessity. I seeked for their approval in almost everything I did, that eventually… I felt like I was seeking for their attention most of the time. I admit. I didn’t have much friends in school. I was in an exclusive school for girls from pre-school to high school, and I had very few friends. I could only count them in one hand. During middle school, one of my few friends told me that the other girls didn’t like me because I was too formal, so prim and proper, aristocrat, and most of the time, acted like royalty. I just smiled and shrugged my shoulders. So what? I really don’t care what they think. I’m not an ordinary girl. I’m a star… a princess and every boy’s dreamgirl.

Actually, I chose my own friends. I got along with girls who admired me and wanted to be like me. Girls who picked my hanky when it fell on the floor. Girls who carried my books for me. Girls who ran errand for me. Girl who would take notes for me… etc. In other words, girls who worshipped me – just like Chinki Bhalla, my new friend, a transferee from New Zealand.

Credit to: Liba Afaf

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