Twinj= Beauty and her beast (SHOT 9) LAST SHOT

The next 3 days was spent with Twinkle and Kunj knowing each other more and spending time romancing with each other as they had the house to themselves. Twinkle was still nervous with Kunj closeness as it reminded her of what he had done in the past however; she was slowly managing to get comfortable with him. They were both sitting down in the balcony feeding each other breakfast when suddenly Kunj phone rang. It was Manohar who had told him to decorate the house properly and dress up for a special occasion. He was confused at first why his father had said that but he was informed that he would find out everything soon. Kunj told Twinkle who was equally shocked. They done as they were told and called the decorators to decorate the house. They both then got dressed up. Twinkle wore a blue coloured heavy salwar kameez and Kunj wore a blue coloured Kurta. They both looked at each other and smiled. Kunj= You look gorgeous babes he said and kissed on her cheek. Twinkle face flushed and she hugged Kunj. They were enjoying their moment when suddenly they heard the doorbell ring. They went downstairs and opened the door. They were shocked to see Niki married to Mr Singh Son Cherry Singh. They didn’t know how to react. Usha= Twinkle beta, Kunj I know you are confused but please bring the aarti plate so that I can do welcome them. Twinkle brought the aarti plate and Usha welcomed the newly wed. They all sat down and Manohar began to speak.
Manohar= I know you two are probably confused but Cherry was a widower and has 1 son Aryan who is 6. It all happened very quickly but we are happy that they got married to start their life with a partner again.
Kunj smiled= Cherry Bhaiya I hope that Niki Di doesn’t complain about you to us. I would be very disappointed and you would see the angry side of me. He warned Cherry.
Niki felt embarrassed with her past behaviour as she tried to harm her brother but he still cared for her. Mahi also arrived from Sydney with UV as a reception was going to be held for Niki marriage.
Mahi Room
Niki= We have always been very bad with our brother just for money
Mahi= I know di I feel ashamed of our behaviour I hope bhai can forgive us as I am ashamed that we tried to harm him many times.
I will forgive you they heard a voice say. It was Kunj.
They both stood up and went to Kunj and hugged him. I have also done many mistakes in my life if Twinkle can forgive me so I can forgive you too.
They smiled and shared a hug and went outside in the garden where they saw Twinkle playing with Ishaan and Aryan who managed to get along well like real brothers. Usha who also noticed this smiled. She sat down on the bench with her daughters sitting down next to her and Kunj standing. Usha= Twinkle puttar, Kunj our house is going to become empty soon after Niki goes to Mumbai with Ishaan and Mahi moves to Delhi . (UV and Mahi decided to move to Delhi for UV business). I want a grandchild soon she said and Twinkle face flushed and she ran inside. Kunj smiled as the ladies laughed.
3 year later
Niki and Cherry were blessed with a baby boy a year ago who they named Arun. They were happy in their life to have a partner again.
Mahi and Yuvraj were blessed with a baby girl a year ago who they named Meera.
Twinkle gave birth to twins a girl and a boy Kajol and Tarun who were both 2 years old now. They were both the life of their parents.
Kunj regreted what he done to Twinkle in the past but the beauty fell in love with the beast and the beast became her prince charming.
I know I ended it so suddenly but I didn’t know what to write. Sorry but I hope you all enjoyed it.

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