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He looked over at her again. She was sure of it. He was so tall, so handsome, and so perfect, it was intimidating. I mean, my gosh, he looked like a male model from a magazine. There! He looked over at her again. It was made to look casual, but she knew he was studying her. Her other girlfriends continued to talk and laugh, blissfully unaware that just a few tables away in the restaurant, one of the most beautiful men on earth, was slyly watching.

She was sure he was looking at her. That is what was causing her so much consternation. Radhika was way prettier and Pari had the kind of curves you only see on the cover of Romance Novels. Either of them could attract male attention with just a wisp of a smile, the flutter of an eyelash, or the tempting slip of a bare shoulder peeking out from under a blouse or collar. Compared to them, well, she was like a Honda parked next to a Ferrari and a Corvette.

There! He looked at her again, and this time he let the look linger a bit. It wasn’t a challenging look, or a flirty look. It was more of an “I want to know a bit more about you look.” She liked that look, it was a beginning look. A chance to build something look. A look that said I am willing to try if you are.

She had had enough. She rose from her table and strode towards his in one abrupt motion. A motion so sudden and decisive, it left the other two girls stopped in mid conversation. Barely enough time for Radhika to bark out a quick: “Twinkle…what the hell?”

He watched her stride to his table. She was determined, that was apparent. Whatever battles she had fought in her mind, the victor was action. Without preamble, but with a face as red as the most powerful blush in human history, she spoke to him even as he rose to greet her.

“My name is Twinkle. If you are not too old. If you are single. If you are available tomorrow night, my High School is having its Senior Prom, I am a senior, and I want you to take me to the Prom. “

He reached out and took her hand. Her hand didn’t hesitate at all, it simply joined with his like a lock and a key. If locks were velvet and keys were felt covered steel. He guided her to sit at his table, and left his hand entwined with hers on the table top.

“My name is Kunj. I turned 18 two weeks ago. I have never been to High School, I was Home Schooled so no Prom, since my Mom was the only girl in my class. (She smiled at both the thought and the image it made in her mind)

I would love to take you to your Prom, and yes, I am available tomorrow night.”

His eyes took on a glow, an intensity that an Actor in a Romance Movie could only hope to equal, without any hope of surpassing its intensity.

“Tomorrow night, or any other night of your choosing.”

She didn’t even flinch. The intensity was absorbed by her without an ounce of refraction it filled her with certainty.

“Good. Now, why were you looking at me like that? “

She gestured a feeble wave at her former table, where both her friends were busy ogling her interaction with the big handsome boy.

“Those two usually get all the attention. “

She was barely conscious that both her hands were now holding his hand. Not clinging to him, but joined to him, exploring a safe and trusting grip. Her hands seem to be like a child on a swing set, completely free to swing and play. So her hands played with his hands with single minded joy.

He looked over momentarily at her two friends, and nodded a polite acknowledgment, then his head rotated back to focus on her. It was her he had looked at before she came to his table, it was her he wanted to look at now. The Ferrari and the Corvette dismissed out of hand as showy, expensive, and high maintenance.

“Because I have never seen anyone like you. You…sparkle.”

Her heart almost stopped. He meant it. She could tell this was no rehearsed speech, or glib reply. He truly thought she sparkled, so she did.

“And you are brave, decisive, and smart. Who wouldn’t look at a woman with all those qualities?”

“What? I am none of those things.”

His hand squeezed her two hands. It was a comforting display of gentle pressure with much strength held in reserve. It was a hint for her to take a second to listen. She got the hint. Her hands squeezed back in a signal to continue.

“Yes. Twinkle you have all of those. First, what did it take for you to come over to my table? Do you walk up to tall guys all the time and say: “Want to go to my Prom?”

She laughed while shaking her head.

“That, my dear Twinkle is bravery. You could have been rejected, or refused, or rebuffed, yet, you asked me out.”

Her hands nestled in his palm now, they liked what she was hearing, and they would cuddle silently listening some more.

“When you got up from that table, you were going to ask why I was looking at you, ask me to the Prom, and unless I answered that I had a girlfriend, or was too old for you- you weren’t going to take no for an answer. That, Twinkle, is called decisive. It means you can decide to act, and then act with no regrets.”

Her hands twisted in his giant palm, they hadn’t realized how strong she was until that moment. She was decisive, she just never had to use that skill before. He made her aware of her own power. His hands now clasped both of hers in both of his, an honest pack formed between them.

“You are smart. You thought of all the reasons I might not be able to go out with you. You presented them as questions for me to answer. You also asked me to your Prom, which is tomorrow. That means you were smart enough not to go with someone to the Prom, just so you could go to the Prom. You would rather go by yourself, than to go with some guy just because.”

Her hands stopped their gentle snuggle between his giant fingers… almost as if they were shocked into stillness.

“Can you read minds?”

“No. Just yours. I told you, you sparkle, you are smart, you are decisive, and you are brave.”

Every particle of her body was on fire. She didn’t know if she sparkled, but even passer-by’s knew she was glowing. She leaned in across the table her nose almost touching his, the rest of the world drifted off into the distance- leaning into his hands for support.

“What else does my mind say to you?”

He let the soft puff of her words brush up against his face. A butterfly kiss of intent to bring intimacy with a whisper.

“It says what mine is saying too. “

“What is it saying?”

Her lips were full now, glistening, his lips had grown shiny and moist, but still capable of forming words, if they were soft enough, honest enough, deep enough.

Both their heads gently leaned in opposite directions as the inevitable became apparent to their bodies, as the soul took over for the brain, and their hearts swelled in anticipation.
“I love you.”

There was no longer any distance at all for those words to travel. The echo was etched on their lips. Lips that met for the first time, and lingered. Their hands were finding their own way to say I love you, unaware of the two sets of lips joining a heart into one above them.

Her Prom was their first date, their wedding was the second. Their marriage was the third and longest of their dates. For it lasted them for all time.
This one was dedicated to Adeeba_zain since she wanted this so much, love you dear
Hope you guys enjoyed it
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  1. SidMin23

    Cute keep writing more

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  2. Hey Sophie dii u know I m so happy now that finally u posted this os.. I luv to infinity.. U r beyond words the os was so marvelous words were described perfectly.. No mistakes..
    Twinj talks were wow..anyways try to write more stories in any couple but plzz pm me the links.

    1. Thank you Adeeba this one was just for you
      I am happy that you liked it
      Will surely send you the links
      Love you

  3. Fenil

    Marvellous OS

    Twinj is also fav pair , i didn’t watched TEI but i love this pair.

    Again and Again Fall in love wid u and your work.

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  10. It was just pure bliss??????amazing…. Keep writing here???

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  11. Twinjfan.tamanna

    Hey sophie,
    It was amazingly awesome! The feelings were portrayed very well! Beautifully written! It was such a bliss to read! Keep writing! ?

    With love,

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  14. hey sophie
    it was so flimy but ok life is always not about practical skills

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  15. Hey Sophie di.I ‘m payal.I just loved it.Marvellous os.First time I’m commending on one u di.??????

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    Di it’s truly amazing!! Idk how you manage to write so beautifully!
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    lods of love……♥
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